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"What happened!"

"The sky was torn apart."

"What the hell is going on"

"In Wano or Onigashima, two monsters are fighting!"

The change in the sky on Onigashima and Wano instantly alarmed the pirates, samurai, and civilians.

Looking at the abyss-like hole, all of the pirates, samurai, and civilians' eyes widened, and some of the civilians with weak psychologically were stunned by this unprecedented vision, while the ordinary pirates and samurai's reactions are also not much better than the civilians.

Only the well-informed person instantly realized that two monsters were fighting somewhere in Wano or Onigashima which is not far from Wano.

The Beast Pirates stationed in Wano immediately contacted the headquarters and after they received the reply from Onigashima, they breathed a sigh of relief.

It turned out that was just a greeting from a strong person and it's not an invasion on Wano or Onigashima, so, the Beast Pirates stationed in Wano continue their work while the Beast Pirates on Onigashima looked at the ongoing battle with awe, fervent, and shocked expression.

Including the figure hiding behind the fox statue who continues to peep at El with a shocked expression under her hannya mask.

"This aura fluctuates, that guy actually mastered Conqueror's coating just like that Old Man."

After she finished speaking, Yamato's beautiful eyes suddenly lit up.

"Could it be that they are enemies"

Thinking of this, Yamato immediately carried her Kanabo mace, named Ajian, which is somewhat more studded and slender compared to Kaido's spiked Kanabo while running into the building to watch the battle.

However, just after taking a few steps, she stopped again, and no one could see what her expression was under the mask and what the hell is going on, she suddenly turned around and disappeared.

This kind of high-speed movement is achieved through her own footwork technique, God Foot which is quite similar to Shave (Soru).

At this time, the collision on the different levels above the Skull dome ended its first round and started the second round.

After the Collision between Conqueror's coating dissipated, El and Kaido once again wrap their weapon with Conqueror's coating and collide with each other once again.


Another deafening sound exploded.

With the reappearance of the invisible matter, the collision between Conqueror's coating that far surpassed the previous one swept the entire Onigashima again, and as it continues to rise into the sky, the size size of the cloud continues to increase as it became darker.

At this time, the indoor floor, walls, and ceilings were shaken by several Collisions between Conqueror's coating, and cracks started to appear on it.

This Collision of Conqueror's coating is just a greeting from the two otherwise even if the quality of the material that made the room is high it would already collapse.

Doflamingo, who is in the eye of the storm, not only needs to bend his knees but also use his hands to block the shock wave, so that at this time he can clearly see the fight between these two monsters.

However, King whose next to Doflamingo can still ignore the collision between Conqueror's coating that contains high-level usage of Armament Haki on these two monsters' clash.

From this, it can be seen that the strength of each emperor's deputy commander is infinitely close to the peak level, just like the three girls on asura form and Benn Beckman from Red-haired Pirates.

This time, the collisions between Conqueror coating lasted for several minutes before dissipating.

After the second round ended, El and Kaido did not continue their third-round fight but they put away their weapon together.

"Worororo no wonder you little brat reached this level at the age of 13."

Looking at El who is more than five meters shorter than him, Kaido's eyes are not full of contempt anymore, instead, it fills with appreciation.

"You have that old man Redfield observation haki, Shiki's swordsmanship, and devil fruit ability, and Linlin's monstrous body, you little brat are not the son of this world are you"

"It's amazing, you can see so much in just two rounds, as expected of the Strongest Creature in the world."

El did not deny it but affirmed Kaido's words, hearing this, King and Doflamingo whose not far, their eyes under the sunglasses and goggles shrank slightly, and in their hearts, there was a wave of fear, especially for Doflamingo, he feel more fortunate that he did not turn his face against El one month ago.

As long as he helps him get the material and method that can carry the power of the devil fruit, he will gain the favor of the fourth emperor of the sea and the strongest man in the world in the future.

This is really rewarding!

Kaido snorted lightly, then said to King who was not far away: "King, go and bring three glasses of wine over here."

"Ok." King nodded, then turned and walked out of the room.

After a while, King returns with three large wine glasses in one hand and a large wine jug in the other.

"Brat, No El, I recognize you..."

Sitting back on the specially made chair that was not affected by the collisions of conqueror coating, Kaido put his mace aside, then he took the large wine jug that King bring, after unscrewing the cap, he filled the three large wine placed in front of him, then he threw the wine jug back to King.

Holding up the wine glass in front of him, Kaido looked at El and said solemnly: "From now on, you are my ally and the partner of the Beast Pirates, to our friendship - cheers!"

El also held up the wine glass in front of him and toast with Kaido and Doflamingo wine glass.

El just took a sip of the wine and put it down, no matter be it from the past or present, El is non-alcoholic and non-smoker.

With these, the Flying Pirates, Beasts Pirates, and Donquixote Family have also officially finalized their cooperation and created and established the largest arms dealer group in the world.


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