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"Give it up, you are not my opponent." Looking at Tashigi who was extremely angry, Kuina said lightly.

She wants to sincerely persuade the other party to give up, but Kuina's tone gave people a feeling of contempt.

"Stop talking nonsense, I must avenge myself today!"

As expected of Tashigi, she overcomes Kuina's contempt and charges toward Kuina while holding her sword, Shigure, and shouting.

"The Wado Ichimonji in the hands of someone like you is just an insult to the famous sword, I must take back all famous swords that fall into the hands of villains like you!"

The dream is beautiful, however, the reality is very cruel.

In the face of Tashigi's attack, Kuina did not even draw her sword or use elementalization to evade it, she just raised her little hand and pinched the sword that Tashigi slashed down with two fingers, making Tashigi, who was holding her sword in both hands and exerting all her strength failed to pull out her sword.

"Imp...impossible!" Seeing Kuina just using two-finger to prevent her from pulling her sword, it made Tashigi loosen her hands on the handle of her and knelt on the ground with both knees while falling into a dazed state.

"The gap...

how can it be so big"

"Because we are different." After seizing Tashigi's sword, Kuina looked at the famous sword in her hand, and then looked at Tashigi, who was kneeling on the ground with a doubtful look on her face.

At this moment, Kuina seemed to see the shadow of her past on Tashigi's body, and the corners of her lips raised slightly.

"I was also lost in the past, if he doesn't exist, I might be like you now, doubting all my hard work for my dreams."

"But I'm more fortunate than you when I met him I plucked up my courage to leave that little place with him, that's why I am who I am now."

"I've seen blood since I was ten years old, and I can cut off the enemy's head with a calm face.

You don't even have any murderous intent.

Obviously, you haven't even seen blood, so how can you be my opponent"

Tashigi looked at Kuina with a confused expression, then a bounty appeared in her mind subconsciously.

"Yes, that person is me." At this moment, a palm suddenly rested on Tashigi's shoulder, making her look to the side, and saw a young man who exactly look like the image of bounty in her mind, crouching down beside her while looking at herself with a surprised look on his face before speaking.

"Tsk tsk...

she really looks like Kuina from two years ago, if it wasn't for Kuina taking nutritional supplements every day and making her hair grow longer, she should look exactly like her now, right"


beautiful swordswoman, what's your name"

"Uhm..." Looking at El who is close to herself, Tashigi couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva due to extreme fear and stutter while trying to speak.

"Wo-World...World Destroyer, El...


"Nii-san, you scared her." Looking at the pale-faced Tashigi, Carina rolled her eyes and said.

"Is she so timid" Looking at Tashigi who was trembling, Nami couldn't help but say.

"Just now, she was so brave against sister Kuina, whose personal bounty exceed a hundred million bellies, she even dared to draw her sword, so why can't she say a word now"

"She had mentioned before that Kuina had ruined her life..." As El's second Strategist, Robin slowly said.

"Perhaps, she has suffered a lot in the past few years because she looks just like Kuina, and she has been accumulating a lot of grievance and anger toward her, then after seeing Kuina, her grievance and anger over the years have exploded at once, making her draw her sword to Kuina."

After listening to Robin's analysis, Carina and Nami couldn't help nodding their heads, then look at Tashigi, who was almost stunned by El's appearance with sympathy in their eyes.

Kuina also looked at Tashigi with a little complicated expression, then she smile at her before looking at El who even wanted to scare the other party even more badly.

"El, I want to know what happened to her over the years and how many enemies she has."

"no problem." Hearing Kuina's request, he made an OK gesture, then put his hand on frightened Tashigi's head and began reading her memory, he did not read all of her memories, but only her memories over the past five years.

"Oh" When El finished reading Tashigi's memories over the past few years, and after seeing what grievances she had suffered, he couldn't help showing a look of interest on his face, then he stood up and teased Kuina next to him.

"Kuina, you really ruined her life."

"Her name is Tashigi, and she wanted to become a navy to recover all the famous swords that fell into the hands of villains.


"However, because she looks very similar to you, the navy branch in the East Blue doesn't want her, even if some branch wants her, she was forced to leave the navy branch because she was outcast by other navies."

"As for the enemies, she doesn't have any, because she is a genius swordswomen who have decent strength in the East Blue, it's a pity that this genius sword became short-sighted at a young age."

After finishing speaking, El suddenly grinned at Kuina and the others before speaking.

"I have decided, I will take her with us."


I knew it!" Everyone was not surprised by El's decision, instead, it was only Carina who showed an 'as expected smile' while speaking.

"Seeing how similar she looks to Sister Kuina...

I knew that you would definitely take her away, Nii-san..."

"Eh" At this time, Tashigi also slowly recovered because of El's sudden appearance and recalled El's words just now, make her slightly ruddy complexion, turned pale again, however, she still muster up her courage and grit her teeth before speaking.

"I...I will never go with you!"

"Your opinion is not needed." El hit lightly Tashigi on the head with a hand knife, then he looks at her covering her head while gnashing her teeth before showing a wicked smile.

"The loser has no human rights in front of the winner...

from now on, you are my subordinates."

In fact, the reason why El made this decision is because he found that Smoker had not been transferred to Loguetown until now through Tashigi's memory.

Otherwise, with Smoker's character, Tashigi will never encounter rejection and she will definitely become his subordinate like in the manga.

After she joined the navy, even if El recruit Tashigi, it would be difficult to influence her mind, but now, she is all by herself.

So, El, who aspires to become the number one master of girl cultivation in the world, wants to transform another girl into his own shape inside and out.

Thinking about the future with two swordswomen who are not related by blood but are even more similar than twins, the corner of his mouth couldn't help but rise slightly.


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