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"Here, this is your share this time."

At night, in the hotel in a small town.

El handed a box containing five million Belly to Carina and Nami in front of him, then got up and walked towards the bathroom: "Rest early, tomorrow we will go to a country with a bank."

"Nii-san, I'll rub your back for you."

"Nii-san, I'll help you wash your hair."

Throwing the box aside casually, Carina and Nami, who usually love money like life, jog to his left and right side and said very enthusiastically.

"Why do you please me so much today"

El raised his brows and joked: "Don't you want to pull me to play cards again, you haven't lost enough yet"

"...hehe, of course not!"

El's words made Carina and Nami seem to recall some bad memories, and the smiles on their faces froze slightly.

Obviously, playing cards with El, who has the ability to read hearts 24 hours a day, both girls were taught a terrible lesson.

Carina said with a dry smile: "We just feel that the effort is not proportional to the gain, and we just want to make up for Nii-san."


Nami nodded vigorously and suggested, "Besides, Nii-san hair is so long, it would be better to have someone help."


Through the ability to see people's hearts, after discovering that this was indeed their true thoughts, El did not refuse and nodded.

Anyway, this is not the first time the two Girls have helped, and El is used to it.

In the [bathroom] filled with steam, El wore a bath towel and sat on a small stool, allowing the two neatly dressed Girls to rub his back and wash his hair.

"Nii-san, the big pirates whose information is disclosed on the real-time rankings, have basically been defeated by us."

Carina's hands were covered with bath waves, and while rubbing El's back, she suggested, "Next, should we keep a low profile for a while, or change the list, such as the strongest pirate group in East Blue Real-time Ranking"

As Carina's words fell, El clearly noticed the movement of the small hands above his head stop.

In his perception, Nami's mood has undergone drastic changes.

Obviously, Nami was full of emotion.

Because it has only been more than a month since the three of them were formed.

The Arlong pirate group is still ranked No.

1 in this year's Strongest pirate group in East Blue Real-time Ranking.

Nami, who witnessed El in just over a month, like killing a chicken, easily killed the four big pirates, and already had a certain understanding of El's strength.

Powerful and invincible.

This month, Nami wanted to ask El for help more than once.

It's just the kindness in her heart that keeps her from opening her mouth every time.

And now, if El really changed his goals and set his sights on that rankings, Nami would definitely summon the courage to speak this time.

However, El gave Nami an answer that discouraged Nami again: "Let's keep a low profile for a while.

After depositing the money in the bank, I want to go somewhere and visit a strong person."

"Nii-san, where do you want to go"

Carina didn't know what Nami was thinking.

Hearing El's words, she couldn't help but ask curiously, "Visiting a strong person, is there someone stronger than you in East Blue"

Nami also looked at El with an incredible look on her face.


El was speechless.

He didn't expect it, in just over a month.

The two Girls actually had a blind admiration for him.

So, El could only say patiently: "The world is huge, and there are countless people stronger than me."

"The person I want to visit is the one who taught me swordsmanship."

"It is said that the master of that Dojo is a very powerful swordsman."

"One of my goals in going to sea is to challenge him."

"I don't have a clear understanding of my current strength, and I urgently need to fight against a strong person to recognize myself."

El's words were half-truths.

The 'teacher' who taught him swordsmanship for a few days back then was just an intern at a certain Dojo.

But it is true that El is going to visit a very powerful swordsman.

In other words, it was not a swordsman, but a Master swordsman.

A Master swordsman who, like him, master the combination of hardness and softness, and is even more accomplished than him.

And that great swordsman is Zoro's master, from the country of Wano - Koushirou Shimotsuki.

The surname Shimotsuki may be very unfamiliar in this era.

But hundreds of years ago, the name of a man with this surname resounded throughout the world.

It's the same man who made the world know that there are Master swordsman in Wano.

He is the legendary swordsman who slashed a flying dragon, and was regarded as the god of swords by Wano country - Ryuma Shimotsuki.

Koushirou and kuina is the descendant of the Dragon Slayer.

Although Koushirou in the original book did not make a single shot, but the highest swordsmanship he demonstrated for Zoro, and his meeting with Monkey D.

Dragon, you can see his strength, and it is definitely not an existence that El can defeat at this stage.

Rather than challenging Koushirou, it is better to say that El wanted to ask Koushirou for advice.

Because in the entire East Blue, except for Monkey D.

Garp, the naval hero who would go home to visit his grandson from time to time, there were only two people who El could be sure of the other party's mastery of Armament Haki.

One is Luffy's childhood master, Naguri, who said he was defeated by Gol D.


The other is Koushirou.

However, compared to Naguri, whose whereabouts are unknown, El feels that he has a better chance of success by asking Koushirou.

Neither Carina nor Nami knew what El was thinking.

But they were all frightened by El's words, "There are more people stronger than me".

For the two Girls who haven't seen the whole world yet, flying slash is an incredible power in their eyes.

El is the strongest person they have ever seen.

They can't imagine that there are people stronger than El in this world.

If there are people stronger than El, how powerful are they


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