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Under the lead of King, El and Doflamingo soon came to the main entrance of the Skull dome.


When he was about to walk through the door, El suddenly sense something and his eyebrows raised, then he inadvertently glanced at the fox statue, as if to meet the owner of the certain gaze, then in the next second, El withdrew his gaze and the corner of his mouth rise slightly.

In his perception, the figure hiding behind the statue has been detected by him and the owner of that gaze is the 21-year-old filial daughter of Kaido.

The reason why the other party was hiding in the dark and peeping at El after discovering that his another outsider who came to Onigashima was because his with Doflamingo.

Because She has worshiped Kozuki Oden since she was a child, she has always regarded herself as a man all these years and she deeply hates the evil pirate led by Kaido, and always wants to liberate the country of Wano and drive out these evil parties.

El, who appeared on the Onigashima with Doflamingo is included in Yamato's list of villains, otherwise, Yamato would not be spying on him, but would rush at him and ask him excitedly how the outside look, can he take her to leave the Onigashima to explore the outside world like Kozuki Oden, then wait until she has enough strength and gathers the forces on the outside world to come back to liberate Country of Wano.

I have to say, Kaido and Yamato, the father and daughter, really interpret, Father's kindness and the son's filial piety.

The father, who obeys the supremacy of strength and preys on the weak, can beat his eight-year-old daughter mercilessly, and then throw her into the cave where the warriors on the Country of Wano are imprisoned, not afraid that the prisoner will kill his daughter in anger and to prevent his daughter from sneaking out to the outside world, he restrains her with sea stone handcuff with a bomb, this is simply showing his kindness as an old father!

As a daughter, Yamato is also the best, just because she witnessed the heroic expression of Kozuki Oden when he was executed, she regarded herself as Oden because of her extreme admiration and even emulated his gender, when she picked up Kozuki Oden's logbook, she regards it as her bible, then she inherited Kozuki Oden will to liberate the country of Wano and to open the Wano's borders.

There is no doubt that Kaido's education was a failure.

El, who aspires to be the number one master of Girl Cultivation, who cultivates the four girls except for Robin into his own shape be it inside or out, is fully qualified to despise Kaido in this regard.

But this also shows that Kaido, like Charlotte Linlin, is the most traditional pirate, insidious, cunning, moody, cruel, and violent, even at their own children, they won't let them go.

Since Yamato regards him as a member of the evil pirate, El was naturally not interested in getting to know her and just look at her from a distance.

El followed King to a certain room and saw a monster that had dominated the new world and was renowned in the world as the Strongest Creature in Sea, land, and sky, with a bounty that's high as 4,611,100,000, Kaido of the Beasts.

"Fuhihihi, this brat really dares to come, I'm starting to appreciate you a little bit."

Seeing El appearing alone in his base camp, Kaido, who was drinking using the special gourd in his hand, praised him with a unique laugh.

"Oh, really"

El reached out and put his hand on the handle of his sword and watch Kaido smile and play along with him.

"But in your mind, that's not what you think, no matter if you are really drunk or faking it, but your inner thought can't be hidden from me, so you don't have to use this trick to entertain me."

"Tsk, your Observation Haki can't be the same as that bastard Redfield who can read people's inner thoughts."

Kaido couldn't help but curled his lips, then put down the big gourd in his hand and picked up the giant Kanabo mace, named Hassaikai then he grin at El.

"Forget it, I'm too lazy to know, If you want to get my respect, the Float-Float Fruit ability is far from enough even if it's better than Shiki."

As his last sentence fell, Kaido's 7.1 meters body disappeared from King and Doflamingo's eyes.

Like a bolt of black lightning, Kaido created a gust of wind in the room and instantly appeared in front of El.

The mace in his hand, which was bigger than El's entire body, was wrapped with a dark red lightning arc and was swung out like a baseball bat towards El.

To this, El who had read Kaido's inner thoughts unhurriedly pulled out his sword.

The Black Sword, Shusui with red serrations was also wrapped with the same dark red lightning arc collided together with the mace.


Although the mace and the sword made a sound of collision, in fact, there was no physical contact between the sword and the mace.

When they were more than ten centimeters apart, the sword was blocked by an invisible matter and even the mace which contains the power to smash mountains cannot cause any damage to this invisible matter, this invisible matter is like the manifestation of the power of rules.

When the invisible matter madly absorbs the conqueror coating from the sword and mace, it created unparalleled fluctuation of Conqueror Haki, in exception from King who can ignore, Doflamingo next to him needs to bend his knees slightly to stabilize himself so he can watch the two monsters fight.

Looking at the invisible matter that glowed with dark red lightning arc, and continuously created fluctuation of Conqueror Haki, Doflamingo's eyes under the sunglasses were full of passion.

This kind of power on a different level is really enviable! If he can master this level of power and integrate into devil fruit awakening, why does he need to be so humble

The fluctuation of Conqueror Haki turned into several shock waves that swept the room, soon, this terrifying fluctuation of Conqueror Haki pierced through all obstacles and rose into the sky.

The sky above Onigashima has also changed from clear to dark clouds with blue and white lightning arcs, surging in the clouds constantly.

In a short while, the cloud was like thin paper with a huge hole in the middle torn out by a pair of invisible hands with an amazing width, length, and depth.

The Tear in the Sky, which symbolizes the top of the world, straddles the entire Onigashima in an instant and the Country of Wano nearby.


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