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New World, on Moby Dick.


"Dad, look, look, it's a news report from paradise, it's so eventful!"

Catching a roll of newspaper dropped from the sky, A certain crew member of the Whitebeard Pirates glanced at the newspaper headline and his eyes widened.

Then, with a look of horror on his face, he ran to Whitebeard, who was sitting on a special chair, and under the watchful eyes of his companions, He handed the newspaper to Whitebeard who was drinking and laughting loudly.


Subconsciously glancing at the headline of the newspaper handed over by his son, Whitebeard's brows furrowed immediately.

Seeing this scene, the crew members scattered all over the Moby Dick realized that there was really big news, as a result, headed by the 1st division commander Marco, as well as some curious crew members, approached one after another.

"Dad, what happened"

Looking at whitebeard who took the newspaper and said nothing, Marco couldn't help but asked curiosity.

"See for yourself..."

Handing the newspaper to Marco, Whitebeard took a special jug and took a sip.

Looking at the blue sky covered with white clouds, the face of the strongest man in the world at this time was filled with nostalgia, and he muttered to himself.

"Shiki, I didn't expect you to leave so quietly."

At this moment, the picture of Shiki saying goodbye to him more than ten years ago appeared in his mind.

Shiki who lost his legs in Impel Down came to him, his 'old rival' who had accompanied him through two eras, and told him he will retreat for a while, and then let this world experience the real horror of a pirate.

The result was unexpected, after more than ten years later, this old acquaintance has left quietly.

If it weren't for the emergence of a new Float-Float Fruit user, he would have thought that the other party was somewhere, secretly preparing a big plan for his ambitions that could not be wiped out by time.

Unconsciously, another acquaintance quietly left.

The legends from the previous Era only him and Redfield imprisoned in Impel Down are left.

Marco doesn't know what whitebeard is Feeling right now

After receiving the newspaper handed by Whitebeard, Marco and the other division commander gathered around and read it.

When they read the front page and sub-page news, then the photos posted in the newspaper, and the most special reward ever, there was a look of horror or disbelief on their face.

"It's a lie, Shiki is actually dead."

"He couldn't have been in some accident somewhere, was he Or did the steering wheel on his head explode"

"Hello, why are paying attention to that"

"The new user of the Float-Float Fruit, Young Swordsman El, a bounty of 1 Billion Belly"

"Look at these pictures, this should be flying slashing marks and the tears on the sky, the kid who is only thirteen years old this year, he is not only the new user of the Float-Float Fruit but also a master swordsman and the same as Dad he can use Conqueror's coating, the threat of this kid is only next to Shiki when he's at his peak."

"His crew are even better than him though."

"In addition to the Rumble-Rumble Fruit user from three years ago, his other crew member is actually Flame-Flame Fruit, Munch-Munch Fruit, and Hollow-Hollow Fruit users."

"The World Worst Devil Fruit Users, the Munch-Munch Fruit user can actually eat other people to combine together and become the only person with the ability to use three devil fruit in the world."

"Tsk tsk...No wonder the Navy Headquarters propaganda is so large, the potential of these four little devils is no less than Shanks and Benn Beckman, even their level of threats has surpassed the two."

"If you let them grow up freely, I'm afraid that on this sea, there will be another two emperors of the sea."

"I don't know how "Kaido" and "BIG MOM" will react and feel when they see this news"

When the division commander was discussing, they did not notice that their words, has caught the attention of a veteran member with a very low sense of existence.

So among those curious crew members, one more person was added.


Totto land, Cake Island.

"Ma Ma Ma Ma! Shiki, I didn't expect you to end in this way."


Shiki, are still the same as before, even if he dies, he won't let the world live peacefully."

"Being a master swordsman at a young age, there is also the mastery of three-type of Haki, before it was the red-haired kid, now there is another kid who is younger than him and has the power like Shiki."

"Is this era of great pirates that Roger started finally going to hit its climax"

"Ma Ma Ma Ma! The World Worst Devil Fruit Users, flames in the left hand and lightning in the right, I didn't expect that in this era, there will be younger generations who will take me as a template."

"I really want them all to be my son-in-law and Daughter-in-law!"

In addition to Whitebeard and Charlotte Linlin, the two contemporaries of Shiki, there were also another companions of Shiki, who sighed and reminisced with complicated emotions, their once little brother, Kaido, who was an intern in the "Rocks Pirates" his mood is also little complicated.

However, these captains' concerns are different from their deputy commander and crew members, as well as the major forces in the new world, all of them are concentrated on the pirate group defined by the Navy Headquarters as the "White-Hair Pirates".

With these new four Bounty scattered all over the world, the world added two big pirates with a bounty of 1 billion Belly on this day.

When the captain's bounty reaches the level of one billion Belly, his pirate group will also be ranked among the top of the world.

No doubt, El and the three girls have both become existences with bounty reaching ten figures.

His pirate group, like "Red-Haired Pirates", which was gradually regarded as the fourth Emperor, became one of the big pirate groups only below the four emperors of the sea.

Before entering the new world, he has been valued and feared by the major forces of the strongest sea.

White-Hair Pirates once again achieved an unprecedented achievement.

It's just that this is just the beginning!


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