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After changing the trajectory of the dark red flying slash, El continued to chase Rayleigh.

When El was resisting the dark red flying slash, Rayleigh quickly find Shakky who was hidden by him on island 13 and has not recovered until now.

Holding Shakky with one hand and his sword with the other, he still doesn't have the idea of saving his stamina but instead, he accelerates his speed and continues to try and get rid of El who was chasing after him.

At this moment, Rayleigh was full of dismay, he doesn't regret fighting El but felt dismayed about not listening to his advice to escape when he have a chance to, he never imagined that El, who was barely able to tie with him a few months ago, has entered a new level after just a few months.

Now, he has suffered a serious internal injury and the tilt of victory has fallen to El's side.

If he continues to fight, then he will definitely die and he may even drag Shakky to death, he can die at battle but he won't let anything happen to Shakky.

So after receiving El's slash, Rayleigh has no more idea to get revenge, just like what El said, he is no longer his opponent.

However, as El said, it was already too late for Rayleigh to escape.

Just when Rayleigh was holding Shakky while moving at extremely high speed, in his observation haki range, there is suddenly huge energy behind in the shape of a crescent arc that is rapidly getting closer to him.

Turning his head to look behind, he saw a hundred-meter high dark red flying slash that is comparable to the flying slash that he send out toward El in order to delay time.

It's the same flying slash but it's several times stronger as it consumes more Armament and Conqueror haki than his previous flying slash.

So, after calculating in his heart, Rayleigh did not hesitate at all.

He directly gave up the idea of blocking it and chose to change his escape route.

When the dark red flying slash with a hundred meters height fell to the ground, the land formed by the Mangrove is suddenly like a thin paper as it makes a crisp sound of paper being torn apart.

The dark red flying slash that fell from the sky, without encountering any obstacles, cut through deep into Island No.

13 while also dividing the sea below Island No.13 into two.

After the dark red flying slash cut through Island No.

13, the surrounding ground suddenly made a violent sound, then a small and big crack appear and spread on the ground like a spider web.

In the end, one-third of the of Island No.

13 could not withstand the shockwave formed by armament and conqueror haki and it collapsed, while the soaring ocean current formed by countless seawater smashed one-third of the islands No, 13 and rushed to an altitude of more than thousands of meters, before turning into a heavy rainfall that fell into over a dozen islands in the surrounding.

A normal flying flash of a master swordsman can destroy mountains and split the sea, when it's it's used together with conqueror haki and emission and internal destruction of armament haki, a master swordsman just like El and Rayleigh can easily destroy a small island.

The dark red flying slash contains an astonishing amount of haki, in addition to being able to cut anything on its path, the shock wave formed by high-level armament haki and conqueror haki will cause secondary damage.

Moreover, this secondary damage is still an area of effect.

This terrifying soaring ocean current is the result of the explosion of Haki in the dark red flying slash.

However, when the soaring ocean current shattered one-third of the small island, it was already a few minutes later, while the ground was still making a cracking sound, Rayleigh had already left Island No.

13 with Shakky in his arms with El chasing him from behind.

When El chases rayleigh to Island no.

12, El didn't bother to play a cat and mouse game anymore.

So, Rayleigh made it into the center of the island, El descended to the ground and squat down to touch the ground and seize control of the whole island, and the moment his hand touched the entire island No.

12 suddenly began to vibrate violently.

Feeling this violent vibration, Rayleigh, who was holding Shakky while moving at an extremely fast speed seemed to recall some important information, and his face suddenly changed drastically.

In the next second, a sound like a branch being broken suddenly sounded below the Island.

The sound is so loud that it spreads out throughout the entire Island.

Bounty hunters, human traffickers, pirates, businessmen, and even ordinary people who stayed on the island and didn't have time to leave, all of them heard the deafening sound of the branch being broken, then afterward, all of their perspectives suddenly rose rapidly, as if they were riding up an elevator.

In fact, they are really no different from taking an elevator now.

After a while, some people closer to the shore witnessed a spectacle scene with their own eyes, they saw the top of those towering Yarukiman mangroves slowly approaching the level of their line of sight and in just ten seconds, their line of sight surpassed all of the towering Yarukiman mangroves and saw the whole image of the Sabaody Archipelago.

However, the Sabaody Archipelago, with 79 small islands seems like a cake, on the 79 slices two are missing.

The missing slice is the one smashed by the soaring ocean current and the other is where they are located and currently rising at a very fast speed.

With the island's current speed of elevation, it only takes less than a minute for the people on other islands in Sabaody Archipelago to see the floating island turning big to small.

At this rate, it will only take a few more minutes for this small island to turn into a black spot that is invisible to the naked eye, completely disappearing from everyone's eyes.

Such an image is undoubtedly full of visual shock, people who saw this kind of image for the first time indeed all opened their mouths in shock while looking sluggish.

"This, is not this is too exaggerated" The person who had just been ordered to come to the Sabaody Archipelago to prevent the two people from destroying the Celestial Dragon playground, also couldn't help but pursed his mouth and smacked it slightly.



Due to Author's special circumstances, he was not able to update the chapters, and there are only 30 (Chapters 300) remaining chapters at the moment.

So, I think it's already time to decide what new novel to translate, but I will still continue to translate this novel if the author ever decides to continue writing.

meanwhile, I will slowdowns the update to 1 to facilitate the transition to the new Novel.

I have been reading a lot of Fanfiction on Faloo this past month and when your option reaches over one thousand active FF, the choices became difficult.

So, everyone please help me decide what to pick.

Author's Note On Chapter 276

"I got lost on the road of life, but fortunately some kind people sent me home."



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