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When Yamato escapes from Onigashima, she directly goes to the island of dreams through Eternal Pose without stopping at any island because she was afraid of leaving a trace and letting the Beast pirates find her, in other words, this is Yamato's first adventure after escaping from Onigashima.

So Yamato's dream for more than ten years has finally come true, making her full of excitement and energy every day.

In this regard, the other girls also understand her very well, after being imprisoned on an island for more than ten years anyone will feel suffocated.

So, in order to satisfy Yamato's adventurous spirit, for the next three months, El especially took her to some uninhabited islands with dangerous environments or harsh climates, so that she could experience what her idol, Kozuki Oden feel during those times.

For example, they go to Drum Island, which is an extremely snowy country, with absolutely freezing temperatures that can be felt even from the surrounding seas.

Then to Raijin Island which is filled with endless lighting and is one of the three islands in the New World that someone has to travel to if they are following their Log Pose, any metallic object here is prohibited otherwise Raijin, the god of thunder will strike them with lightning.

After that, they also go to an island similar to Sixis Island, a beautiful island without any animals, fruit, and drinkable water, then to an uninhabited island full of large beasts, similar to the previous island of dreams, where only the strong people dare to step into.

Yamato was imprisoned on the small Onigashima for more than ten years and it's the only island she's been to since she was a child so this is the first time that she has seen so many spectacular sights.

Originally, she can only imagine and yearn for these unique islands through Kozuki Oden's logbook, so these three months, it's simply the happiest time in her life.

So much so that, in order to repay El, who realized her dream, Yamato foolishly agreed to El's various requests, and put on Carina and Nami's special dress, stockings, high heels, and so on.

During this time, El also felt the touch of the black stocking while on long legs, which deeply satisfied one of his past and present hobbies.

Yamato thought that El's traveling to the sea was just to satisfy her desire for adventure, but she was quite wrong, fulfilling her dream was just one of his purpose.

In fact, his main purpose is to do some kinds of business and one of them is treasure hunting.

Actually is not really hunting for treasure, but looking for a devil's fruit, after all, he has a lot of gold taken from the City of Gold and his also a shareholder of the world's largest arm business in the world, so ordinary Devil Fruits and treasures no longer attractive his eyes, only a very precious Devil Fruits are worth El's effort and initiative to find it.

So during these three months, while taking Yamato to those unique islands for an adventure, he also lets Carina use her devil fruit ability to eat him and violet to look for a special island and devil fruit.

Finally, after three months they found a very special island.

It's a small island that can be seen anywhere in the new world and four seas.

As a small island, it is only possible to become a must-pass for pirates if it's a necessary route or it's an island with a strong magnetic force around it.

It's a pity that the new world is different from the first half of the grand line, for those who just enter the new world, their Log pose will randomly point to the three starting islands, and every time you reach an island the Log pose will point to three islands at the same time.

The stronger the magnetic force, the more dangerous the island and the more violent the Log pose shaking.

Therefore, there is no fixed route in the new world as the three routes will be automatically updated and change each time they arrive at a certain island.

Since this small island is not one of those islands that you must pass and at the same time the magnetic force is not strong enough to attract the needle of the Log pose on the New World version, there are only three ways to find this island.

One is luck, by passing this island by chance.

The second is to take the soil of this island and create an Eternal pose.

The third method is to be like El's group, to have a terrifying sight, that's why it took El three full months to find this small island.

Fortunately, this island is not an uninhabited island, otherwise, it would be extremely difficult for El to find it because the history of this small island is too long and just like the Loguetown in the East Blue, it has no name.

So much so that the name of the small town on this island became its name, Sleeping Ancient Town, and if it is not a die-hard fan of One Piece, only really few people know it, because it never appeared in the Canon story or in the theatrical version and it only appears in the game, One Piece: Unlimited World Red.

Not only does El know the name of this place, but he also knows that somewhere in this small town, there is a devil's fruit, moreover, this Devil Fruit is a rare Mythical Zoan devil fruit, Bat-Bat Fruit, Model: Vampire.

This devil fruit is the one that Patrick Redfield finds after he escapes from impel down, so this time El cut off Patrick Redfield's fate with this devil fruit.

With Carina's help, El uses Violet's clairvoyance ability, so even though they have not arrived yet at the Sleeping Ancient Town, he has already found the location where the devil fruit grows.

When the Pegasus came ashore, El's group split into two, El took Robin who was holding Tama, and went to take away the devil fruit, instantly satisfying Robin's archaeology craving, while the others accompany Yamato to wander around the island.

Then within half an hour, El held a devil's fruit with a special spiral pattern.


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