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The reason why El is eager to go to Onigashima and finalize the alliance with Kaido is in fact for this Millet-Millet Fruit while bewitching Yamato is just his spontaneous thought.

So it doesn't really matter if he can recruit her and if Yamato is really bewitched by him and she removes the bomb handcuffs that she has been wearing for more than ten years to follow him and escape from Onigashima then that's an additional gain.

If Yamato still hasn't made up her mind to go to sea and she is still waiting for a chance to liberate Wano, it doesn't matter, he is not at loss in any way.

So this trip to Onigashima and Wano for El can be said to be full of rewards.

When Tama grows up a bit and she eats the Millet-Millet Fruit, with Carina Munch-Munch Fruit and monstrous level physique, Tama can instantly make a large number of dumplings.

As long as ten to hundred sea kings in New World, Paradise, The four seas, or even the windless zone eat dumplings a day, then Tama can control 3,650 to 36,500 sea kings in a year.

If they are lucky, hundreds to thousands of sea kings can eat the dumplings a day, then Tama can control tens of thousands or even one hundred thousand sea kings in a year.

At that time, it only takes a few years, and the marine creatures that Tama could control are at least hundreds of thousands.

In this way, Tama is no different from Poseidon, one of the three ancient weapons.

When El has a chance to go to Fishman Island to rescue Shirahoshi and bring her back to the Island of Dreams, then the flying pirates are equivalent to having two ancient weapons, plus El's Float-Float Fruit ability, they are equivalent to completely ruling the sky and the sea.

Three days later, Pegasus and the floating island finally reunited with the Island of Dreams.

In the past three days, Tama, who was afraid of the new surroundings, also felt the care and love of the people around her, she was no longer only close to Carina, who adopt her from Amigasa Village and she also became close to Nami, Kuina, and El.

Especially to El, on the night they left Wano, El had already used his ability just like when he recruited Carina and Nami back then and it only took less than a day to gain Tama's favor and received a hug from her.

Under El's gentle and sincere offense, Tama really soon falls.

The next day, she had already taken the initiative to ask El for a hug.

On the third day, the day of returning to the Island of dreams, Tama was already stuck in El's arms and refused to leave.

In order to make her happy, El also left Pegasus with her in his arms and flew freely in the sky.

Looking at Tama, who is closer to El than her, Carina who feels the bond between siblings with Tama, can't help but puff out her face with jealousy.

However this jealousy, after returning to the island of dreams soon disappears.

It's not that Carina is relieved, it's that she finds her love Tama was completely overwhelmed by another person and that person is, Nico Robin.

For cute animals and children, Robin has no resistance at all, and seeing El bringing back a little girl who had just turned one year old not long ago, Robin's 'mother's love' overflowed immediately, and the tenderness that both Carina and El felt ashamed soon passed to Tama who lacked maternal love.

In response, El decisively handed over the task of taking care of Tama to Robin, who usually has nothing to do.

Perona, who has nothing to do on weekdays also got involved while El, Carina, and Nami, on the other hand, continued to plan the City in the Sky in their minds.

As for Kuina, she is not interested in taking care of children, planning, or building the city in the sky.

After settling her own affairs, Kuina went to other floating islands alone to practice her swordsmanship and develop her devil fruit ability.

On Kuina's body, El has vaguely seen the shadow of Mihawk.

Of course, this shadow is not in Kuina's swordsmanship, but in her character and temperament which is more similar to Mihawk.

It's not that she became colder, it's better to say that she became more engrossed in swordsmanship, and apart from El, she has no interest in other things.

This kind of mentality made Kuina's swordsmanship and strength grow by leaps and bounds.

Whether it is Haki or the breath of all things, it reaches the top level in comparison to the new world.

Especially the unbelievable fast sword slash, even El needs to focus his perception to capture a trace of her sword slash.

If it weren't for El's ability to read people's minds and the ultimate control given by Life Return (Seimei Kikan) it would be difficult to block her slash because the speed of her sword slash is really outrageous.

Even if she doesn't enter the Asura form, with Kuina's current strength it is already at the level of deputy commander of the three emperors.

Because of the incomprehensible nature of the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, no matter which deputy commander it is, it would be extremely hard for them to defeat Kuina, including Benn Beckman who has not yet become the deputy commander of one of the Emperors of the sea.

The reason why the three girls are called The World Worst Devil Fruit Users in history is because of Kuina Rumble-Rumble Fruit.

Nami's Flame-Flame Fruit and Karina's Munch-Munch Fruit boast Kuina's strength and let her strength reach the level of Admiral and even draw a tie with time while in the face of any Pirate Emperors, she will not be defeated in a short period of time.

With this rate of progress, in a few more years when Kuina's Breath of All Things reaches the peak level of a Master swordsman, he believes that even if she doesn't use Asura form, she will still be at the level of the Emperor of the sea.

At that time, once enter Asura-Form with Carina and Nami, her strength must surpass anyone including the Emperor of the sea.

It's only a matter of time before she became the strongest Deputy commander in history.


One week later, just when El and the others were busy, something happened in the Onigashima after Kaido left the island for an unknown destination.

"pere pere pere pere."

After Kaido changed back into human form, there was a sudden sound from the Den Mushi Mushi he was carrying, when the Den Mushi Mushi was connected, there was suddenly a message from the opposite side that made her face look ugly.

"Something is wrong with Master Yamato, she runs away from home!"



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