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What devil fruit's ability is the most suitable for finding treasure is undoubtedly the Glare-Glare Fruit thanks to its ability to send the user sight in all directions in a 4000 km radius, making it undoubtedly the best devil fruit to find treasure.

After returning to Pegasus, El rested for a few hours, and then before the sky turn completely bright, he quietly came to Wano with the Carina, Violet, and Monet.

El was not in a hurry to immediately look for the Millet-Millet Fruit, Instead, he took out a Bubbly Coral and flew to the whirlpool current around Wano, then he dive into the sea and knock out the huge sea king with Conqueror Haki and brought it back to the coast after killing it.

It was only after the dawn that El let Carina use her devil fruit to eat him and Violet to her Munch-Munch Space and enter asura from with his body as the main that he began to look for Millet-Millet Fruit.

Next, with El having the ability to use the Glare-Glare Fruit, he began to use clairvoyance combined with Peeping Mind to look for the location of Millet-Millet Fruit around Wano.

The Glare-Glare Fruit has the ability to see through the targets, whether it be clothes or mind.

It's also very strong, if she looks at the person, not only her sights can bypass their clothes but she can also see their internal organs.

In other words, this ability cannot not only see through one layer but as long as her stamina is sufficient, even the interior of the island can also be see-through.

Within a radius of 4,000 kilometers, it's theoretically possible to see through all people and objects, this ability is undoubtedly at a strategic level when it comes to war.

In Sixis Island on East Blue, when they look for the Flame-Flame Fruit, it took them three months to find it.

With Wano which is many times larger than Sixis Island, if they searched every corner it would probably take them one to two years to cover the whole island and it is still uncertain whether they will find it.

However, with the help of the Glare-Glare Fruit, El found the Millet-Millet Fruit in just two hours.

"you also use clairvoyance, Carina."

After finding the Millet-Millet Fruit, El is not in rush to take it and he let Carina also use clairvoyance to look at the Amigasa Village, located in the region of Kuri in Wano.

"Have you seen that one-year-old girl with dark-violet hair, Carina She is an orphan and I want you to give the sea king to the village and ask them if we can adopt her."

"I can feel her potential is very good, so I'm going to nurture her and let her become the Millet-Millet Fruit user."


Carina made an ok gesture with one hand then she pat her chest with the other.

"I understand, leave it to me with confidence, Nii-san."

"Very well, then I will." El smiled in satisfaction, and then he let Carina release the Asura form.

After coming out of Munch-Munch Space, El took Violet and Monet and walked in the direction of the Millet-Millet Fruit.

After they passed through the bamboo forest and came to a valley, they soon arrive in a remote and uninhabited place, and in a gap that only children could squeeze in, they found a tree with devil fruit growing in it.

Then the walls on both sides of the gap expanded automatically and soon it formed a cave.

Walking into the cave, El stretched out his hand to take the Millet-Millet Fruit hanging on the small tree and when it is picked, just like before on Flame-Flame Fruit, the small tree immediately began to wither at a rate visible to the naked eye.

"Let's go." After getting the Millet-Millet Fruit, El said to Violet and Monet.

"Yes, Lord El"

Monet responded respectfully, then she took the initiative to take the Millet-Millet Fruit from El's hand and put it in a box prepared in advance.

Holding the box, Monet and Violet followed El and returned to the bamboo forest along the same path and it didn't take long for El to see Carina, who came back holding a timid little girl who seemed to only have just begun learning to walk.

"How did you get her"

Looking at the little girl who was hugging Carina, he didn't know whether it was because of their similar hair color or other reasons.

At present, she was close to Carina, so El could not help but ask with great interest.

"hehe, those villagers are very kind people."

Carina smiled and said.

"When she was only a few months old, her parents died in an accident and like other orphans, she was raised by the whole villagers."

"We are also not the first person in this country to adopt orphans and at the same time after seeing the sea king I gave them that can feed the whole village for many days, they agreed with me to adopt her."

"I see...


Before Carina finished her sentence, El, who had already understood everything, nodded slightly.

It seems that at this time she has not yet become an apprentice of Tenguyama Hitetsu.

"If that's the case, then let's go back..."

Tama glanced at El secretly, but after meeting El's line of sight, she lowered her head in panic, and El's lips rose slightly after knowing she was a little afraid of the new environment.

He was not in a hurry to make a good relationship with this little girl who act like a little adult when she was only eight years old.

Just like Carina and Nami, who were only eight years old when he recruited them a few years ago, sincerity and gentleness are the best ways to get close to them.

Even Carina and Nami, who is more cautious and already mixed with the pirate group for a living at the age of eight, can't stand El's gentle and sincere offense, what's more, this little girl without any experience, it is only a matter of time before she completely sticks to El.

Then El controlled Pegasus to descend from the sky and after boarding, they flew away from Wano.


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