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The new world is the territory of the Pirate Emperor, to be it's where the Pirate Emperors rule, and their eyeliners almost spread to the entire new world, even if they have no eyeliners in some place, as long as they release news to the underworld, countless people will act as their eyeliners and collect the information they want just to join or please them.

Therefore, when they come to Sabaody Archipelago, Yamato hid in the cabin and did not dare to go out until the coating was completed.

Apparently, Yamato was afraid that Kaido would find out that she had joined El group, making Kaido come over and take her back in person.

Although El had promised her that if Kaido found out, he would definitely not hesitate to fight Kaido or even wage war on Beast Pirate just to keep her, however, she doesn't want to drag her friends, and she believe that when she has enough strength in the future and she's no less than that **ty old man, it's not too late to defeat him and drove them out of the Wano.

But in El's view, Yamato's future is bleak, she doesn't even dare to go out, obviously, her heart is still full of psychological shadows about her father.

Even her psychological shadow can't be overcome, how can she defeat her father

Thinking of this, El decides to wait until the adventure is over before starting a new course of treatment for her.

Although Yamato has mastered the Conqueror's coating, her will is obviously not able to match her own ability.

If he doesn't let her will catch up with her ability, she will not able to awaken her devil fruit ability, and when she can't awaken it, she will not be able to enter a new level.

So not to mention beating Kaido, even El, who doesn't awaken his devil fruit ability, can rely on his physique to completely suppress her.

After the Pegasus was coated, used his devil fruit ability to skip the complicated control process and took the ship wrapped in huge bubbles, and went straight to the bottom of the sea.

On this trip to Fishman Island, El target was only two people and these two people are Shirahoshi and Vander Decken IX.

As the current incarnation of the Ancient Weapon Poseidon in this generation and with innate observation haki just like him, she's the lifeguard he choose when he formulated the Supreme Plan and decide to eat devil fruit.

Although everyone in their group is always carrying Bubbly Coral on them, even if someone accidentally falls into the sea, as long as their whole body is not completely soaked in seawater and then they use Bubbly Coral to protect themselves and nothing happens.

But there's nothing wrong with being cautious, just in case something unexpected happens, then it's too late to regret it, so whether it's for one of the three ancient weapons or the world's first-class lifeguard and the most beautiful mermaid, so even before entering the new world, El has already set his sights on Shirahoshi.

If it weren't for an accident in the Sabaody Archipelago and being caught in surprise by CP agents, the navy headquarters, and even Rayleigh, El would have a 50% chance to recruit Shirahoshi.

As for why it is a 50% chance It's very simple, because at that time, even if he was able to use radio waves through Carina he may not be able to find Vander Decken IX trace even with his observation Haki boast to the extreme, but now, with Violet at his side, the probability of finding Vander Decken IX trace is already guaranteed.

Just when he recruited Nami, unless he successfully recruited her before the Cocoyasi Village was ruled by Arlong Pirates, he must help her solve her problem and get rid of the Arlong Pirates to totally win her heart.

The same situation applies to Shirahoshi, he must help her get rid of Vander Decken IX to totally win her heart.

At the same time, Vander Decken IX devil fruit ability is really outrageous, as a rule-type devil fruit ability, as long as he touches the target, any object he throws would automatically track the target, and unless it's stopped on the way, these objects will chased the target to the ends of the world.

Even more frightening is that as long as the user has sufficient stamina, he can even throw an island at the target.

For example, the user is in East blue and the target he touches is on a certain island in the new world, as long as there is a handle or a chain attached to the island, he can throw the island from East blue to the new world and if it is not destroyed on the way, the island will eventually accurately hit the target.

During those times, even if the target escapes to another island, to Calm Belt, or to the White-White sea, the object would continuously follow the target, this is why this ability is outrageous.

So in addition to saving Shirahoshi, El also set his sights on Vander Decken IX devil fruit, Mark-Mark Fruit.

Having too many rule-type paramecia devil fruit, Mythical Zoan devil fruit, and Logia devil fruit for El would never be enough.

As for grabbing so many devil fruits and not having users in the crew, will these Devil Fruits be wasted

Absolutely not, because one of his purposes on this adventure was to expand the fleet, to be precise, it was to find an affiliated force for the flying pirates.

Then, from the affiliated forces, select an outstanding seedlings and cultivate loyal subordinates.

As for the other thing, it is Joy boy messages regarding his return 800 years later and an apology for breaking his promise and promising that someone would fulfill it in the future.

As El promised to Robin, he would help her fulfilled her archaeological dreams.

Although he doesn't go out of his way to find these Poneglyph, however, if one is at their destination he would naturally fulfill his promise to Robin.

When the opportunity arises, El will go to Zou to get one of the four Road Poneglyphs.

As one of the Four Pirate Emperors, if he doesn't have Road Poneglyph in his hand, it would be very embarrassing.

Even if he can't complete the four Road Poneglyphs he can't be without one of the four pieces of the puzzle.


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