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Doflamingo's face instantly became extremely ugly and his mood at this time was as if he had fallen from heaven to hell, looking at El with a smile on his face, he recalled that he didn't let Violet leave him for half a step so she had no chance to betray him.

Behind him, the members of the Donquixote family became all tense, they were ready to fight at any time.

"As expected of a big man in the new world, you are really well-informed."

El admiringly affirmed Doflamingo's guess.

"what the hell is your purpose for stopping next to Dressrosa"

Seeing that his own conspiracy was seen through, even the abilities of Violet, Sugar, and possibly, even more, intelligence, were grasped by him, he suspects that the one in front of him can read his mind, and most importantly, it is very likely that he has already grasped the control of Dressrosa.

Doflamingo, who is in an absolute passive position, can only showdown with El.

"Don't worry, let's enjoy the scenery first."

El smiled intriguingly, then under Doflamingo's doubts, he turned to look at the sky outside Dressrosa and said, "It's almost time, a meteorite is about to appear."


Hearing these words, Doflamingo and the members of the Donquixote Family all showed confused expressions, but soon, their faces suddenly changed

"What am I seeing!"

"What is this

"Power...Power of God"

Sugar and baby-5, who were not mentally strong were so frightened that they collapsed to the ground.

Even the top cadres like Trebol, at this time, he was also full of cold sweat, his legs were trembling, and his eyes were full of fear.

Even Doflamingo himself, at this time his forehead is covered with blue veins, his face is completely ugly, and it must be that his eyes under the sunglasses have shrunk to the size of a needle.

The Donquixote Family, one of the giants of the underworld, showed such an embarrassing appearance because of the objects that appeared in the sky.

The lenses of Doflamingo's sunglasses now reflected a dazzling fire, following his gaze, in the sky outside the Dressrosa, a huge meteorite suddenly appeared, falling towards the sea at an extremely fast speed.

The meteorite was still several thousand meters away from the sea, but in the eyes of Doflamingo and others, the image of the meteorite can be clearly seen.


Do you know how dinosaur goes extinct"

Turning to look at Doflamingo and the members of the Donquixote Family, El said with a grin.

"They are hit by a meteorite!"


Almost as soon as El's words fell, the huge meteorite fell on the sea at a distance of several thousand meters from the Dressrosa.

After a few seconds, a strong shock wave spread through the sea to the Dressrosa.

At this moment, whether it is Doflamingo or a member of the Donquixote Family, or even people in the Kingdom of Dressrosa, their figures are all slightly shaken, and some people even fell to the ground.

The earthquake formed by the shock wave lasted for a while before subsiding.

After everything calmed down, the people in Dressrosa were discussing this inexplicable earthquake.

Only Doflamingo and the members of the Donquixote family on the coast were sweating coldly.

Looking at the sea, the pupils of Doflamingo and the members of the Donquixote family shrink, and some were so frightened that they became completely speechless.

They saw a tsunami that was a few miles away from the Dressrosa coming closer with its outline becoming bigger.

As the tsunami approached, the people in Dressrosa who were discussing the earthquake just now froze in place, then their faces became pale, and they slumped on the ground with trembling legs.

What kind of tsunami was this They can't see the end at all, obviously, it is still a few miles from Dressrosa, but the shadow that covers the sky has turned Dressrosa from sunny to overcast.

Doflamingo has never seen the tsunami created by Whitebeard, if he can travel through time and space, go to Paramount War to witness the tsunami created by Whitebeard, and then come back to compare with this tsunami.

He must be sighing that the tsunami created by Whitebeard is not even qualified to carry shoes for this tsunami.

This tsunami was astonishingly few hundred meters high, and the range is too amazing, you can't see the end from left to right, it was formed by million tons of seawater, a super tsunami.

Such a super tsunami, even a monster such as El and Whitebeard could not produce it with all their stamina.

But El just threw a huge meteorite into the sea, then he created million tons of seawater that could not be lifted with all his stamina, and could drown the Dressrosa in one wave.

That's the horror of space-based weapons when meteorites enter the earth from outer space.

The gravity creates a trajectory that accelerates while burning itself when falling, when it falls on the sea, it will create a terrifying tsunami, and even trigger the eruption of submarine volcanic eruptions, creating a series of chain reactions, leading to various natural disasters.

Just this space-based weapon, the Quake-Quake Fruit simply creates a tsunami, and the strategic shock of shattering the earth can no longer be compared with the Float-Float Fruit.

In the face of this super tsunami, Doflamingo, who can be called one of the strongest in the new world, has absolutely no ability to resist.

Even if his fruit awakens and can turn the surrounding ground into a string, in front of this super tsunami, he is vulnerable as an egg hitting the stone.

If El did not take action, then the fate of Dressrosa must be submerged by the super tsunami, and the country was destroyed on the spot, even the islands would sank directly.

Seeing that Doflamingo and the others were too shocked to speak, El, who achieve his goal, raised his hand slightly.


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