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Taking Violet back to Pegasus, El took advantage of the fact that the five girls came to greet him to introduce Violet, who had an ugly face because she was sent out as a hostage, seeing her facial expression El could not help but say a joked with a smile on his face.

"you're right, the fate of your father and country shouldn't be really gambled on a mere stranger.


"So, if you don't want your father, or even yourself, to have an accident, I hope you can take it easy."

"As long as you stay here honestly and assist me with your Glare-Glare Fruit just like how you support Doflamingo, I will protect your father from Doflamingo..."

"If you don't, then don't blame me for being ruthless."

When his last sentence fell, El's body exuded a substantial dark purple aura.

At this moment, El, who had released his Shura aura, had red eyes like a ghost, and Violet, who had a reluctant expression on her face, slumped on the ground.

Recalling the super tsunami just now, it was created by the boy in front of her and she could not help but swallowed hard while nodding and saying with a trembling voice.


I know..."

"I hope so."

El nodded expressionlessly, his last warning was not a joke, the Glare-Glare Fruit has a strategic-level ability that is no different from the Superman-type, Float-Float Fruit, Quake-Quake Fruit, and More-More Fruit.

Those who have eaten the Glare-Glare Fruit will have amazing abilities such as Clairvoyance, and Peeping Mind.

Just like the Float-Float Fruit is the ultimate controller, the Glare-Glare Fruit's Clairvoyance, and Peeping Mind are also at the ultimate level.

Clairvoyance can not only see through objects like X-rays but it can also directly explore the physical condition of the target.

If it's combined with Peeping Mind, then this Clairvoyance ability might be the same as El's innate ability, it will allow her to instantly read the inner thoughts of her enemy.

It might also allow Violet to look into a person's mind and memories if their Haki is not strong enough, however, it will still fail just like the powerhouse, who can ignore the spatial transfer of the Op-Op Fruit through their strong Haki.

However, El's innate ability is different, even if the strength of the opponent's Haki is very strong, he can still see through the other's thoughts, he confirmed this when he fought Rayleigh.

The premise is that she can fully integrate Peeping's mind and Clairvoyance, when that happens, that combination will really be incomprehensible, because Violet's clairvoyance, has a radius of 4,000 kilometers, then anyone who enters that range will allow under ability range, allowing her to read their minds.

Such a capability is undoubtedly at a strategic level.

That's why El gave up on sugar and asked Doflamingo to let Violet be the hostage.

If Violet is not obedient, then El will definitely destroy the flowers and take her devil fruit.

If it weren't for all of them being already devil fruit users, El would like to kill Violet now, so, he is giving Violet a chance now and whether she can seize this chance to survive depends on her actions.

Although El's fleet is full of girls, he is not a person who can't walk away when he sees a beautiful woman.

Violet is different from the five girls, except for Kuina, whether it is Robin who saw her mother when her hometown was destroyed or Nami and Perona who were adopted, or Carina who live at sea at a young age, all of them are orphans

They are free of any worries and willing to become El's wings.

Except for Robin, the four girls have been by his side for three to five years.

Violet was worried about her father and Dressrosa and the current owner of the Dressrosa is the partner chosen by him, it is his future ally.

Possessing the means to seize the fruit, Violet does not have any qualifications, and worth for El to have a bad relationship with his ally.

But just as he promised, if she's obedient, he doesn't mind raising his hand and saving her father's life, If she's not obedient, then he can only kill her.

After successfully deterring Violet, El walk out and meet the five girls, then told them about his cooperation with Doflamingo.

Carina and Nami's expressions changed slightly, then they hold El's arms from left to right and started to talk about their idea of ​​building a city in the sky, and the City in the Sky in his mind, the money required is undoubtedly astronomical amounts that's why El got involved in the arms business.

The follow-up effects of the super tsunami that he had thrown aside, or had forgotten, shocked the whole world.

El obviously overlooked one point, the new world is the world's largest star-making stage

The mobile headquarters of "World Economic News" is also located in the new world.

In the first half of the grand line, their every move will be exposed, when they enter the new world with the attitude of ruling the world, how can they not enter the sight of World Economic News.

Just like Doflamingo thought, the super tsunami made by a super meteorite shocked the whole world.

The next morning, Countless news coo from World Economic News as well as those from Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters spread those freshly-baked newspapers and bounty to the world for free.

Today's World Economic News is still contracted by Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters to expand its influence to the extreme.

But unlike the last time when the whole crew was offered a bounty and the captain was robbed of the limelight by "The World Worst Devil Fruit Users".

In today's world news, the light is focused only on El's body and most of these gazes are full of fear.

It's really the headlines of today's news, which is too frightening.

"Super tsunami that destroyed two peninsulas, a new servant of World Destroyer in this Era.

["World Destroyer" El, a bounty of 3,023,000,000 Belly, regardless of life or death.]

A meteorite made El's bounty skyrocket by two billion Belly overnight.

Following the "Young Swordsman" and "Flying Swordsman" a new Epithet was added.


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