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Successfully seizing the Door-Door Fruit make his second business on returning to paradise complete.

As long as he returns to East blue then makes Nojiko join the crew and lets her eat the Door-Door Fruit, then he can return to the new world and challenge Whitebeard.

If he still doesn't awaken his devil fruit ability after that, then he can use the Door-Door Fruit to infiltrate into impel down and go to eternal hell to release Douglas Bullet and have a fight with him.

After staying in the Water 7 for half a day, El's group went to the next destination the next morning.

However, before leaving, El wanted to find Foxy the Silver Fox and seized the Slow-Slow Fruit.

It's a pity that it was only in 1515 and Foxy and his Foxy Pirates had not come to the Long Ring Long Land.

Another devil fruit he wants to seize is the Dark-Dark Fruit, the only other devil fruit that can seize other devil fruit aside from Munch-Munch Fruit.

Even Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters do not have the ability and technology to seize the devil fruits from the previous user.

Otherwise, they wouldn't just imprison those with powerful devil fruit abilities and prevent them from dying, so that their devil fruit would not be reborn somewhere in the world and let another dangerous guy eat it and continue to disrupt the world.

If they had the ability to seize the devil's fruit, there would not be Eternal hell in the Impel down.

Those powerful devil fruit abilities will be ruthlessly seized by Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters, then used it cultivate powerful CP agents and navy to stabilize the rule of Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters over this world.

There are still five years before the appearance of the Dark-Dark Fruit.

So, during this time, it's enough for El to complete a series of plans.

At that time, even if Luffy and Blackbeard, the two sons of destiny, start developing at flying speed, they will not be able to shake his position.

After sailing for a few days, their group once again travels to sky island, then he let Kuina take Shirahoshi and others to explore the upper yard while he, Carina, and Nami find Gan Fall to talk about an astronomical business for Skypian.

This business is to buy all the Dials, especially the Dials that can make clouds.

It's one of the reasons they came to sky island this time, in addition to letting Shirahoshi and Yamato open their eyes and see the legendary sky island, they come here because it's the main foundation for the City in the Sky.

Their City in the Sky is different from Gild Tesoro's world's largest entertainment city, Gran Tesoro.

Just like what El said to Yamato, once they finish building it, they will start traveling around the world.

Gran Tesoro only does business only in the New World, however, their City in the Sky will travel around the world so it's destined to surpass Gran Tesoro and become the world's No.

1 entertainment city.

Since it is a city in the sky, flying must be the biggest feature of the city in the sky and he will never let the island descend to the land or sea when the guest is leaving or coming.

This is completely inconsistent with his status as the Pirate Emperor, and it will also not make him majestic at all.

So, he plans to buy cloud Dials in large quantities, and then create several cloud paths like ocean currents, and control them with the ability of his devil fruit to create an entrance and exit for guests.

In the future, the city in the Sky will follow a designated route and travel at a speed that is neither too fast nor too slow while flying around the world.

Those outsiders who want to enter the City in the Sky, either take the cloud road up or fly to the City in the Sky and it's almost impossible to let the City in the Sky descend to the ground just to receive them.

In the face of El and their money attack, Gan Fall had no reason to refuse and soon decided to cooperate.

He has seen the Roger Pirates and felt their invincible Suffocating aura that he also feels on El.

So, even if Gan Fall wanted to refuse, he doesn't dare to.

After the cooperation was finalized, the three return to the upper yard, for El's group going to the island of God, Gan Fall can only turn a blind eye and doesn't dare to stop them.

Shirahoshi and Yamato, who were exploring the upper yard met all kinds of beasts that seemed to be genetically mutated, and the Giant Jack that was like a sea-king, and no matter where they are, they can always see the vines, making their worldview refreshed.

After the expedition, Yamato and the others returned to Angel Island, then their worldview was refreshed again.

Same as Shirahoshi and Yamato, the Angel Island residence worldviews were also refreshed, it was the first time they see Oni and Mermaid, so they can't help but let out a voice of amazement.

Some relatively simple children even plucked up their courage to come over and ask about the characteristics of Shirahoshi and Yamato, asking why are they different from them.

Especially Shirahoshi, with a body that is several meters tall, making her the center of attention among the residents.

On the other hand, Shirahoshi and Yamato answered them patiently and also asked about their bodies, and ask them why they have wings, and so on.

Seeing that Shirahoshi and Yamato are pure and kind-hearted people, the Angel Island residents who are very warm-to-earth people are even more friendly towards El's group.

After visiting Angel Island, El's group came again to Angel Beach and let Shirahoshi experience swimming in the White-White sea and felt whether there was a difference from the ocean.

Worried that something may happen to Shirahoshi, El Observation Haki closely monitor her, then a surprising scene happened.

In El's Observation Haki, some sky-island sea beasts with huge body size clearly passed by her side but they doesn't attack her, instead, he perceives an emotion full of friendliness and excitement to Shirahoshi from the sea beasts.

At the same time, they doesn't dare to approach Shirahoshi, as if approaching her would offend her, just like the commoners facing the King.

El didn't expect that Shirahoshi's identity as the current incarnation of Poseidon would actually be effective for the sea beasts on Sky Island, she's truly the Queen of the ocean!


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