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The next day, Yamato appeared in front of El while wearing a white dress, black stockings, and high heels, but the next second she stumbled down to the ground because it was the first time she wears high heels that she almost throw this pair of high heels on the spot out of anger, but soon, she quickly adapted to this pair of high heels.

Carina and Nami, who were watching her and seeing her getting used to high heels so quickly, immediately took the initiative to teach her how to walk like a girl which will be definitely a torturous thing for Yamato who created her own high movement speed technique, Divine step.

(God foot = Divine step)

It took a full week for Yamato to get used to this walking posture and when she re-appeared in front of El while wearing a white dress, black stockings, and red high-heeled, such an image undoubtedly amaze El.

Especially those long legs that are as good as Robin's, sometimes it's covered with black or white stockings, that it became a magnet to his eyes, it always attracts his attention and if it weren't for the fact his treating her, he would really like to try touching it.

After learning how to dress, Yamato then went to Robin on learning about lady etiquette, and during those times, she thought more than once about giving up, because compared to cumbersome dressing up, etiquette is really too difficult.

However, under Robin's patient teaching and hands-on demonstration, she became like a puppet while following Robin's words dazedly, when she arrives at the important stage just as El thought, she looks like a girl.

All in all, Yamato didn't know how she spent this month and after the agreed month passed, Yamato who woke up from her sleep fallow her usual routine, after washing, she subconsciously opened her wardrobe and put on a white dress, black stocking, and red high heels.

Yamato realizes that even if she threw away these things, she would not be able to return to the past, because in her heart she has slightly accepted the fact that she is actually a girl.

However, after hearing from El that her task is finally completed, Yamato, who has become accustomed to speaking in a low voice and no longer shouting for the past month, still couldn't help but shout.

"Awesome, finally liberated!"

As if to vent her anger, Yamato immediately ran back to her room and took off the damn dress, black stockings, and red high heels.

Just as when she was about to put on her white sleeveless kimono, Robin's teachings involuntarily appeared in her mind, then she Look at the white sleeveless kimono and white dress that Carina specially made for her, after a while, she finally put on the latter.

Seeing Yamato coming out of her room shyly, El couldn't help showing a gratified smile while speaking.

"Since you have completed your mission, let's go for adventure now."

"Really Great!"

"Let's go back and pack our things." At this time, Carina and the other girls also came over and pull Yamato before going back to their respective rooms to start packing up, while El controlled the floating island to fly nearby to Dressrosa and after making the island float a few meters above the sea, El flew away from the floating island and directly go to King's Plateau to find Doflamingo who is sitting on a lounge beach chair while watching those beautiful women swimming in the pool, and then explained his purpose.

Taking over the blueprint and a list from El, Doflamingo readily agreed to El's request.

"I know a professional in this field, in addition to his status as the richest man in the world, he is also the owner of the world's largest entertainment city, Gran Tesoro."

"The way your City in the sky operates is not in conflict with his entertainment city, I believe he would be happy to sell you such a favor."

"No...Don't look for him." El smiled slightly: "I don't want to owe him a favor."


Doflamingo, who understood El's smile, couldn't stop his lips from twitching while he vaguely reminded.

"That guy is the Mary Geoise's cash cow, even those monsters in the new world won't offend him otherwise they will be sanctioned on various aspects by Mary Geoise and the underworld, or in the worst-case scenario, a war may break out."

In this regard, El smiled and said nothing, while Doflamingo stopped talking and changed the topic instead.

"I will help you get the foundation of the City in the Sky and the cost will be deducted from your dividend, and if you need anything else, just give me a call."

El nodded, then stood up and said to Doflamingo.

"The island closest to Dressrosa, there's is a year's worth of iron that I purposely stored on it, you can find someone to transport it away, and if they hijack it just give me a call and I'll make them regret being born to this world."

"those words, It's really full of sense of security." Doflamingo smiled evilly after speaking and before he got up to send El away, El directly leave from the King's Plateau by flying.

After entrusting Doflamingo with the basic renovation of the City in the Sky, El and the other drove Pegasus and started their new adventure.


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