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After playing on the sky island for a whole day, El and the others returned to the sea to continue their new adventure.

For the next week, El controlled Pegasus to fly and pass through Sandy Island, Little Garden, Drum Island, and Whiskey Peak.

During this time El did not bring Shirahoshi and Yamato to Alabasta and the Little Garden to play.

In the former, apart from the endless desert and a few cities that are not developed, there is nothing fun to do.

As for desserts islands like this, they've been there during their adventures in the new world.

Moreover, the desert islands are quite unfriendly to mermaids like Shirahoshi.

As for the latter, the little Garden, it's because of the existence of an extinct poisonous insect on the island, once bitten, it is an incurable disease and with Shirahoshi's weak body, he does not dare to disembark at all.

They pass the drum Island and only sightseeing at the Whiskey Peak for a while, before leaving on the same day and flying over the Reverse Mountain, returning to El, Carina, Nami, and Kuina's birthplace, the East blue.

In order to make up for the fact that he did not let Yamato travel to the little Garden due to Shirahoshi, after returning to East Blue, they stop at the Loguetown which was the closest to the Reverse Mountain.

Knowing that Loguetown is the place where the pirate king, Gol D.

Roger was born and died, Yamato, who has lived as Kozuki Oden for more than ten years, immediately carries her mace and runs in the direction of the execution platform to see where her captain died while shouting.

Her shout, no doubt met with a hand knife from El, who was full of black lines.

Carina and Nami also hit her, making her grimace in pain, and when she saw that Kuina also reached out and raise her hand, Yamato hastily apologized.

After teaching Yamato a lesson, El asked Shirahoshi to sit on the mode of transportation that he had specially made for her with his devil fruit ability, a chair made of clouds with cloud dials before going to the execution platform with the other girls and Yamato who became well behaved.

On the way to the execution platform, El separates from the others with Carina and Violet to find a person, then after his target, he knocks him out with conqueror haki and reads his memories.

"Forget it, let's go." After reading his memory, El's eyes flashed with disappointment, then he put down the boy with a light green-colored hair in a wild, Mohawk style in his hand and said to the other two.

"Eh—why" Carina, who saw El letting go of the target for the first time, couldn't help but fall into a stunned state for a moment, and then she ask subconsciously.

"Nii-san, according to your personality, even if you are not satisfied with his ability, you will still seize it to sell or for safekeeping"

"This guy is special, he's our fan." Recalling the memory he had just read, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

"Also, the level of belief in us is so extreme that I can't even stand it."

"that exaggerated" Carina opened her eyes slightly and look at the boy on the ground and ask.

"Who is this extreme fun of us, Nii-san"

"His name is Bartolomeo, and he's a certain gang leader in the Loguetown." El said the name of the boy, then he left without looking back.

In fact, the reason why El released Bartolomeo was that the other party had not yet become a devil fruit users.

Otherwise, with his character, even if Bartolomeo is his extreme fan, El would still ruthlessly kill him in order to obtain his Barrier-Barrier Fruit.

El did not expect that Bartolomeo would actually become his extreme fan, he still doesn't know that in East Blue, his fan is everywhere now.

Since the death of the Pirate King, Gol D.

Roger, the East Blue has always been called the weakest sea since the beginning of the pirate era and has not produced any pirate whose bounty exceeds 30 million Belly before stepping out into the grand line.

Unlike the other three seas, those pirates have not yet entered the grand line but their bounty has already exceeded 50 million with some even nearly 100 million or over 100 million Belly, then after entering the grand line they quickly become the supernovas of that year.

Now, after many years, there was finally a pirate from the East Blue with a bounty of more than 100 million Belly.

In addition, his three-in-one cadre, known as the world's worst devil fruit users, also come from East blue with a bounty of over one billion Belly.

So, the four who came out from the East blue also became the idols of all villains here.

This includes Bartolomeo, who has been the gang leader of Loguetown at the age of 17 and has ruled over several small towns.

There are still nearly seven years before the year 1522.

So, Bartolomeo has not yet become a devil fruit user which is undoubtedly a lucky thing for him, because at least he didn't die at the hand of his idol.

After reading Bartolomeo's memory and discovering that he is his own extreme fan if El met him again in the future and he became the Barrier-Barrier Fruit user, at that time if he still doesn't change, then he might let him become his subordinate, but what will happen in the future, no one can guarantee it.

After leaving Bartolomeo's territory, the three soon return to the center of the town and prepare to meet with Nami and the others, however at this moment, he found that their eyes are not on the execution platform, but on the only other person present after the arrival of El's group.

Moreover, the expressions of Nami and the others seemed very surprised at this moment.

"is that a lie!"

"So similar!" Seeing that girl's appearance, Carina next to El also opened her mouth wide and looked at her with surprise.

It's a girl that was nearly 1.7 meters tall, with short blue hair, wearing a pair of glasses, while holding a sword that looked like a famous sword and aside from not wearing priestess clothes she almost look like Kuina, then she open her mouth and shout with clench teeth.

"Lightning Sword sorcerer, Kuina, you pirate who ruined my life, I must avenge myself today!"

Yes, this person who looks like Kuina is Tashigi.


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