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"What did you say!"

Hearing this bad news Kaido's face suddenly turned hideous and his voice became very loud and intense.

"What happened, why did that stupid son run away from home"

"W-We don't know either." They are obviously separated by an unknown distance but the person on the opposite Den Mushi Mushi just sees the imitation of Kaido's fierce expression and he became frightened with fear that he even stutters while speaking.

"W-we only heard a v-violent explosion...

when w-we find where the loud same came from...

there's just a huge crater and fragments of h-handcuffs..."

"The three Calamities who were supervising the business in Wano hurriedly return and searched the entire Onigashima but we couldn't still find the figure of Master Yamato..."

"According to the trace we found, Master Yamato did not steal a sailboat but used her devil fruit ability to leave the island and run away from home."


As his last words were spoken, the sound of something falling to the ground suddenly came from the Den Mushi Mushi and the considerate Den Mushi Mushi also simulated the expression and collapsing of the person on the other side.

Obviously, the pirate on the opposite side was frightened and fainted on seeing the fierce expression on Den Mushi Mushi that imitated Kaido.

After a while, the Den Mushi Mushi changed to a restless expression, and it was obvious that the person on the other side had changed.

"Do we still have Yamato's Vivre Cards'Kaido asked in a deep voice.

"We don't, the place where it's stored has been ransacked."

"Then go and inform King to immediately follow the trails where the ice trails once appeared and see if he can find Yamato." Kaido soon returned to his calm and commanded.

"If you can't find Yamato, let King notify Joker to use his abilities to help me find my idiot son even if he searches the whole New world!"

"O-ok!" The person on the opposite Den Mushi Mushi replied with a trembling voice.

"Idiot son! you're already 21 years old this year but you still let your father worry about you!!"

after hanging up the Den Mushi Mushi, Kaido's reprimanding voice get louder and louder.

In the end, accompanied by a roar, a hundred-meter-long blue dragon rose into the sky again and flew to somewhere unknown.

The people who are fortunate enough to witness this scene squatted on the ground in fright.

A few days later, on the Island of dreams.


On the balcony of the tallest building, El admires the scenery of the entire island and the blueprint of the City in the sky when he suddenly heard a shout that seemed to resound through the entire island.

Hearing this familiar yet unfamiliar voice, a row of black lines appeared on El's forehead.


Carina tilted her head slightly and El saw an imaginary appeared question mark appearing around her head.

"Roger Gol D.


Then on Carina's forehead also appears a black line while she was speaking.

"What year is it already, does that person doesn't even know how many years Gol D.

Roger died"

"...She's calling me." El replied quietly.

Looking at the stunned Carina, El said while stroking his forehead gently.

"That person is Kaido's daughter, a fool with a problem in her head, I'll take a look at her first..."

After finishing speaking, El's figure flew away from the balcony and flew towards the Sea, which was a few hundred meters below.

It didn't take long for El to see a figure wearing a sleeveless white garment with a diamond-shaped design on both sides and an indigo, wisp-patterned at the bottom half with pair of red hakama pants and sandals, and, much like Oden, she also wears a large purple and white nio-dasuki behind her back.

"Roger...I'm here!"

Seeing El's figure, Yamato, who was holding a mace, immediately waved at El with excitement.

It's just this name makes a black line appear on El's forehead again.

But no matter how helpless he feels, he had nothing to say, who told him to leave without telling his name.

"My name is El, not Roger" Flying in front of her, El corrected her.

"got it, Roger," Yamato replies while carrying her mace with a grin.

El didn't bother to listen to her reply but looked at her with a little admiration in his eyes while asking.

"You are here...

then are you determined to follow me"

Yamato nodded and her face is full of excitement "I took off the bomb handcuff secretly and ran away when that **ty old man left the Onigashima while the three calamities were not around."

"I want to join your pirate group and explore the world with you."

"Then, Welcome to the flying pirates, Yamato." The corners of his mouth rose slightly while he reach out to Yamato's palm and when her slender and powerful palm tightly grasped his palm, the flying Pirates has finally ushered the third strong person into the group and became a qualified pirate group.

On the Pirate Emperor's force, the captain must have the three strong people under his command, which is the most basic requirement.

Even the Straw Hat Pirates in the future, under Luffy, there will be Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe.

Now, in addition to The World Worst Devil Fruit Users, El has Yamato and if he only lets Carina and Name enter Asura form, then they are only second to Kuina and Yamato.

From this moment on, El's title of "Fourth Emperor Of The Sea" he has become worthy of this title.

Although there are not thousands of troops under his command, but when Tama eats the Millet-Millet Fruit and she makes numerous dumplings, the flying pirates who control countless sea kings and meteorites are much scarier than leading thousands of troops and when that time comes, the flying Pirates will be the strongest force in the sea.



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