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Sabaody Archipelago, Island 13.

"Senior, you are consuming conqueror haki like this, do you think that you're still young"

El, who easily blocked Rayleigh's angry blow, looked at his opponent who had not been angry for so many years in front of him, and could not help but laughed while teasing him.

"Humph..." Seeing his sword slash containing a large amount of armament and conqueror Haki being easily blocked by El and he even has the time to make fun of him, the burning anger in Rayleigh's heart also calmed down instantly as if being poured by a basin of cold water, not only that, but he also controls himself to no longe fall into the state of anger just like now.

Using observation haki is different from armament haki, to use observation Haki, it's required to remain calm.

Otherwise, even if it's trained excessively to the point of seeing the future itself, it will be unusable because of anger.

Just like katakuri, because of Luffy sees his mouth hidden under the scarf, from being able to fight Luffy unscathed, because of extreme anger, he was temporarily unable to use his observation haki to see the future and was successfully wounded by Luffy.

Seeing El's villain appearance, Rayleigh grunts coldly while taking the initiative to end the collisions between Conqueror's coating and instead use the emission and Internal destruction of armament haki with Future Vision of the observation Haki to continue slashing toward El.

Even Rayleigh's previous sword slash with conqueror coating and armament Haki can be easily blocked by El, so naturally, Rayleigh's normal sword slash can be easily resolved.

As the sound of metal collision continued to sound, the high-level armament Haki contain in their sword created a haki collision that swept in all directions.

But just as the fight became intense, Rayleigh's brows furrowed, it's because El's strength become weaker instead of stronger as the fight continued, then he saw El blocking his sword slashed a beat slower than normal as if he could not keep with his speed, seeing this scene, Rayleigh was stunned for a moment, then, a trace of anger appeared on his face.

"Boy, are you looking down on me" Rayleigh stared hard at El and speed up his offense.

Looking into Rayleigh's arms that holding the sword, El replies in low voice.

"You can think so." Difficulty blocking Rayleigh's attack again, El grinned and continue speaking.

"Just treat me as a child being filial piety to the older generation."

"If that's the case, then go and die with your filial piety!" First Shakky was hurt and now he is being looked down, it made Rayleigh completely lose his usual elegant and easy-going appearance and kept a completely focused appearance while using Future vision to find El's flaws amidst his continuous swift sword slash.

Facing Rayleigh's continuous swift sword slash with high-level armament haki, El's eyes are not fixed on Rayleigh's eyes but on his arms holding the sword, because once he meets Rayleigh's eyes his passive ability will automatically read Rayleigh's thoughts.

As long as he doesn't look into others' eyes, or consume some Haki while indirectly looking at others, El can't read others' minds, in this way, El's innate observation haki will be the same as that common observation haki.

Combining his observation Haki and the reaction speed given by Life Return (Seimei Kikan), El can barely keep up with Rayleigh's previous attack speed.

However, when Rayleigh stepped up his offense, El's reaction couldn't keep up with Rayleigh's Future vision.

After several swords exchanged, on El's black robe, Rayleigh's slashed a large hole, he wanted to slash a permanent scar on El's body.

However, due to the passive defense of Life Return (Seimei Kikan) and the strong armament Haki, Rayleigh's sword can't completely slash El's body, just like the swordfight's between Mihwalk and Shank before he lost his arm, neither of them can leave a permanent scar on each other's body.

"Boy, if you don't take it seriously when your Armament Haki is exhausted, you will die!" Looking at El whose clothes were torn by his own sword, Rayleigh said sharply.

Although he could almost hurt El, Rayleigh was not happy at all, this kind of battle made Rayleigh even angrier.

Just like when Kaido fought his mortal enemy while longing for a hearty battle.

Rayleigh wanted to kill El but also wanted to fight in a hearty way, however, El did not let him do so, instead, he doesn't use his mind-reading ability which annoyed him.

In response, El didn't say anything, just raised the corner of his mouth and took the initiative to attack Rayleigh with a sword slash, then his attack was easily defused by Rayleigh while letting him find another loophole through Future vision and once again created a huge hole on El's black robe.

As large holes and faint sword marks repeatedly appear on his body and with his armament Haki constantly decreasing, he doesn't know how long it took but finally, he achieves his goal.

"My bad, I kept you waiting!" With the sound of the metal collision, El blocked Rayleigh's sword that was trying to leave faint sword marks on his body, looking at Rayleigh with a shocked expression, he grinned at him and said.

"Thank you for your teaching, let's start the next round!!"

As his words fell, El's eyes seemed to travel through time and space and directly look at the future.

At this moment, the strong observation haki he possessed from birth finally broke through the bottleneck and entered a new level, in addition to passive skill, mind reading, and active skill, memory reading, El senses another characteristic in his observation Haki, Future Vision.


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