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"El, when are we going out for an adventure"

After Yamato joined the group, she soon integrates with Carina and the other girls.

As someone who's the same as Oden and Luffy, Yamato's simple personality is just like a child, so how can Yamato be rejected by Carina and the other girls.

El is also felt Yamato is really like a child and his full of good feelings for her, the premise is that she did not spend all day with him asking for him to take her out for an adventure.

On this day, El, who was being entangled again by Yamato lay on her lap like a child thanks to their difference in height.

"I told you a few times already, After we finish planning the blueprint, I will take you out for an adventure."

"When the City in the Sky is finished, our floating island can go anywhere in the world, so where do you want to go by then"

Yamato looked at El with wronged expression before replying.

"But carina said that the city in the Sky will not be completed for at least a year and we would not travel anywhere."

"You have waited for more than ten years, can't you wait another year"Looking at Yamato's face, El couldn't help pinching her face while laughing.

"It's different!"

Hearing El's reply, Yamato stood up immediately, knelt down in front of him, and defended herself.

"For the past ten years, I was imprisoned on Onigashima by that **ty old man and I thought I have no chance to go on an adventure, but now I'm free, of course, I don't want to wait any longer."


El gave her a flick on her forehead without mercy, then he looks at Yamato, who covered her forehead with her hands while her cheeks bulged out slightly, and then he said very ruthlessly.

"Even if you don't want to wait, you have to wait."

"Eh! how could this be"

Yamato's expression could not help but start collapsing and seeing that she was about to cry, El couldn't help but sigh, and said softly.

"That's it.

I can take you out on an adventure ahead of time, but you need to complete a task ."

"What task "

Hearing this, Yamato's expression from almost crying immediately changed to full excitement, and then she leaned in front of El excitedly while assuring him.

"No matter what task it is, I will complete it!"

"Oh, really"

El couldn't help but show a mean smile on his face while Yamato, who had just bragged in front of him feel an ominous premonition in her heart then after he finished watching her nervous expression for a while, he finally speak again with a smile.

"In that case, then for the next month, you would learn dressing up as a woman from Carina and Nami then you will learn ladies' etiquette from Robin."

"As long as you continue every day for a month to wear woman dress, no longer proclaimed yourself as a man, shout Gol D.

Roger name and keep an appearance of a lady, even if this is acting, as long as it lasts for a month, I will count it as you completing this task and I will take you out for adventure ahead of the time."

With a slight pause in his tone, El used his aggressive approach in order to block Yamato's next words.

"If you don't have the courage and confidence to complete this task, then just wait for a few months, then I will take you out for an adventure."

"Who...Who said I have no courage..."

Yamato, who had been turned pale with fright when she heard the content of the task, immediately fell into El's trap and shouted with a red face.

"I-I- I will definitely complete this task!"

Almost as soon as she said these words Yamato immediately regretted it, however, El didn't give her any chance to go back out.

"Very good.

I clearly head what you said, If you regret it then give up halfway, don't blame me for making fun of you..."

"El, I hate you!" After hearing El's word, Yamato let out a scream and fled the scene in embarrassment.

But the next day, Yamato's action made El admire her because she really asked Carina and Nami for advice on women's dresses and Robin on lady etiquette.

It can be seen that, in addition to hating evil and being full of justice, Yamato also keeps her words very much, she does what she says even if she doesn't want to.

El has to admit that this protagonist character is indeed very pleasing in some aspects, In fact, El didn't really want to change Yamato, he is just going to make her realize she was still a woman no matter how many times she calls herself a man in the future, it's just a cover-up.

Yamato will also change from a sick person to an actress, the former needs special treatment, while the latter just needs to puncture her acting skills.

However, if he really wants to change her view, he can't force her to think that she is a woman, not a man, he has to let her take the initiative to be aware of it

That's why El gave her such a task and used aggressive tactics to let her walk into the trap.

When it comes to doing what she says, Yamato will definitely do it very seriously and as a girl who has been wild for more than ten years and knows nothing but fighting, then she suddenly needs to learn about lady etiquette and dressing up as a woman, it doesn't take much to think that this is a very difficult thing to do.

Yamato in the early stage will definitely think that being women are really strange, but when she gets used to it, she will definitely feel more awkward because she will realize that she is actually getting used to these things, even if it is acting and temporary, she won't be able to stop thinking that's she's really a woman and El purpose is that thoughts.

Afterward, even if Yamato returned to her usual self and even she called herself as Kozuki Oden it wouldn't matter because he already planted a seed of doubt in her.

When the time comes, this doubt will pierce her disguise and completely change her.


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