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"What did you say Float-Float Fruit, are you sure

In Navy Headquarters, Fleet Admiral Office.

after listening to Aokiji's report, Sengoku stood up in shock and stared at Aokiji who was sitting on the sofa with wide eyes.

Aokiji, who put on his sleeping mask again, lay down and slowly said, "I have already verified it, there are three places on the ground, which are manipulated by a devil fruit ability."

"On one of the three-place, the ground in the surrounding place was formed into a giant ball then it is buried inside the ground and there were several crushed corpses inside, all of which were CP agents.

"The other two places are a mountain with a hole open on No.

72 island, and the one that was frozen by my devil fruit ability."

"It can be confirmed that the former is a sword mark left by a certain Master swordsman, that Young Swordsman, El was already fighting against a certain master swordsman before I meet him."

After a slight pause, Aokiji's voice suddenly became heavy: "And I have an incredible guess, the change in the sky that appeared above the Sabaody Archipelago is probably this Young Swordsman, El fighting against that mysterious master swordsman.


"Your guess is bold but not entirely impossible!"

Reminiscing about Shiki's era in the past, Sengoku suddenly came back to his senses and said solemnly.

"That little devil raised three girls with amazing abilities, just like the girl named Carina you mentioned, her physique also doesn't match her age."

"Assuming that girl, Carina has such terrifying physique because of her unknown devil fruit ability, then, the young swordsman El, who is already a Float-Float Fruit user, his physical strength can never come from other devil fruit ability."

"That is to say, this little devil is very likely to be born extraordinary, he has a physique with special ability since he was a child or a natural monster!"

Sengoku is worthy of the title of "The Resourceful General", just through El's physique, he thinks of the possibility of El being a naturally born monster.

"At nine years old, or even earlier, he Awakened conqueror Haki and while his eight-year-old he can already use flying slash, it is not impossible for him to master the Conqueror's coating at this age" Sengoku added with a serious expression.

As one of the few superpowers in the navy who possessed conqueror Haki and also mastered the Conqueror's coating, Sengoku knew very well that the technique of Conqueror's coating was not restricted by age or physical condition.

As long as you have talent, you can master this skill, looking at El, his talent is obviously extraordinary.

"If that's the case, then In addition to Conqueror's coating, his swordsmanship should also be at the level of pinnacle master swordsman."

Aokiji exclaimed slightly "Conqueror's coating, swordsmanship at the pinnacle master swordsman level, as the Float-Float Fruit ability, he is simply another version of Shiki and Captain of the Flying Pirate on this era."

"With Float-Float Fruit ability, this kid threat level has reached a level."

Picking up the paper that the intelligence team faxed over, it's a picture he secretly took with den Mushi Mushi during the battle and said in a deep voice.

"The three girls beside him are no less threatening than him, or even above him, at least that child, we can still find Shiki resemblance on him, however, these three girls broke the rules on this world."

"If it is other abilities, even if it breaks the rules on the world, it will only refresh our world view at most."

"But the strongest Logia-type devil fruit, Rumble-Rumble Fruit, another high level and destructive element, Flame-Flame Fruit, and that unknown devil fruit, their combined destructive power is simply unimaginable."

"If the four of them are allowed to grow up, then the new world will have two more emperors."

"The balance formed by us, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and three emperors in the new world will also be broken."

After listening to the worrying analysis of Sengoku, Aokiji said slowly.

"Float-Float Fruit and Rumble-Rumble Fruit user are the most difficult to catch and they don't fear encirclement and suppression."

"Except for Kizaru, our devil fruit abilities don't match or restrain them..."

Sengoku also understood this and sighed: "Before finding a way and opportunity to deal with them, we can only increase their bounty, investigate their intelligence, and make the detailed information available to the world, so that those pirates and bounty hunters can deal with them."

"So how high is the bounty to pique the interest of those people, or provoke a conflict between them"

Sengoku look contemplative, then the next day, a piece of news shocked the world.

Countless news coo carried freshly printed newspapers and released a free newspaper to all parts of the world.

Making a loss, just to expand the influence to the extreme, this is not the first time that the people in the world have seen the "World Economic News Paper" do this, they immediately understand that today's newspaper should be contracted by Mary Geoise or the Navy Headquarters.

News that only expands its influence to the extreme will surely be a big event that shocks the world.

In fact, it is, when people all over the world pick up or catch the falling newspapers and then look at the news on the front page, their faces all change.

"The End of the Legend! A New Generation of Float-Float Fruit User "Flying Swordsman" El!"

The text content of the news headlines is not much, but a large number of pictures are posted.

Those pictures showed the sky toured apart, huge Ball buried deep in the ground and large mountains were frozen and chopped off.

However, the picture on the front page is a man wearing a black robe, with silver hair on a ponytail and a black sword at his waist, compared with three years ago, there has been a great change.

If it is not for the style of dress that did not change, and an outline of his face from three years ago can still be found, no one will recognize the "Young Swordsman, El" from three years ago.

The second edition of the news, on the other hand, did not even contain any text, but only had a line of reward.

If it is said that the news on the front and second page of the "World Economic News Paper" is the first bomb that detonates the world.

Then, the news coo from "World Economic News Paper" that release the second edition of the news and scattered the bounty all over the world is the second bombing.

Because in addition to the bounty offered to El and the five girls, the most special bounty in history was also born!


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