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At night, after drinking the wine and confirming their alliance, Kaido specially held a welcome and celebration banquet for El and this alliance.

Kaido also deliberately recalled Queen, the Plague, and Jack, the Drought who were stationed in Wano, as well as the second-grade officer managed by Queen, that is, the Tobi Roppo.

However, the current Tobi Roppo has not been yet completed and there are only two official members, one of the future members, Who's-Who, who was robbed by shanks on the way and failed his mission of escorting the Gum-Gum Fruit was currently imprisoned in Impel Down.

X Drake may still be working in a certain department in the Navy at this time, and he has not yet become an undercover agent installed by the Navy in the Beast Pirate and the two siblings, Page One and Ulti, who have great potential, are only teenagers at this moment and they still don't have 290,000,000 and 400,000,000 Bounties.

At present, there are only two members of Tobi Roppo, Black Maria and Sasaki.

In addition, there were some officers and team leaders whom El had no memory of, who also attended this banquet.

In other words, except for the subordinates who went out to do missions, almost all the pirates with some status in Beast Pirates participated in this banquet.

Only one person is missing, that is Kaido's daughter/son, Yamato.

Kaido, who knew very well what kind of character his idiot 'son' has, did not let the three calamities under his command bring her over, otherwise, the banquet might be screwed up by his stupid son.

During the banquet, El and Doflamingo sat on the seats of honor, the place where the host would sit, on the left and right respectively, followed by the three calamities and two Tobi Roppo.

The three chatted while watching the people below having fun and playing around and during this time, El also felt countless eyes evaluating him carefully.

However, due to the change in the sky that covers the entire Onigashima that reaches Wano, even the brainless Jack did not dare to provoke El.

The eyes that stayed on El for the longest time were the two siblings, Ulti and Page one, at this time, Ulti was only a fifteen-year-old girl while Page one was 13 years old like El, and his only eight days older than El.

At this age in the Beast Pirates, they are already considered as the NO.1 and NO.2 in the new generation.

In the eyes of the two Tobi Roppo and Three Calamities, this pair of siblings who ate Ancient Zoan devil fruit, Sooner or later, they will become Headliners at the Beast Pirates.

Their father had been acquainted with Kaido, who took them in and despite stealing two Ancient Zoan devil fruit, Kaido had forgiven them and is very optimistic about their growth.

It is no exaggeration to say that this pair of siblings are also very dazzling stars when you look at the entire First half of the grand line and the four seas, that's why the two of them are full of curiosity about El.

They are all underage but he already had Epithet of Young Swordsman, Flying Swordsman, World Destroyer, and The Fourth Emperor of the Sea, between genius, is there really a dimension gap

In the face of so many gazes, El didn't care and under the introduction of Kaido, El also got to know the three Calamities and two Tobi Roppo.

Although he just nodded, El also remembered their names.

After the banquet, El did not stay in Onigashima but ready returned to Dressrosa with Doflamingo, to this Kaido didn't stop either because this guy was really drunk and unconscious this time.

King personally escorted El and Doflamingo to the door, and then returned to the banquet hall.

The Skull dome is just Kaido's residence and the most valuable things such as important weapon factories and experimental bases are in the different countries, even if El was allowed to wander around the Skull dome, he would not gain anything and El didn't care about this either.

"You go back first, I will follow after I solve some trouble.


Waling toward the coast, El stop halfway and said to Doflamingo next to him.


Doflamingo was stunned for a moment, then he released his observation Haki, as if sensing something, Doflamingo's mouth twitched slightly, and he smiled evilly: "This aura if there are no surprises, it should belong to Kaido's son, so don't be heavy-handed."

El nodded slightly and watch Doflamingo disappear into the night, then his eyes suddenly turned to look in one place.

In that place, there was nothing at all except some mountain rock under the rays of moonlight.

However, after more than ten seconds, a white afterimage that could not be captured by the naked eye, like an illusion, swept towards El at a speed that surpassed Cavendish's second personality.

"Thunder Bagua!"

Before the person arrived, a coquettish voice traveled into El's ears.

"Divine Departure."


El unhurriedly pulled out his sword and swung it forward, then an ordinary size dark red flying slash was created.

However, this ordinary dark red flying slash completely hit the figure that could not be captured by the naked eye, interrupted her blow, and blasted her out, just like how her idol, Kozuki Oden was instantly defeated and blasted out by Gol D.


She charges fast, but she flies backward faster and after flying for a few miles, smashing two-digit rock, Yamato fell heavily to the ground.

Just like El who ate Rayleigh's Divine Departure, the sound of vomiting blood came from under the Hannya mask.

Obviously, El did not show mercy to her just because she was a girl.

* * *

Beast Pirate Crew Structure

All-Stars, English version: Lead Performers- The crew's top executives, second only to Kaidou himself in rank, authority, and battle prowess, and serve as Kaidou's handpicked, close confidants and protectors.

the three calameties

Tobiroppo, English version:Tobi Roppo- a special group of the six strongest Shinuchi.

Shinuchi, English version: Headliners-second-grade officer.

Gifters- Artificial Zoan users.

Having eaten **ILEs, they have Zoan-like abilities, equipped with the strength and bodily attributes of animals.

Pleasures - While having been found worthy of eating **ILE fruits at some point, they are the unfortunate many who failed to gain any animal traits after eating one.

Waiters - are the crew's low-level foot soldiers who have yet to eat the **ILEs, still waiting for their chance to gain animal powers (hence their name).


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