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World Destroyer, this is the title that Byrnndi World has with the help of his devil fruit ability, the More-More Fruit, and just like Shiki, he has been gradually forgotten by the world while being frozen in Eternal hell on impel down and World Destroyer from the previous era gradually disappear.

Now, the Mary Geoise and the navy headquarters once again reclaim the title that has not been in place for more than 20 years on El's bounty.

Because Byrnndi World has less than one billion bounties before being arrested by the cp agents and navy, El as the new user of Float-Float Fruit is more suitable for the title of World Destroyer.

Through the news headline of the World Economic News, the whole world saw the super meteorite on the cover picture, as well as the devastating super tsunami, and the two islands that were destroyed by it.

According to the verification of "Big News" Morgans, the super meteorite was created by World Destroyer, El.

The super tsunami created by super meteorites destroyed the Prodence Kingdom which was relatively close to the Kingdom of Dressrosa just by hitting the edge of the island and it is still with the help of king Elizabello II using his signature technique, The King Punch to resist the super tsunami otherwise, the Prodence Kingdom may be mostly destroyed, or even entire island was directly submerged.

While those in the super tsunami's path, or rather the two islands that stood in the way of the super tsunami, were not so lucky, even if it's the base camp of two big pirates on the new world, their base camps and islands were directly wiped out by the super tsunami.

Those pirates in the New World with bounties of hundreds of millions are no different from ordinary people in the face of the super tsunami.

Maybe some strong people survive from the super tsunami with some luck, but all their hard work in the new world for so many years has all come to nothing at this moment.

According to the statistics of Morgans, the number of human beings who died in this super tsunami reached hundreds of thousands.

When the Mary Geoise, the Navy Headquarters, and the major forces in the New World saw the information published by Big News, Morgans in the newspaper, and then obtaining Doflamingo affirmation that the Dressrosa had escaped by chance, the whole world fell into silence.

Then without the slightest hesitation, Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters directly raised El's threat level to the highest level, his bounty raise by 2 billion overnight, reaching the level second only to the three emperors of the sea.

At this moment, some major forces with a large number of people, or have a base camp, all have a strong sense of fear towards El who has only entered the new world for a week, but already reached the top of the world.

Just like Whitebeard, everyone regards El existence as someone that cannot be provoked.

Even Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters, who wanted to get rid of him, would not dare to do anything against El without full confidence.

Through the super meteorite and super tsunami, the knowledgeable and literate people in the world all saw that El's development of the Float-Float Fruit has surpassed the previous user, this kind of strategic-level means, may have little effect on a strong person, but it is a dimensional blow to the weak.

If El is still as weak as three years ago then the first action of Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters is to issue Buster Call to El just like what they did to Byrnndi World, those who can destroy the world will be directly cleaned.

However, El has the Float-Float Fruit and there are still girls with Flame-Flame Fruit, Rumble-Rumble Fruit, and Munch-Munch Fruit that combine devil fruits abilities, the Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters did not dare to act rashly, because the flying pirates are now the trickiest pirate group to kill in the world, if their actions fail, the answer to them is a falling island, super meteorites, and super tsunamis that even with Kuzan Ice-Ice fruit could not completely be frozen.

Without a doubt, El's threat has reached the level of Whitebeard, if it weren't for the fact that his individual strength is not strong enough, and he has not expanded his fleet, Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters want to raise El's bounty to the amount of 4 billion Belly, which is the same as the three emperors.

However, even though the Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters did not raise El's bounty to the same level as the three emperors but Morgan seized the fear of the people on El's power and use his pen to officially disrupt the situation in the New World.

"The Fourth Emperor Who Ruled the sky was born!"

The next day, Morgans write the headline that is full of gimmicks to make this day's sales as the number one place this year, and this news that is full of nonsense, the people did not oppose him but instead, countless people agreed with Morgan's statement.

Although the World Destroyer, El did not have thousands of troops, however, the super meteorite that created a super tsunami that can destroy two islands made him qualified enough.

The number of pirates and ordinary people who died in the super tsunami reached hundreds of thousands, a person with such power, if he is not qualified, then who will be qualified to be called the emperor of the sea

El once again achieved something incredible and unprecedented, less than a month after entering the new world, he successfully reached the top with only one move and became the fourth emperor of the sea emperor even before Shanks.


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