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"The admiral dispatched by the Navy headquarters is Aokiji then that's ok"

Flying in the direction that Perona pointed, El asked Perona who was following with all her strength and asked what happened.

After hearing that the highest combat power assisting the CP agents is Aokiji who pursues 'lazy justice', El was slightly relieved.

He was afraid that the three girls would encounter Kizaru who pursued 'Unclear Justice', and Akainu who pursued 'Absolute Justice'.

The former has the ultimate speed, although with Kuina Rumble-Rumble Fruit, their speed can match him, it is difficult to protect Robin and Perona when the other party wants to arrest Robin or kill them both, while the latter may ignore the three girls and he would rather kill Robin to follow his Absolute Justice belief.

With the three girls' strength in Asura form they can only draw with them at best, and cannot defeat them at all.

Only Aokiji is an exception, he doesn't possess Kizaru speed nor does he possess Akainu ruthlessness, and the Ice-Ice Fruit is mutually restrained by Nami's Flame-Flame Fruit

In addition, the other party was in confusion at this time, and he personally let Robin escape several times, so El doesn't worry that he will kill Robin.

Therefore, El did not go to support the three girls immediately, but instead, he flew in Perona and Robin's direction.

Before meeting Aokiji, the five girls had already returned to the fourth area in order to find El, so it didn't take long for El to arrive at the island where perona and robin are located.

Descending on the ground, El reached out and touched the ground, instantly taking control of the island, and then the ground of the entire island began to shake violently.

In a naturally formed tree hole under a big tree not far away, robin, who was taking care of Perona's body, suddenly found that the ground around them made a crisp cracking sound then as the cracks appeared on the ground around them, the ground broke free and floated up, flying out of the tree hole.

At the same time, the ground around the tree also liquefied and flew up, turning into a huge ball, protecting Robin and Perona, who flew out of the tree hole and rose up to the sky.

The thickness of the huge ball is very thick unless it is a great swordsman like Rayleigh and El, the flying slashes of other master swordsmen cannot cut it at all.

"Tempest Kick! (Rankyaku)"

When the CP agents notice the movement here and realized that Nico Robin may be inside the huge ball, they kick in unison, sending out a large number of sharp compressed blades of wind that land on the huge ball, leaving a deep or shallow-cut one after another.

It's a pity that when they successfully create a hole and use moon step (Geppo) to fly inside, Robin and Perona have long since disappeared.

If they have Observation Haki, they will find out that Robin and Perona have already appeared at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, and they are still rising.

"Knowing that this huge ball is man-made, yet you dare to break in, what a courageous idiot!"

Just when the CP agents searched around the ball and couldn't find Nicole Robin was ready to leave.

An indifferent voice suddenly came in slowly from the hole they had created, Hearing this voice, the faces of the CP agents suddenly changed.

However, their response was still too slow, the sound of the earthquake sounded again and the huge ball, once again moved.

The hole created by Tempest Kick! (Rankyaku) quickly healed making the light inside disappear and the huge ball began constricted toward the agents inside, moreover the speed of the huge ball constricting was very fast, and the agents did not even have the opportunity to create a hole with Tempest Kick! (Rankyaku) again, as they were completely engulfed by the huge ball.

Outside, El floated in front of the huge ball and saw when the huge ball hole heal up and mercilessly crush the CP agents inside.

It was different from Shiki who liquefied the earth to seal the member of Straw Hats pirates and exposed their heads outside the stone pillar to deter Nami.

El crushed them inside or buried them alive on the spot, after killing these CP agents, El continued to fly towards the battlefield between the three girls and Aokiji.

After a while, El arrives in the ice and fire zone.


Perceiving the appearance of El's breath, the three girls who used fire fists to collide with the ice waves send out by Aokiji, immediately halt their next movement.

"Flying up, this ability..."

Aokiji also stopped attacking and he stare at El floating in the air, then his face suddenly became extremely solemn.

A devil fruit with the ability to fly is extremely rare and most of them are from the Zoan type, moreover, when the Zoan type devil fruit users fly up, their bodies will definitely show the characteristics of animals.

Without any animal features and floating freely in the air made him think of a very famous devil fruit ability.

It's just that if he remembers correctly, that ability should have a user a long time ago and still from a certain legendary pirate, right! Could it be that...

El's next actions confirmed Aokiji's guess

"Fighting him will never end, let's go."

El glanced at the silent Aokiji, then said to the girls, then he raised his palm.

The moment he raised his palm, the ground of the entire island shake violently again then, a piece of land around the three girls detach from the ground and floated up, carrying El and the three girls.

The ground for several miles with Aokiji as the center once again liquefied and created a wave-like tsunami that moved toward Aokiji.

When El flew out, the earth had already submerged Aokiji, However, the earth did not close up to form a huge ball because a biting cold air burst out from inside, In just a moment, the small hill formed by the earth were suddenly freeze into a white iceberg.

After Aokiji used elementalization and penetrated out of the iceberg, the traces of El and the girls had completely disappeared.

"Next, the new world is going to get messier again."

Looking up at the sky that has recovered from the stormy to clear sky, Aokiji sighed slightly.


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