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The sea within one thousand meters is still within the twilight zone.

The so-called twilight zone means that the light may still be detected within this zone but once you go further than the twilight zone, no matter what direction you look, it will be covered with darkness.

In this dark sea area, there are countless terrifying large-scale sea beasts and sea kings, with some even having wisdom at the level of humans.

So, El must fish up Fujitora's body before he either gets dragged deeper into the ocean by the underwater currents or eaten by a sea king, otherwise, his efforts over the past year will be in vain.

Perhaps Baccarat's luck effect has not yet disappeared, El soon found Fujitora who was rapidly descending deeper into the ocean.

Seeing Fujitora's body, El uses his devil fruit ability to keep the sharp objects away from himself to avoid accidentally puncturing the bubbles.

Soon, El caught Fujitora who was in an unconscious state because of his serious injury, then El mercilessly crushed his neck before sending him inside the space ring.

At this time, inside the space ring, as if Carina sensed something, she immediately made an excuse to separate from Nojiko and the others, then she went to a room full of boxes of fruits with a corpse in the middle to perform the ceremony of seizing the devil fruit very skillfully.

After a while, Carina's held a devil fruit with a special spiral pattern.

"This time, El is really invincible."

Looking at the Press-Press Fruit in her hand, Carina speaks to herself with the corners of her lips slightly raising.

As Carina said, El will be really overpowered after he gets this devil fruit.

El obviously underestimated the More-More Fruit boast to the Float-Float fruit.

Just with 20 times the speed, it let his strength steadily enter the top of the world, then combined with the omniscient state formed by his three talents, he directly defeated Fujitora who was a peak powerhouse.

Although he has not tried to use the More-More Fruit's ability to magnify a meteor in outer space a hundred times, and then throw it to the earth with a hundred times speed.

However, El can already see that once he does this, even a super-large island like Sandy Island will be instantly reduced to fragments.

Two top-level Devil Fruits with excellent compatibility appearing on one person at the same time is definitely not as simple as one plus one equals two.

Just like Blackbeard using the Dark-Dark Fruit that once he touches someone he will invalidate the opponent's devil fruit ability and then with his other hand, he will perform an attack that's capable of shattering everything.

That's the effect of one plus one being greater than two.

How big is the effect of two devil fruit, El already got the answer from Fujitora and it was even more surprising than he expected.

At the same time, it also made El very sure that the Navy Admiral and the Four Emperors are of the same level, but if the Admiral is to face off against the Four Emperors, then the one who loses, in the end, must be the Navy Admiral.

However, this Navy Admiral does not include Kizaru.

Even if this guy can't beat others, others can't also beat him, unless he encounters someone who restrains his devil fruit ability, or else he will stand in an invincible position no matter who he faces.

After throwing Fujitora's corpse into the space ring, El quickly sends Violet back into the ring before soaring into the sky.

During the flight, El also released Nojiko, and when he held her small face in one hand, it makes her face turn red, contrary to Nam who was already daring.

Nojiko, who remains innocent, let El do bad things as if it was not the first time that she was taken advantage of whenever she open the Air Door when there's only two of them.

After flying into the Inner World, El sends Nojiko back into the ring and made her transform with Carina and Violet.

After the three girls entered the state of Asura form, El released them again, then using teleportation with a radius of 4,000 km to return back to the manor in City in the Sky.

"Nii-san, give me your sword."

After returning to the manor, Carina immediately extended her small hand to El.

In response to this, El pulled out the Black Sword, Shusui, and handed it to her.

After taking the sword and the special metal, Carina didn't immediately start making Devil Fruit weapons but said a few words to Nojiko, making her nod and open an Air Door where she take Carina with her.

When the two girls came back, the special metal on Carina's hand and the backpack on her back disappeared.

In her hand, there is only a black sword, Shusui, with special abilities, just like the scabbard.

"Nii-san, here."

Carina threw the black sword Shusui directly at El.

El just raised his hand lightly, and the black sword Shusui escaped from the earth's gravity and just floated in front of him.

Holding the handle of the sword, El felt a special ability that communicated with him through the handle.

It's as if in an equivalent exchange, he only needs to pay a certain amount of stamina, and the blade will create the corresponding force of gravity, lateral gravity, repulsion, pressure, and so on.

"From now on, the power of Float-Float Fruit is no longer a singular, but the variety of rule type ability."

Holding the swords that ate the Press-Press Fruit in one hand, and the scabbard that ate the More-More Fruit with the other, El looked at Carina in front of him with a smile.

"From now on, the Float-Float Fruit is the strongest Paramecia devil fruit and no one else."



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