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After returning to the new world, El took out the Eternal Pose of the Kingdom of Dressrosa, and soon, they appear at an altitude of 7,000 meters in the sky near the Kingdom of Dressrosa, then he look at the city in the sky and check it's damage, which makes him angrier seeing it get ruined.

So, at the altitude of 7,000 meters, he directly transforms into Asura form with Carina and violet.

Since Shanks brought his red-haired pirates to raid his territory, then he must also let them taste the feeling of being raided.

The biggest mistake of the Red-haired Pirates is that they haven't investigated the information of the Flying Pirates, perhaps in their eyes the Flying Pirates only have El and The World Worst Devil Fruit Users, as, for the others, they can easily deal with them, and even kill them in seconds.

As everyone knows, in the Flying Pirates, in addition to El and The World Worst Devil Fruit Users, there is also Perona with rule-based ability, Hollow-Hollow Fruit.

In addition, inside their warehouse, there are also several precious devil fruits stored and once it is eaten, there is no need to develop their power.

As long as they have enough stamina, they can use an unreasonable power.

With such a foundation, except for the Whitebeard Pirates, even BiG-MOM pirates Beast Pirates who are all Zoan-type devil fruit users can't be compared to them.

Not to mention, the red-haired pirates who are almost all Non-Devil Fruit Users.

Although as Non-Devil Fruit Users, they have the advantage of fighting on the sea, however, no matter how great their advantage is, it is not worth mentioning at all in front of El who rules the sky while also having the ability to even control the seawater.

They also don't know that besides El, there is also Violet, the Glare-Glare Fruit user who joins the flying pirates, so when El takes Carina and Violet to return to the new world, the red-haired pirates' fate is doomed to only one result, that is to perish!

After entering the Asura Form, El used clairvoyance and quickly find them stationed on a small uninhabited island.

In the original Four Emperors, Charlotte Linlin and Kaido have their own base camp, only the Red-haired Shanks and whitebeard pirates prefer to use their ship as their base camp.

Comparing the two ships, the Moby Dick which can accommodate a lot of people, while the Red Force, which is the red-haired pirates' main ship is only the size of a typically two-masted fore-and-aft rigged vessel with a foremast, so they prefer to have a banquet on some uninhabited island they pass by while having an adventure.

So at this time, after raiding the city of the sky, the Red-haired Pirates chose a small uninhabited island and held a banquet, while waiting for the flying pirates to return to the new world and while they were having a banquet and waiting for the return of the flying pirates, a crisis at the level of annihilation has quietly descended upon them.

Almost half an hour later, on the uninhabited island, Shanks and Benn Beckman opened their eyes, with a hint of horror on their eyes.

In particular, Benn Beckman, who has the greatest intellect, his expression appears extremely ugly.

"The worst situation has happened, we have been discovered!"

"How is this possible" Yasopp, eyes widened and he could not believe it.

"I killed all the birds in a radius of hundreds of kilometers, how could they find us"

"What is that!"

"Is that going to hit us!"

"Damn! we are done for!"

However, no one answered Yasopp's question, except for some officers with strong psychological qualities, the others look at the sky with pale faces and some fear.

Even Ben Beckman's face at this time was no longer as relaxed as it used to be, instead, his face is full of seriousness and he gritted his teeth while speaking.

"Although I have overestimated the number he can control, however, I didn't expect it to be so exaggerated."

"That guy's stamina...

is definitely not ordinary...

he must be a mutated human or even stronger!"

"You've been very careful, Benn." Shanks patted Benn Beckman with a serious expression while looking at the sky before speaking solemnly.

"But we still underestimated him, he should have people with extremely powerful detection capabilities under him."

"The biggest challenge that belongs to us is coming, Benn, please organize them to retreat, you can't let our brother die because of me..."

The blue sky above the uninhabited island slowly changed red, however, it was not because of the setting of the sun but because of flames.

In a short while, five incomparably huge fireballs that could be clearly seen from several kilometers away descended from the orange sky and turned into five meteors that fell in different directions.

For such meteors, regardless of whether is it the Red-Haired Pirates or the whole world, they will not be unfamiliar with it, because meteors are the symbol of the flying pirates and El, who directly barge into the fourth emperor's throne.

With just one super meteor, it created a super tsunami that destroy two islands and kill a hundred thousand people, and even with El and Whitebeard's strength combine they could not stop it, so what kind of spectacular image and destructive power such five meteors would create Soon, we will have answers while the Red-Haired Pirates is feelings El's wrath.



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