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In fact, El himself was stunned!

Not counting the first meteorite he made, it's the first time that the super meteorite was used as a means of attack.

Perhaps it was a preconceived notion that made El think that his meteorite should be no different from the one that Fujitora pull down from outer space, but at most, his was just many times larger.

In the theatrical version, the large meteorite that Fujitora pulled down could be cut in half by Zoro, who had not yet completed the Wano Arc.

Therefore, El thought that tsunami he will create will be no less than the time when Whitebeard created one using his Quake-Quake Fruit in the Paramount War, what he did not expect is that the super meteorite would actually create a super tsunami that was so exaggerated that even the strongest man in the world can't create it even if he uses all his stamina.

In the past and present life, it's the first time he saw a tsunami and this time it was a super tsunami, therefore, when El saw the statistics in the newspaper that hundreds of thousands of people died in the super tsunami and two islands are destroyed, he also had a dumbfounded look on his face.

The knowledge on his previous life is barely passable, so obviously, he is ignorant on the difference between stone meteorites and iron meteorites, similarly, any difference in the size of the meteorite also creates a tremendous gap.

The super meteorite, which is the fusion of a large amount of stone and iron together turns into a super large fireball with a diameter of a mile after entering the orbit while accelerating and burning itself.

It's more like an asteroid than a meteorite, so how could the meteorite that Fujitora pulled down with gravity be on a par with it.

So after reading the statistics in the newspaper, El was stunned and his heart was somewhat complicated.

To be fair, El's previous life views have changed greatly because of the fact that in this world the weak are meat that the strong eat, and together with his innate ability to see through people's hearts.

Not bullying the weak and enslaving ordinary people is still his bottom line, that's why he release the residents that Shiki captured and enslaved for more than ten years.

But now, he has personally destroyed his bottom line and principles, he feels a little complicated and ashamed.

Of course, El this is not to make him collapse, however, if those hundreds of thousands of people were killed under his sword, then no matter how strong his will is, his views and heart will definitely become distorted, but after accidentally killing hundreds of thousands of people, El quickly recovered, except for some guilt.

Because no amount of guilt and remorse can change what has happened.


If it weren't for these hundreds of thousands of people, he accidentally killed, he wouldn't even feel any guilt, on the contrary, after personally destroying his own bottom line and principles, he allowed himself to tear off his fake mask and officially accept the identity of a pirate.


A pirate flag hangs high on the Island, the flag features a flaming asteroid fireball with a skull in it.

The fleet was officially established, with the name of, Flying pirates.

Incidentally, in this incident, the reaction of the four girls also made El very surprised and relieved, they have been by his side since they were a child and their view is like a blank sheet of paper that has been painted by him, in fact, Carina, Nami, Kuina, and even Perona's views were very similar to him.

When they learned the news about the super tsunami accidentally killing so many people, they weren't overwhelmed, instead, Carina took the initiative to act as a psychiatrist and comfort El.

It can be seen that in their hearts, El has become more important than the whole world, in just a few years, El, who aspires to become the world's number one master of girl cultivation, has transformed them into his own shape through inside and out.

What surprised El was that after Carina comforts him, robin also comes, she already knew that he had the ability to read memory, however, she still took the initiative to tell him her story and the countless nightmares that would wake her up from dream every night.

"The world has long been sick, don't let this guilt overwhelm you, and never let you recover."

Hearing Robin's consolation, El's heart couldn't help but be moved, he thought that the most affected person aside from him in this incident would be Robin, so he is already ready for Robin wanting to leave, but unexpectedly, instead of breaking away from their group, she took the initiative to comfort him.

Thinking of this, El felt that it was the right move to go to West Blue to recruit Robin, at this moment, Robin also successfully broke into El's heart and was regarded by him as the most important wing just like the four girls.

After recovering, El formally established the flying Pirates' first division, after that, he started the City in the Sky and a series of plans.

Once his position is stable, El needs to start accumulating a lot of connections, he really doesn't think that his in equal footing with the three emperors just because of Morgans' praise, on the contrary, he still feels there's a large gap from them.


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