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As the saying goes, money is not everything, but without money, you can't do anything.

The City in the Sky will be a fantasy city that will surpass the world's largest entertainment city in the world, Gran Tesoro and in order to do this, El must diversify the City in the Sky to have attractiveness for men, and women, be it old or young and making it possible, he can't do it without Belly, that's one of the reasons why he got into the arms business.

El, who has endless iron resources, is equivalent to owning a treasure that is even bigger than the City of gold.

Just realizing these iron resources, let alone one city in the sky, even building multiple city in the sky is possible.

Therefore, after the flying pirates were officially established, he began to get busy to flying into outer space every day to seize control of the meteorites and bringing it down.

Standing on the edge of the island of dreams, which is the new name of the main island, El sent the iron meteorites flying to Dressrosa, and while iron meteorites travel mid-air it liquify, and then condense into various shapes.

The rule-based ability of the Float-Float Fruit is a weapon factory itself, if it were not for lacking other materials for making weapons, he can make hot and cold weapons by himself, but even if he can make weapons by himself, the process is too troublesome just to get some Belly and compared with these black businesses, El prefers to build the world's first city in the sky.

Not only can he make money, but he can also entertain himself.

After delivering the first batch of iron to Doflamingo, he also gets two Den Mushi Mushi from Doflamingo, as well as a contract and secretary.

These two Den Mushi Mushi are the ones used to contact Kaido and Mary Geoise respectively and the contract is the agreement for shareholding and profit-sharing.

Every month, El only needs to provide a certain amount of iron and then he can get 30% profit from the arms business.

Don't underestimate this 30% profit, because the Beast Pirates who are responsible for forging, technology, and weapon factory bases also only get 30% profit the same as the Donquixote family who is responsible for getting other materials, giving some profits to Mary Geoise to get special treatment also only get 30% profit.

The remaining 10% of the profit, they were shared with the rest of the underworld, for example, those who help to transport goods also have a share of the meat.

Kaido and the others who are willing to give up their share of profits had already given El a great respect and regarded him as an existence on equal status.

Of course, they don't lose so much profit at all, with endless Iron provided by El, they will not need to buy iron or develop some islands to find iron ore.

In the past, they monopolized most of the arms business in the New World, but in the future, they might be able to completely monopolize the arms business in New World while extending their reach to the first half of the grand line and the four seas.

In this way, not only did they not lose money, but they also made a lot of profit.

In addition to the two Den Mushi Mushi and the shareholding contract, the secretary that El got from Doflamingo was the secretary of Caesar Clown in the manga, Snow Girl, Monet.

Now, Monet has become El's secretary and eyeliner that will watch Violet move every move, at the same time she also became the bridge between the flying pirates and the Donquixote Family.

Giving Violet to El and assigning Monet as secretary was a tacit agreement that El and Doflamingo did not express.

Doflamingo knew very well that after El got Violet, it was impossible for him not to use violet devil fruit ability.

Just as El didn't want to be spied on, Doflamingo also didn't want to be spied on by anyone.

Monet was responsible for monitoring Violet, as well as spying beside El.

Doflamingo paid a huge price for this cooperation, first he lose the Glare-Glare Fruit user, and now he paid the price of the Snow-Snow Fruit user just not to be spied on.

If it wasn't for Monet's loyalty to him, Doflamingo would really be reluctant to send her out as a spy.

Doflamingo's boldness also gave El a good impression of him, although a spy was placed beside him, he was not angry at all, because that's what he allows.

If you want Doflamingo to make a lot of money for him, he must let him have no worries beside this so-called spy, in fact, her main job is to monitor Violet and if he didn't want to, Monet wouldn't get any important information at all.

El can treat her as his subordinate and command her at will and with her strength that's far inferior to him, she naturally doesn't have the ground to resist his command.

Therefore, Doflamingo sending out a Logia type devil fruit user was really bold of him, and with monet being unable to leave the City on the Sky until their cooperation ended, it is equivalent to half member of the flying pirates.

So, their flying pirates added another member.

After the handover was completed, and the news from Doflamingo that Kaido invited him to go to the Onigashima to drink wine with him, El returned to the island of dreams with Monet.

Next, it is to start working to expand the island of dreams.



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