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Strongest Swordsman In One Piece Chapter 130

6-8 minutes

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The New World is only a dozen kilometers away from the Redline.

At the altitude of 10,000 meters in the sky, El and the five girls who entered the new world did not move forward in a hurry, instead, the six floating islands were temporarily moored on the sea.

"Nii-san, why are you dressed like this all of a sudden"

On the deck of the Pegasus, Carina asked confusedly while looking at El who was wearing a battle suit and carrying an oxygen tank behind him.

By the way, this world's sea diving technology is far ahead compared to El's previous life.

So whether it is an oxygen tank for diving, it is available in this world.

When they went on a shopping spree a few years ago, this crazy shopping spree make Pegasus has everything on board.

Not to mention the oxygen tank, at the bottom dock they even have ten Waver and two submarines.

For safety's sake, they bought three-digit bubbly coral and a double-digit cylinder tank in the Sabaody Archipelago.

After all, since El ate the Float-Float Fruit, including the newly added member, Nico Robin, the six of them are all devil fruit power users.

His and Carina's cautiousness has naturally considered everything and since all the crew members were devil fruit users, they rarely went diving.

Even if they go to the sea, their whole body is protected by bubbly coral, and the oxygen tank is only brought when they are going to use a submarine.

It's already night, and El is suddenly going to dive into the White-White Sea at this time, therefore, Carina was very curious as to why El suddenly carried the oxygen Tank on his back.

"You want to know"

Looking at the curious Carina, El did not explain, but grinned at her then to the other girls and said.

"Since that's the case, then go with me."

After finishing speaking, El did not wait for Carina to continue asking and then he used his devil fruit ability to control Pegasus to soar into the sky.

The ship that flew away from the floating island did not fly down toward the White-White Sea but continued to rise higher, then Carina seemed to have imagined something incredible, and her eyes couldn't help but widened while looking at El and she said with a trembling voice.

"Nii-san, you won't take us to the moon, will you"

"for real!"

Hearing Carina's words, Nami and Perona, who had reacted a few beats slower also has changed in their expressions.

"The answer is very close..."

El said meaningfully.

"So, if you don't want to be in a coma due to having low oxygen levels in your blood, then letting me save you by artificial respiration, I suggest that you follow me and get an oxygen tank and bubbly coral."

"Sister Kuina, please.

" Carina hurriedly looked at Kuina, in the past few years that they practice in asura form, they have practically 100% tacit understanding with each other.

"Leave it to me."

With just a word or a look, Kuina understand Carina's meaning, then her body, which had grown to 1.8 meters, lit up the night sky with blue and white electric light, then in the next second, Kuina turned into a bolt of lightning and disappeared from El and the others sight out of thin air and in less than ten seconds, Kuina once again reappears out of thin air, back to her original position while beside her there's a small and large box.

"Tsk tsk...

The electric field teleportation that ignores all obstacles is really convenient."

Seeing Kuina completing the work that they needed to do for at least ten minutes in less than one minute, Carina smacked her tongue a few times.

Opening the big box, it contains five oxygen tanks, while the small box contains ten bubbly corals, when the five girls each carried an oxygen tank on their back and two bubbly corals in their pockets, the moon above them, once again appear a little bigger.

They don't know how long it took, but the view that was more fascinating back then from the Reverse Mountain entered their eyes.


At this time, the five girls were all standing on the front side of the ship, with their bumpy bodies almost lying on the railing of the ship's side while looking with amazement at the scenery below.

"Is that the planet we live in Isn't that beautiful too"

"Oxygen has not decreased, but the concentration has actually become higher than the white sea and white-white sea."

El is not like the five girls, who appreciated the view of the planet from the outer space.

His attention at this time was very different from theirs, then as if he remember something, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

"This world is really not right."

Just like what El said, the moon on one piece is the same as in Naruto, something is not right.

The artificial moon on Naruto is no different from the planet and humans can actually run and breathe freely on it.

The moon on the One Piece, that is, the fairy vearth, that the skypian called is also the same.

Because of his previous life knowledge, El, who had prepared an oxygen tank and bubbly corals, found that these two things seemed to be of little use.

As the Pegasus continued to rise higher, the planet has become a huge azure sphere.

El, who steps into outer space, is still able to breathe normally.

Even the five girls, who are like the celestial dragon using a bubble headgear, do not need to use it at all.

Yes, bubbly corals can still be used in outer space, the bubbly corals are just like being in the water and the Sabaody Archipelago while in outer space.

"Outrageous, really outrageous, were in outer space but we can breathe and communicate freely."

El said in a rare surprise tone while looking at the Outer space in front of him.


Nii-san, have you secretly gone to different parts of outer space and found that you can't breathe and communicate here"

The five girls stared confusedly at El, especially Carina, she can't help but ask suspiciously.

"Isn't it because the higher the altitude, the thinner the oxygen, that's why I asked you to prepare an oxygen tank and bubbly coral."

Hearing her question, El replied quickly, as a traveler, his world view was refreshed just now, and he suddenly forgot that the five girls were all from the countryside.

"This height is enough, let me show you the correct usage of Float-Float fruit ability."

El, who doesn't know how to continue the topic, just chooses to change the subject.


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