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Totto Land, Cake Island.

"Damn you Shiki, you useless bastard! the Float-Float Fruit actually has such **ing use!"

In the dimly lit room, Charlotte Linlin opened her bloodshot scarlet eye and saliva like sulfuric acid flowed out of her mouth, dripping on the ground while making a sizzling sound.

The ridicule and contempt toward the deceased person and that's also her former companion can show how big Charlotte Linlin's current anger is.

A week ago, when she learned that there was a new user of Float-Float Fruit, she reminisced about the past, but now, she can't wait to find Shiki's tomb and dig out his body then whip it.

Why did he die why not hide somewhere in the corner of the world and continue alive

Even after his death, he still makes this world restless, and now the new user of Float-Float Fruit is still much better than him.

Thinking of that super tsunami whose scope is so exaggerated that even Whitebeard, the most powerful among the three of them can't even create and then imagining it hitting Totto Land, Charlotte Linlin could not help feeling a tingling in her scalp, because even if she uses all her stamina, she can't completely control that super tsunami.

Of the three emperors, no, to be precise the four emperors, Whitebeard and Kaido have the ability to resist or avoid that super tsunami, except for her, this means that, before she finds a solution to that super tsunami unless she has a life-and-death grudge against El, she will not be able to act tough in front of him.

How could Charlotte Linlin not be furious at the thought of a dwarf sitting at the top of her head and letting her become the weakest among the four emperors.

At the Onigashima.

"What That kid actually wants to invest in us, why!"

"There is endless iron in outer space, really"

"Forget it, whether it's true or not, I'll find it out when I go and take a look."

"Since there is endless iron in outer space, he can bring it down, so why can't I

"Although I'm thankful to him for reminding me of this, don't even think about taking a share of the cake from my hands!"

"What How dare he threaten me!"

Inside the Skull dome, Kaido's voice goes from anger to doubt, from doubt to surprise, and then from surprise to anger.

Fortunately, El was not here, otherwise, he would have applauded, Kaido repeated change in expression, such perfect face-changing technique, as expected of him!

"never mind"

Kaido, who was howling in anger for a while, suddenly said.

"I agreed to that kid request to invest in us, but he needs to come to Onigashima and drink a wine with me."

"Joker, tell him what I said and ask him if he has the guts to come here."

After speaking, Kaido hung up the den Mushi Mushi directly.

In fact, if it wasn't for Kaido's sudden thought of Shiki's devil fruit ability that's permanent and can't be removed unless the person with the ability is stunned

Kaido's reaction must be to curse and let El let come over but after thinking of the Float-Float Fruit ability that even with the most advanced observation Haki, it still can't be detected.

Kaido, who was full of surprises when he learned that there is endless Iron in outer space, his hearth suddenly sank, as a former companion of Shiki, Kaido really knows the Float-Float Fruit ability too well.

If he made weapons made of iron covered with Float-Float Fruit ability, at that time, that kid only needs one thought to steal his weapon or to liquefy all the weapons he had made with a lot of manpower and material to restore them to their original state.

Even if there is endless Iron in outer space, Kaido would not dare to bring it down to make weapons, because he is not sure which meteorite is covered with Float-Float Fruit ability.

Therefore, if he wants to obtain endless Iron, Kaido must let El become a shareholder, and only by letting El become a shareholder can he feel at ease and that's why he agreed so easily, and even asked to meet El.

Who could have imagined that Kaido, whose appearance was rough and gave the world the impression of a reckless man, was actually intelligent, looking back at his past development, we can see how intelligent he is.

Challenging the major forces alone and then used his defeats to improve the prestige of Beast pirates and leave the world with an image that he cannot be killed and his the strongest in individual battle.

Originally, the terrain of the Wano was very favorable for his development, as a result, the new emperor is another monster who ignores the terrain of Wano and Onigashima, just like charlotte linlin whom he got a slight edge over and Whitebeard only needed one punch to make all his years of hard work go to waste.

On the surface, he is as reckless as a cow, but he is actually an intelligent man, before he is sure, how can he turn his face against El

On Moby Dick.

"What an interesting little devil."

Different from Charlotte Linlin, who is furious, and Kaido, who is scheming again in his heart.

Whitebeard first expressed his admiration for El, then frowned slightly and said.


killing hundreds of thousands of people is a bit too much..."

If El just used the super tsunami to destroy the Kingdom of Dressrosa because of his bad relationship with Doflamingo, he would not say anything, after all, whether it was him or Roger, both of them destroy a kingdom before.

But just to frighten the other side, he created a super tsunami, which indirectly killed hundreds of thousands of people, in Whitebeard's eyes, it's a bit too much.



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