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"Nii-san, is this the devil fruit you came here specifically to find"

Looking at the Devil Fruit in El's hand, Carina asked curiously.

"This shape looks like a big apple, is it a Zoan-type Devil Fruit" At the end of her words, Carina's tone became a little bit unsure, because she doesn't think that Zoan-type Devil Fruit is worth El's effort to come to this remote place.

"Yes, this Devil Fruit is indeed a Zoan-type Devil Fruit."

El nodded and said, "However, just like the Paramecia-type devil fruit has rules-type abilities that are rarer than the Logia-type Devil Fruit, the Zoan-type Devil Fruit also has something that is even rarer, the Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit."

Hearing this, Carina and the girls immediately stare at the devil fruit that El holds, even Kuina who was not interested in other things, also followed Carina and the other girls' line of sight.

Looking at the purple tomato-shaped fruit with swirl patterns around it in El's hand, Carina could not help but exclaim.

"Is this the legendary Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit This is the first time I see one!"

"Is it the same Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit I eat" Yamato pouted and said with a look of disgust.

"This kind of fruit is not delicious at all."

"Yamato, you're actually a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit user!" Yamato's words shocked Carina again, then she look horns at Yamato's head, she only thought Yamato is a mutated human she never expects her to be a legendary Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit user.

"Yeah, didn't I tell you" Yamato replied in a daze.

"No...But we didn't...

never mind." Carina's lips twitched slightly, she did not expect their group which is less than ten people is actually almost all devil fruit users, not counting the two Zoan-type Devil Fruit in storage and the Millet-Millet Fruit found in Wana, out of nine people eight are devil fruit users and everyone has eaten an extraordinary devil fruit.

On these eight people, they have a rule-type Paramecia devil fruit, destructive logia type devil fruit, at the strategic level Paramecia devil fruit, and mythical zoan devil fruit.

Let's not talk about the strategic level abilities for the time being, after Tama eats the Millet-Millet Fruit, their team will have three rule-type abilities.

Once this information is revealed, it will shock the whole world, right Carina can't help but laugh deep inside.

"Nii-san, what are you going to do with this Devil fruit" Nami suddenly asked while looking at it.

"In our team, Tama is the only one left who is not a devil fruit user but she already has the Millet-Millet Fruit."

"If we want to let someone eat this mythical zoan devil fruit, we need to recruit a new crew member."

"No need." El shook his head and said: "This devil fruit is temporarily stored, I'm not sure if I would find a user for it."

A big question mark appeared on Carina and the other girls' foreheads.

However, seeing El didn't want to explain, Carina and the other girls, let it go since they believe in El's words as he never makes the wrong decision at the same time they also believe that there must be a reason for his action.

In fact, it does, as El is not sure yet whether to give this devil fruit to others to eat.

Mythical Zoan-type devil fruit has a very tenacious vitality and durability and once a frail person eats it, they will complete a transformation in an instant, turning their physique into a monster among human beings and once they awaken it, they will have one of the strongest vitality and durability in the world.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit is like the Munch-Munch Fruit and Rumble-Rumble Fruit, once someone eats it, they will break their physical restrictions as long as they don't pass their growth stage and if they eat it at a young age, they will definitely become a strong person in the future.

So, if he wants someone to eat this devil fruit, he must ensure that the other party is completely loyal to him and people like this are difficult to find.

However, El, who is a traveler, can find more than one such subordinate, but he was a little hesitant about whether to use this Devil Fruit to cultivate a powerful confidant or after he obtains the material and method for making a weapon devil fruit, he will use it to create a pet that will never betray him, as well as an item for lifespan.

As a traveler, El currently only knows that there are three ways to obtain immortality in this world.

One of them is a Pure Gold eaten by Bonbori a Super Lamp Anglerfish who holds the island of Alchemi in its stomach one hundred years ago.

The second is the Op-Op Fruit ability, the Immortality Operation that sacrifices the user's own life.

The third one is the Bat-Bat Fruit, Model: Vampire, in addition to higher vitality and durability, each Mythical Zoan has its own special ability.

The special ability of the Bat-Bat Fruit, Model: Vampire is the same as the Berry-Berry Fruit, it involves the power of concepts,

It can take the life force of others by sucking their blood at the same it can also return the lifespan it took and since the lifespan can be returned, does that mean that the lifespan can also be transferred

El is very greedy, so he wants to above the three methods for immortality, after all, there is no so-called system in him.

So if he want to obtain immortality for himself and for the people around him, he can only use the method in this world.

Therefore, before getting the Op-Op Fruit and Pure Gold, El doesn't know how to deal with this devil fruit for the time being.

So El decide to temporarily put it into the warehouse and he accompanies Carina and the other girls for a walk in the ancient sleeping town, and then after roaming the entire town they drove the Pegasus to the next destination.

Time flies so fast especially when you're having a great time and in a blink of an eye, half-month already has passed.

After going to two uninhabited islands with unique characteristics, Pegasus once again arrived at a certain starting island in the new world.

This island is very famous, It does not belong to any three islands in the New World that someone has to travel but it is an island that every pirate group that returns to the first half of the grand line will definitely go to because there's the coating shop can only be found aside from the Sabaody Archipelago.

Yes, the next stop of El's group is the fish-man island which dwells 10,000 meters below sea level.


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