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When El walks out of the Hard-Shell Tower with Shirahoshi, he meets Nami and the other girls walking at the Ryugu Palace with King Neptune, then in the next second after recovering from his stunned on seeing his daughter outside the Hard-Shell Tower, King Neptune hurriedly rushed over to hug his daughters while crying in joy.


"Your Excellency, thank you very much!" Looking at El who was holding Vander Decken IX's body in his hands, Jinbe bowed to El gratefully.

"It's fine, I'm doing this for Shirahoshi," El replied with a light smile.

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Jinbe's face, although King Neptune was coercion and inducement by El, in the end, El performs the hero saving the damsel (Beauty) in distress to get Shirahoshi affinity.

Although El's method of approaching them before was very domineering, however, he was really good at treating his companions.

Just like what El said himself, once he becomes his companion, he will be regarded them as his family, and he will give the best to them, Isn't that the same as Whitebeard

Give the best to your son, and protect those under their pirate flag so that they will not be oppressed by anyone in the world while giving the worst to your enemies.

After El and the others left, King Neptune and Jinbe both let go of their resentment and decided to let Shirahoshi follow El with their blessing.

Especially when Shirahoshi even with her special ability decided to follow El with a smile on her face, so King Neptune and Jinbe confirmed their guess that El doesn't want to use Shirahoshi's ability to dominate the world, but sincerely regards her as his companion and family.

Seeing King Neptune and Jinbe's thoughts, El gave a helpless smile on his heart, he did not expect that even with the domineering way he will be treated as a good guy, so he can only hope that they don't say good things about him in front of Whitebeard.

Otherwise, the life and death battles in the future may not happen.

As to thank El for making Shirahoshi finally able to leave the Hard-Shell Tower after three years of imprisonment and making them reunite again, King Neptune decided to host a banquet for El and his group.

During the banquet, King Neptune did not tell about El's coercion and inducement to his four children.

On the contrary, he let Shirahoshi tell him and to her three brothers about her dream of going on an adventure to the outside world, and after looking at Shirahoshi's worried face for a while, King Neptune showed a kind smile and agreed with her dream.

In this regard, Shirahoshi cheered while her three brothers looked at their father with a somewhat surprised expression.

Shirahoshi is only nine years old this year and their father allowed her to go to the outside world, is it because the person Shirahoshi wants to follow is one of the four strongest pirate groups in the sea, so he is relieved Or, is it because their father is trying to take this opportunity to form a connection with them

No, given how much their father loves Shirahoshi, and the strongest pirate group in the world as their backing, it is impossible for him to send Shirahoshi out in order to form a connection with the new Pirate Emperor.

Thinking of this, the three brothers wanted to ask their father.

However, given the occasion, they still refrained from asking.

After the banquet was over, El directly used his devil fruit ability to bring Pegasus above the Ryugu Palace, while they all stayed overnight in the Ryugu Palace.

At noon on the next day, El and the others chatted with King Neptune and three brothers till evening while Shirahoshi who has officially joined boarded the Pegasus and select her room.

In order to facilitate Shirahoshi's entrance and exit, El also deliberately used his devil fruit ability to change the door and ceiling to allow Shirahoshi to freely enter and exit.

Just as Shirahoshi was picking her room, El control the Pegasus to fly away from Ryugu palace and headed towards the Sea Forest, which is also known as the Ship Graveyard and is located at the Northeast of the Fish-Man Island.

just like its alias, it's full of shipwrecks because of the sunken ships being dragged there by the ocean currents, at the same time, it has a lot of coral growing around it, which is more than normal due to the light emitted by the Sunlight Tree Eve, It's also populated by all kinds of sea fauna, including schools of fish and pods of whales.

Because of the beautiful corals with a group of fish playing around them and the several shipwrecks, it makes this place stunning at day and creepy ta night.

The Pegasus stop above the Sea Forest and began to slowly descend toward the ground, while Shirahoshi who standing on the balcony of the top cabin, grabbed the railing with both hands and looked at the scenery below with excitement.

After the Pegasus landed, Shirahoshi was the first one to go down from the ship's ladder, then she found an open place and put her hands together to fulfill her wish of paying her respects to her deceased mother.

"Sister Robin, I'll take you to a good place." At this time, El, who was walking behind, suddenly speak and grabbed Robin who was holding Tama, and without waiting for her response, El directly use the princess hug style to carry her and quietly left the team.

After a while, El landed in front of a square stone tablet with Robin and Tama in his arms.

Looking at the stone tablet with ancient characters engraved, Robin can't help but shout in surprise.


"I discover this by accident while in Asura form with Carina and Violet." El took Tama from Robin's arms and said with a smile: "I finally found another piece of Poneglyph, Sister Robin, please interpret it here while I will take Tama to play elsewhere."

"Well, don't take Tama to any dangerous places." Robin nodded and said a few words before really ignoring El and Tama's existence.

Walking in front of the Poneglyph, Robin reaches out and touches the ancient texts with hundreds of years of history and begins deciphering the Poneglyph.

With Shirahoshi fulfilling her wish of paying respect to her deceased mother and Robin deciphering another Poneglyph, El's trip to Fishman Island has finally come to an end.


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