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Inside a room on the top floor of the villa.

The captain of the Saw Blade Pirates, who has been ranked as the top three in the ranking list for two consecutive years, except for the navy and the military of some countries in the East Blue.

Facing El, who was holding a sword on the opposite side, swinging the blood off the blade, and putting the sword back in its sheath, did not expect that's this will be how their journey ends.

Being unable to speak a whole sentence, he fell to the ground, and his breath gradually disappeared.

Beside him, there were two unconscious women dressed in sexy clothes.

Because of occupying the territory of non-affiliated countries, the navy did not want to waste too much force fighting against them.

The captain of the Saw Blade Pirates, who had already adapted to the life of occupying the land and being a king, had already been raised to the level of tens of millions of berries because of the strength of his troops, degraded on strength because of his debauchery lifestyle.

In El's eyes, he was no different from the little guy outside.

With just one knife, El killed the big pirate with a bounty of 14 million belly.

The first battle of the bounty hunter's debut was easily completed.

And this battle also announced the beginning of the legend.

By the time Carina and Nami arrived, El had already read the memory of the captain who had just died completely.

"You go out first, the next picture is a bit bloody."

El, who found a piece of cloth from the room, said to Carina and Nami.


oh oh!"

Carina and Nami were slightly taken aback.

Immediately glanced at the corpse on the ground, the two girls seemed to have thought of something, their faces turned pale, and then quickly walked out of the room.

"...come in!"

After a while, El's voice came from inside the room.

After the two girls entered, they immediately saw the body, which had been covered with a thick quilt.

In El's hand, he was holding a spherical object that was hugged by a black cloth.


Realizing that what El was carrying was actually, the two girls' faces suddenly turned purple and blue, and they couldn't help start vomiting.

On the contrary, in the past three years, El, who had already beheaded many beasts, did not feel the disgusting feeling of beheading for the first time.

"Get used to it as soon as possible, there will be more pictures like this in the future."

El didn't comfort the two girls, then walked towards a door and said, "Come with me, pack their treasures, and we'll get out of here."


Hearing these two words, the attention of the two girls was suddenly distracted.

Looking at each other, the two girls tried their best not to look at the things in El's hands, and followed.

After El and the two packed up the Belly and jeweleries hidden in the safe by the captain of the Saw Blade Pirates, El carried a large backpack found in the room and pick up Carina and Nami with both hands.

As for the head of the captain of the Saw Blade Pirates, it was carried by Carina, who had a strong psychological quality and took the initiative to help El share it.

El jumped down from the window at the back of the villa, carrying a large bag and holding the two girls in both hands, he quickly disappeared and swept away in the direction of their sailboat.


"Many treasures, so many belly...

were rich!"

Back on the small cabin sailboat, the three immediately drove the sailboat away.

When the island was no longer in sight, Carina and Nami couldn't wait to assess their journey.

When they poured out all the contents in the backpack.

The small hall with a narrow space in the cabin suddenly turned into a hill of gold and jewelry.

Inside this hill, there are stacks of Belly with a denomination of 10,000.

Compared with these banknotes, those gold and silver jewelry that give people a visual impact are actually not as valuable as these banknotes.

Because of just a quick glance, El found that the banknotes added up to at least 10,000,000 Belly.

And these gold and jeweleries add up, their total value may be only worth up to ten million belly.

If both are added together then the harvest of the trio this time is really amazing.

Because next to this hill, there is a human head worth 14 million bery.

That is to say, their first hunting, at least 30 million Berries


"I...are we dreaming"

Soon, Carina and Nami also settled the harvest.

Nami couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva and was completely speechless.

Carina, who is mentally strong, can't help but wonder if she made a mistake.

"As expected of the great pirate who has been on the list for several years, I don't know how much people's property and dream he looted.


Through the ability to read people's hearts, El, who had already learned that the two girls had made a simple assessment of the mountain of treasure, couldn't help shaking his head and sighing.

"nii-san, you are amazing!"

El's words brought the lost two girls back to reality.

Unable to suppress their excitement, the two girls rushed towards El.

One left and one right, the two girls hugged El and cheered.

Nami, who was too excited, even boldly attacked El, and pecked hard on his jelly-like face full of baby fat.

No wonder Nami is so excited, mainly because...

Thirty million, at least thirty million Berries!

In her life, Nami has never seen so much money.

After making an agreement with the dragon, Nami felt that a hundred million belly was so huge and so far away.

But now, Nami suddenly felt that 100 million Belly was actually nothing.

They got at least 30 million belly in their first dispatch.

Even if El only gave them a sip of soup, he and Carina would have earned millions belly.

There is no danger at all, just help El to sail the ship, and one operation can get about one million Berries.

You only need to hunt ten targets a year, just a mouthful of soup, maybe you can collect 100 million in ten years.

If nii-san would reward more, it might not even take ten years.

And Nami cared more about El's strength than her share.

Sneak into the base camp of the Six Hundred Pirates, like it's his own place and no one even noticed them, before they even know it they are already beheaded.

In Nami's eyes, El's strength was as high as mountain.

If you can get the help of nii-san, maybe...

She doesn't need to collect 100 million to save the village!

But just as this idea emerged, Nami's mind suddenly a flashed pictureof her adoptive mother being kill by Arlong.

In an instant, Nami once again gave up the idea of ​​asking El for help.

No...you can't implicate other people!

Carina didn't know what Nami was thinking.

Seeing Nami kissing El, she also stood on tiptoe and pecked El hard to reward his powerful and reliable Nii-san.


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