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"Welcome to Fishman Island and the Ryugu Palace your excellency!"

King Neptune looked at the boy below who was less than a fraction of his height and was only a few years older than his most precious daughter but he had already reached the top of the world.

"Thank you for your hospitality, King Neptune..."

El responded very politely, and then before King Neptune can invite them into the palace and host a banquet for them, he raised his head and said to King Neptune.

"Don't be nervous, although I'm the Float-Float Fruit user, I did not directly fly over the Red Line but deliberately took a few days sailing before coming to Fishman Island, as you can see I indeed have an ulterior motive."

"To be precise, I came to Fishman Island specifically to make a deal with you, King Neptune."


King Neptune was stunned for a moment, then he looked at Jinbe next to him subconsciously and after seeing him nodding slightly to him, a smile appeared on King Neptune's face, and then he raised his hand to El's group and said.

"If that's the case, then let's go inside and talk in detail."

King Neptune, who had not heard the conversation between El and Whitebeard, and the report from Fishman guards to him, thought that El was going to do business deal with him, and he was secretly delighted at this moment.

If it is a business deal, then besides the Whitebeard Pirates, the Ryugu Kingdom will most likely have a relationship with the second Pirate Emperor.

King Neptune and the Ryugu kingdom will be indeed connected with the second pirate emperor, however, it is not a cooperative relationship.

After El and the others follow King Neptune inside the palace and walk to the guest room, he stops at the door room and only lets Carina, Robin whose holding Tama, Violet, and Monet, who were in charge of monitoring her to follow him inside.

Seeing this King Neptune immediately realized that it was not an ordinary deal and just brought Jinbe inside while he let the other Fishman guards to act as tour guides to Nami and other girls while visiting other places in Ryugu Palace.

After waiting for the others to leave and close the door, El looked at King Neptune who was sitting on a specially large made sofa in front of him and he said frankly to him.

"King Neptune, in fact, your daughter, Shirahoshi is born with strong Observation Haki just like your wife."

The information that El voluntarily disclosed really attracted King Neptune's attention and almost made him gasp.

Without waiting for him to ask why he knows that Otohime and Shirahoshi are born with strong Observation Haki, El patted Carina on the shoulder and then he pointed to Violet, who was sitting on the other sofa with Monet.

"Let me introduce you to my companion, her name is carina and her ability is the same as the information released by Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters.

She is the Munch-Munch Fruit user."

"Her devil fruit ability can let him eat other people and then directly share each other's abilities."

"My other companion is called Violet, She is the Glare-Glare Fruit user and she has the ability to send out her sight in all directions in a 4000 km radius like a bird as well as the ability to read people's minds just like Queen Otohime."

"Before arriving at Fishman Island, I transform to Asura form with Carina and Violet and became another version of The World Worst Devil Fruit Users"

With a slight pause in his tone, El looked at King Neptune, who seemed to have thought of something terrible, making him have an extremely ugly expression.

"Innate Observation Haki and mind readings, then you should know what this means King Neptune."

Seeing King Neptune remains silent, El continued with a smile.

"I know everything..."

"Not only do I know that the deceased Queen Otohime and Shirahoshi have innate strong observation haki, but I also know the secret of Princess Shirahoshi even more and the dilemma she is facing right now so she can only hide inside the impregnable tower."

Looking at King Neptune, who was completely speechless and did not know what to say, El finally said his purpose.

"I came to Fishman Island this time to do a deal with you, King Neptune.

The deal is that I will help you get rid of that guy but you will let princess Shirahoshi leave with us and become a member of the Flying Pirates."


However, King Neptune misunderstood El's meaning and he look at El with clenched teeth while speaking.

"Even if I die, I won't allow you to take Shirahoshi and then force her to use her power to help you dominate the world."

"Dominate the world"

Hearing these words, Carina and the girls suddenly showed confused looks on their faces, then they can't help but start making a wild guess, thinking that the legendary princess Shirahoshi has a special ability and it is still the ability that can help others to dominate the world

"I see..."

El nodded suddenly and said.

"You suspect that the purpose of my visit is actually for her power"

Looking at King Neptune with, a 'am I wrong' expression, El suddenly took Tama from Robin's arms and said to King Neptune with light a smile.

"Let me introduce you to my little sister, her name is Tama and her future devil fruit is Millet-Millet Fruit."

"I don't know if you have read the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia but I can introduce you to the ability of the Millet-Millet Fruit."

"Its ability is to create dumplings and any animals who eat this dumpling will be controlled by her and they will regard her as master and obey her words."

"The number of animals that can be under her control is closed to infinite.

How is it, did this ability sound very familiar" when he finished speaking, El looked at King Neptune like a joke.

"This world actually has such devil fruit!"

Looking at Tama in El's arms, King Neptune and Jinbe beside him have shocked expressions.

"Rule-type Paramecia abilities are really outrageous."

El explained with a smile, and then his attitude changed.

"I reveal their information to you just to let you know that recruiting Princess Shirahoshi has nothing to do with her special ability and also just to let you know that her special ability is not enough to make a person dominate the whole world at all."

"Not to mention that Princess Shirahoshi hasn't mastered that special ability yet, even if she really mastered that power, it won't be much use to me."

"Because with my and Tama's ability, sooner or later, we will become the existence that rules the sky and sea."

"The reason why I wanted to recruit Princess Shirahoshi is mainly for three reasons."

"One is the underwater speed of a mermaid that no one can match in the world."

"Second, our whole fleet happens to be all devil fruit users so we need a lifeguard with excellence underwater ability."

"Third, Princess Shirahoshi, just like me has an innate Observation Haki."

"As Queen Otohime's husband, King Neptune, you should know very well how difficult it is to find someone with an innate Observation Haki."

"So, you have only two choices from the beginning..."

El glanced at King Neptune whose body and face became tense, then he fell silent for a moment before finally speaking lightly.

"Either accept my offer and let me take away Princess Shirahoshi after performing the hero saving the damsel (Beauty) in distress or reject my offer and make me forcibly take Princess Shirahoshi as a pirate and make the Fishman Island and Whitebeard Pirates my enemies."

From this coercion and inducement, it is not difficult to see that El's aura is becoming more and more domineering.

In other words, he is increasingly in line with his identity as a Pirate Emperor.

Obviously, he can have a friendly first conversation, then help them solve Princess Shirahoshi's problem in order to win their favor, then slowly tempt Princess Shirahoshi and then persuade King Neptune to let them take Princess Shirahoshi away.

However, El finds it troublesome, so he directly uses the domineering way, coercion, and inducement.

Violet and Monet sip on tea without feeling anything wrong.

In their eyes, the people on the level of the pirate emperor are moody and tyrant who reigns over the world.

As for Carina, who has turned into an El shape inside and out, she thinks her Nii-san is so handsome at this time.


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