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"Nii-san, how are you going to expand the island of dreams"

El and the five girls stood on the pavilion structure-like balcony while looking at the beautiful but undeveloped island where all kinds of ferocious beasts lived.

Carina next to him could not help but ask curiously.

"Would all the floating islands be merged into one and turn into super-sized islands that are similar to Sandy Island"


El patted Carina's shoulders while looking at the beautiful island below, then he said his plan with a smile, "I plan to expand the island of dreams into a super-sized island, while the remaining five floating islands will be merged into four and expanded into medium-sized islands."

"Then the island of dreams as a City in the Sky will be diversified in various ways and the remaining four floating islands, I plan to turn them into four-season islands that will change a season every once in a while."

"Four-season islands"

Nami, who was standing on his other side, couldn't help but raised her eyebrows and said, "Every once in a while, there will be changes in season, is there such an island in this world"

Having seen the Drum Island, which is full of ice and snow all the year-round, the Florian Triangle, which is filled with thick fog all the year round, and the beautiful Sabaody Archipelago, the four girls have all seen the particularity of the grand line more than once.

If El wants to expand the island, he must use enough soil, however, the stone from outer space does not have the properties to affect the climate of the islands.

So if El wants to build such an island, he must find an island with this characteristic and then integrate it into their floating island.


El nodded and said, "I know that there is such a special island in a certain sea area, when I have time, I will bring it back."

"Before that, let's complete the expansion of the island of dreams"

Before El could start working, Carina next to him suddenly ask again.

"Nii-san, what are we going to do with the beasts on the island release them, or transfer them to other islands".

"Don't worry, I already have arrangements for them."

El smiled meaningfully, and said, "When I go to meet Kaido, I will be able to solve their intractable problem when we meet."

After saying that, El flew out of the balcony and floated outside the island of dreams.

Then he controls the stone meteorites, whether it is big or small, they all liquefy and merge with the periphery and become part of the island of dreams.

As more and more stone was integrated, the size of the island of dreams began to gradually increase.

With only half a day, the island of dreams becomes bigger by a small circle.

In the following days, the residents and outsiders on the Kingdom of Dressrosa saw with their own eyes as countless meteorites fell from the sky, and then seemed to be attracted by a magnet, and they were liquefied and absorbed by the island.

As the medium-sized island has grown into a large-scale island within a week, his next job after expanding the island of dreams into a large island is to give the island the vitality to support the plant's growth.

So, El found a small uninhabited island closest to the Dressrosa Kingdom and brought the uninhabited island back to the island of dreams.

Then, most of the uninhabited islands were liquefied and merge with the ground surface.

In this way, the fertile land of the uninhabited island will merge with the land on the island of dreams.

However, just in case, El let the three girls use Asura form and then let them use their devil fruit ability to create an artificial dark cloud over the entire island and then he let the new soil absorb the water.

As for the remaining uninhabited island, El, it merged with another small floating island.

If he wants to build a city in the sky, in addition to consuming a lot of meteorites, El also needs to consume several uninhabited islands."

Then, over the next month or so, El was busy expanding the island of dreams, so much that the sky not far from the Dressrosa continued to rain with meteorites, which scared some outsiders who wanted to come to the Dressrosa Kingdom for a vacation.

The Dressrosa whose tourists plummeted, also affected Doflamingo's income, in this regard, Doflamingo did not dare to say anything other than feeling helpless and his most profitable business is still auctioning all kinds of contraband weapons and slaves in the underworld, so the effect of plummeting tourists is not worth mentioning to him at all.

This loss, the iron that El gave him every month that is used to produce hot weapons and cold weapons even with just a fraction of it could make up for the loss.

So, instead of complaining to El, Doflamingo offered to El the location of other uninhabited islands.

After consuming eight small uninhabited islands, El finally completed the expansion of the island of dreams.

The medium-sized island of dreams became a large island, while the other five floating islands became four medium-sized floating islands.

In this way, the Dressrosa, which was originally a medium-sized island like the island of dreams, instantly became a younger brother in front of the island of dreams.

In order to thank Doflamingo for his help, after completing the expansion, El took the initiative to move the five floating islands out of the sea area near the Dressrosa and chose a sea area where there is no island in the surrounding area as their new base camp.

After completing the expansion, El only needs to transform these grounds to diversify them, but transforming the ground is the real big project, and El is not in a hurry to act immediately.

After more than a month of work, it's time to take a break and deal with other things.

The first thing, of course, its visiting Kaido, to really finalize the three-way cooperation,

So, after telling to the five girls about this, El sent the island of dreams to the White Sea, which is 7,000 meters away, and then he went to the Kingdom of Dressrosa to find Doflamingo to go with him to Onigashima.


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