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"This is definitely Divine Departure!."

Yamato, who spit out a mouthful of blood, did not stay on the ground to groan in pain, but instead, she stood up in an instant and her eyes under the hannya mask were full of scorching heat and excitement at this time.

El saw her trembling in place while reciting his skill then her figure disappeared again.

"As expected of Mythical-Zoan It's really extremely durable." Seeing Yamato stand up in an instant and rushed over again, El sighed slightly.

"Please, please be mine! Gol D.

Roger, let me be your Kozuki Oden!"

In just a few seconds, Yamato used her God Foot technique to travel several miles and appear in front of El.

This time, it was not the mace that attacked El, but a pair of slender and powerful palms that tightly grasped El's shoulders.

Looking up at the 2.63 meters tall figure whose wearing a hannya mask, although he couldn't see her face, however, he can feel the excitement in her voice.

El slowly put away his and deliberately teased the girl in front of him.

"Gol D.

Roger Kozuki Oden I don't understand what you are talking about!"

"Did not you just use Divine Departure"

Yamato let go of her hands that grabbed El's shoulders and then she took out a logbook from inside of her kimono, then she pointed to it while speaking to El.

"I read on this logbook, that's Gol D.

Roger skill."

After she finished speaking, Yamato took off her hannya mask and revealed a cheek that was stained with a lot of blood, but it did not affect her beauty, on the contrary, it give her a heroic feeling, then she looked at El with passionate eyes and serious expression.

"My name is Kozuki Oden, please let me go to sea with you."

"I don't like someone else's substitute."

El reply while frowning slightly.

"If you can't speak normally, then we don't need to talk anymore, I'm leaving."

"Don't go."

Seeing the one who she believed as Gol D.

Roger was about to leave, Yamato suddenly became flustered and she quickly spread her hands to block El's path then she took a deep breath and re-introduced herself.

"My other name is actually called Yamato, I don't want to admit it, but I'm actually Kaido's son."


El raised his eyebrows while looking at Yamato's conscience, which was at eye level with him and he asked knowingly.

"are not you woman"

"Of course not."

Yamato retorted, then pulled out her mace and put it on her shoulder, and said to El.

"I want to become a man like Kozuki Oden!"

"I see..."

El pretended to ask suddenly.

"Your idol is Kozuki Oden, who is a crew member of Roger Pirates, you admire him very much and want to be like him, so you imitate him and self-proclaimed yourself as Kozuki Oden, so you want to find Gol D.

Roger just like him, and go to sea with him, right"


Seeing that El guess her thoughts correctly, Yamato nodded excitedly and said.

"My dream is to be like Kozuki Oden who leave this island to explore the world, unfortunately, because of this pair of handcuffs, I'm unable to..."

After speaking, Yamato raised her hands, showing her wrist that was still restrained by a pair of handcuffs.

Yamato looks at the handcuffs on her hands with additional dissatisfaction.

"In order to restrict me from going to sea, when I was child that **ty old man put a bomb handcuff on me that would explode when I left this island."

At this time, El interrupts her.

"Your skill just now is used with Conqueror's coating, right Although the method of using it is still very rough, however, you have undoubtedly mastered this power, it's just a bomb handcuff, why not take it off"


Yamato was stunned for a moment, and then said with a complicated expression: "If It can be taken off with just that then I have done it a long time ago...."

"That is to say, all your passionate words just now are all without any determination."

Before Yamato could finish her words, El interrupted her again, then he took out an eternal pose from his pocket and handed it over under Yamato's speechless expression.

"I would love to have a powerful person such as you to follow me, even if it will offend Kaido, it's nothing, however, I don't see your determination."

"This thing is called eternal pose, as long as you follow the pointer, you will find my residence.


"If you really want to follow me and explore the world with me, then make up your mind and take off that ridiculous bomb handcuff, be like your idol and have the courage to find me."

After finishing speaking, El didn't give Yamato another chance to stop him and his figure floated up and flew away from the Onigashima.

For Yamato, aside from the 20-year rebellious time in the manga, El doesn't really hate her.

Yamato, who hates evil and has a strong sense of justice has also a pure heart just like the five girls, so he doesn't feel uncomfortable around her.

So, El deliberately bewitched her, at the same time, he also looks how serious her condition is.

If Yamato really thinks of herself as Kozuki Oden and El as Gol D.

Roger then she really decides to take off her bomb handcuff and go out to sea to find and follow him, then her gender disorder will be really problematic and it will require a special means to correct her.

If Yamato can't make up her mind, it means that she is simply imitating Kozuki Oden and she is actually just pretending to be stupid and there is no so-called gender disorder at all.

The Eternal Pose is El's test for her.

If Yamato is determined to come to his door, El will accept her and train her as the third strongest crew of the Flying Pirates.

Even if Kaido finds out, El is not afraid of him, it's just a fight.

If Yamato doesn't come, El doesn't care either.

Again, El, who is a traveler, likes beautiful women, but he is not someone who can't walk away when he sees beautiful women.

On the contrary, El, who has a traveler soul is still a very picky man with strong masculine pride.


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