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"Invincible You really dare to boast." Hearing El name his state being invincible, Rayleigh Involuntarily grunts.

Even in the previous era, Roger, Garp, and Redfield who were not devil fruit users did not dare to call themselves so.

"Senior, you still have stamina, if you want to escape you still have a chance to do so." El didn't justify himself but grinned at him.

Being able to grasp conqueror coating and future vision is thanks to two battles with him, so he reminded him kindly.


are no longer my opponent." Then, as soon as he finished speaking, El rushed towards Rayleigh with Shusui in his hand.

"Little brat, if you can do it then come!" Rayleigh clearly doesn't believe El's words and seeing him rushing towards him, he also dashes forward to greet him with his sword.

It did not take for El's words to prove him right, after both of the swords wrap with high-level armament haki collided and created a loud sound of a metal collision, it created another shockwave from the armament haki that swept in all directions for the third time.

However, the sound of the metal collision just sounded, and the next moment it's followed by the sound of flesh being cut, ending the sword collision between the two as Rayleigh jumps back and distances himself from El once again.

Looking at the three holes that appeared in his clothes in just one second of sword collision, the frown on Rayleigh's forehead deepens once again and he realizes that the kid in front of him, his strength has really entered a new level, and even more concerning is that he still couldn't find the reason for El's entry into the new level.

Obviously not long ago, this kid with his future vision was still at an absolute disadvantage, but after he block his sword, he seemed to be a different person, even when he goes all out and uses his Future Vision to the extreme, his still at disadvantage.

So, what kind of method did he use to attack bypassing his defense and offense to wound him.

Just like in the manga, when Luffy entered the Devil fruit awakening, his breath changed in Kaido's perception.

El's new ability that combines mind reading, future vision, and Life Return (Seimei Kikan) is not like Future vision in Rayleigh's eyes.

If Shiki was still alive, he would also think that this ability is not the same as Redfield's mind-reading at all.

At the same, this is not just a combination of mind reading and future vision.

Rather, it is a profound technique that has never been seen before and is exclusive to El.

"Senior, you can still be distracted at his moment" Because of his deep thought, Rayleigh was temporarily unable to maintain his absolute calm state, making his observation became a little unstable.

Just when Rayleigh looking at the hole in his clothes, a feeling of danger suddenly surged in his heart, then El's figure suddenly appears right in front of him while slashing with his sword covered with high-level armament haki.

This sword slash, if it's Moriah and Shiki with the steering wheel lodged into his head, facing this sword slash head-on, their body will be cut in half in an instant.

Due to the instability of his observation haki, Rayleigh failed to react in time, and his body was cut by Black Sword, Shusui.

However, facing the approaching danger, he subconsciously uses high-level armament haki for defense.

The next second, Rayleigh was blasted out and turned into an afterimage while vomiting a mouthful of blood mid-air, just like El who had eaten his Divine Departure several months ago.

At this time, Rayleigh only felt that his internal organs were surging and with some being damaged to the point of bleeding.

He was slashed by El in the front, although he avoided the result of being split into two.

However, because of the internal destruction contain at high-level armament haki, it ignore his defense and damage his organ.

"Senior, if you want to escape now, it's already too late!" After slashing Rayleigh, El took advantage of the chance to pursue the victory and chased after the afterimage that flew out.

The corner of El's mouth rose slightly as if his mind-reading has found something interesting.

Sure enough, at the next moment when El finishes speaking a huge dark red flying flash greets him and charges toward him.

The height and width of the flying slash are enormous and since his chasing after Rayleigh figure, he doesn't have the chance to avoid it at all.

So, in response, El used his devil fruit ability to fly at a low altitude and hold his sword with both hands then coat it with armament and conqueror haki then he continue to charge head-on in the huge dark red flying flash to slash it.

A large sound once again resounded through the entire island 13 and to the surrounding islands.

when the Black Sword, Shusui was still more than ten centimeters away from the dark red flying flash, it was blocked by a layer of invisible substance.

The shockwave that swept the entire island surged out once again, while the change in the sky that just returned to normal resurfaced once more, spanning from the Sabaody Archipelago to Marineford which was next door.

After more than ten seconds, El's face sank slightly, he originally wanted to deflect this dark red flying slash into the air just like the previous flying slash.

However, he failed, because with his current strength, it is not possible to achieve it at this level.

If really want to deflect this dark red flying slash into the air, he needs to consume at least two as much haki that is contains in it, this kind of result is not worth it at all for El.

If he waits until the energy of the dark red flying slash is exhausted, it will take at least a few more minutes.

These few minutes are enough time for Rayleigh to leave the Sabaody Archipelago and find a place to recover from his injury.

Therefore, El chose to consume more haki to change the trajectory of this dark red flying slash, so he increase the output of haki on his sword and deflected it out, making it continue to charge in a certain direction/

When this more than 100 meters tall flying slash flies out of the island 13 and continues to another 3 islands, it cut all trees and building it passes through before turning into a violent shockwave after exploding.

This shockwave contains a terrifying amount of armament and observation haki, so all objects within its range were mercilessly shattered while forming a huge crater with a range of up to several miles.

If someone is in shockwave attack range, they will be torn apart by this shockwave or blasted into powder.


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