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The change in the sky lasted for more than ten minutes, during that time the huge hole in the sky did not close at all, on the contrary, the cloud was getting bigger and darker.

Obviously, the conqueror Haki that tears the sky is still growing together with the battle of the two strong people whose battle is getting more intensified

In fact, Shusui wrapped by Conqueror Haki did not stand in a stalemate with Rayleigh's sword for a long time, because El took the initiative to end it, instead, he repeatedly swing his sword at Rayleigh.

Unlike El, Rayleigh just attacked a few times from evenly matched in the beginning, he gradually tilted the advantage on his side and each strike sent El a certain distance away.

El, who was at a disadvantage, curled his lips helplessly and complained: "As expected of the legend from the previous era, it is really not an easy task to catch up with you."

"You are only thirteen years old this year, and In observation Haki, you can already see the future, on Armament Haki you can already use Emission and Internal Destruction while on Conqueror Haki you can already use Conqueror's coating, which has far surpassed everyone in our era."

Hearing El's words, Rayleigh said with a full of black line on his forehead.

"With your talent, when you are familiar with the Conqueror's coating, I believe that it won't take long before you can use Conqueror's coating and high-level Armament Haki at the same time."

"Senior, your killing intent...

how did it disappear"

El suddenly showed a playful smile while looking at Rayleigh and joked.

"Did you realize that you can't kill me anymore"

After another sword clash El take a few steps back, finally Rayleigh showed a helpless expression and said.

"Obviously at a disadvantage, but still relaxed and indifferent, you brat, you're hiding another trump card, like Devil Fruit right"

after another sword clash and being forced a certain distance away, this time EL did not rush up, instead he rested his sword on his shoulder and gave Rayleigh a thumbs up with his other hand, and said with a smile.

"you guess right!"

Seeing that the worst situation still appeared, Rayleigh was speechless but his heart became even heavier.

As El master, the Conqueror's coating, the gap between this brat and himself is only experienced, Haki capacity and skills.

Even if his battle experience and Haki's capacity, as well as Haki's usage, are above El, it is difficult for him to kill this brat who has a monster physique, this is the reason why Rayleigh's killing intent towards El disappeared.

Until now El still hides his devil fruit ability, there can only be two reasons, First, it's useless and does not help in the battle, second, it's very powerful and used as the last trump card.

It is impossible for a strong person to eat a useless Devil Fruit, then it can only be his devil fruit is very strong then together with his physique he can narrow the gap between them or even turn the tide of this battle, he couldn't take revenge for that child, but instead, he let this monster complete his development a few years earlier.

Rayleigh suddenly felt a sense of helplessness like lifting a stone and smashing his own feet.

El held the sword in one hand and raise his other hand slightly, then he smile meaningfully.

"Senior, let you see a good thing, don't blink...



Just when El was about to use the Float-Float Fruit ability, an anxious voice suddenly broke into the battlefield.

The movement of his hand paused slightly, then he looked in the direction from which the voice came and saw a girl with long pink curly hair and a black dress in a gothic style, floating towards this side.

"Perona, why did you come here"

Looking at Perona in a ghost state, he suddenly felt his heart become heavy.

Rayleigh who was watching this scene did not take the opportunity to attack but instead, he stand still in place.

"El, something happened"

Perona in a ghost state floated over, then she shouted anxiously.

"Carina and the others are fighting the navy admiral, and sister Robin and I are evading the pursuit of the CP agents, there are too many of them and my ghost can't cope with it, please hurry up and help."

"Earth Roll!"

Hearing this, El's expression suddenly changed.

Then without the slightest hesitation, El put his sword back into its sheath, then his figure flew up, seeing this scene Rayleigh's face changed slightly as if he had foreseen something in the future and he slashed his sword.

The ground began to vibrate violently on the small island that El had taken control of two days ago, the ground, which is unknown how many miles in radius, seems to have been endowed with spirituality by the creator, and suddenly came to life.

The land on this island, as well as a large number of tree trunks, and even the huge mangroves tree marked with numbers, suddenly liquefied and merged together, creating hundreds of meters high tsunami that try to drown Rayleigh below.

"It turned out to be Float-Float Fruit..."

Looking at the rising earth, Rayleigh, who was like an ant compare to its size, said with a complicated expression.

"Shiki, you have left too"

Just when the earth was about to drown Rayleigh and strangle him.

A flying slash with a height of hundred meters easily cut a gap in this 360-degree earth enclosure without any dead ends.

When Rayleigh came out of the crack, El had already left the island and he didn't catch up either.

He, who was almost killed by Shiki before, knew very well that the move just now was just a random act of El.

(Battle of Edd War)

If the other party is not in a hurry to leave, just like Douglas Bullet's devil fruit, he can wrap the ground with armament haki, making it difficult for him to break free from.

After many years, the Float-Float Fruit reappears here in the sea and its new host is El that monster.

Rayleigh, who had had little hope, no longer saw any hope for revenge.

If this kid is not in hurry and with his physique, he might be able to break this small island from the main body that is connected together, then he flies to an altitude of several thousand meters and smashed it down or use his air superiority to fight back.

At that time, if revenge can't be achieved, he may have to go down and accompany Hatchan.


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