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El, who smashes through an eighth tree trunk, falls heavily to the ground, setting off a thick layer of dust, and while sitting up he spits out blood, this is his first injury in his life, and it was still an internal injury.

Just like Kozuki Oden, who had eaten Roger's divine departure, Rayleigh's dark red flying slash was defended by his strong physique and sword that is both covered by Armament Haki at the critical moment, leaving a sharp weapon scratched on his body, but like the internal destruction of the high-level armament Haki, it still damages his internal organ.

Finally found this, El who spat out blood didn't have any weakness on his face but instead, he grinned excitedly.

"Really strange, I can't learn it for so long, but it turned out the best way to learn is to take a hit in person, I finally get that feeling!"

After getting up and taking who step, El adjusted his body to the best state with Life Return (Seimei Kikan) and like a gust of wind, he return to the previous battlefield very quickly.

"Senior, that flying slash that just hurts me..."

El Held the Black Sword, Shusui, and moved in front of Rayleigh as if teleporting, then, looking at the sudden change in Rayleigh's face, El who seemed to have foreseen some future scene slash his sword at Rayleigh who was several meters away.

"Your move is called Divine departure right."

After his words fell a spark of dark red lightning flowed around the Black Sword, Shusui which is covered with armament Haki then a dark red flying slash was swept out with El slash.

Seeing this scene, Rayleigh did not dare to underestimate it all, he lifts his sword which also flowed with dark red lightning, and slashed at the incoming dark red flying slash.

Then an incredible scene suddenly appeared in this area, the dark red flying slash that El swung out, did not ignore Rayleigh's defense just like in the previous scene instead it stop less than half a meter away from him.

However, the one blocking the dark red flying slash was not the sword he held in his hand, it is an aura that is invisible to the naked eye, like the hardest invisible substance in the world.

No matter whether it is the sword or the dark red flying slash, they don't touch each other but are instead isolated by the invisible aura in front of them.

Almost at the moment when the invisible aura appeared, a large number of dark red lightning sparks and strong airwaves formed by the collision of Conqueror Haki surge in all directions.

Moreover, during the collision of Haki this time, only a small part spread to the surrounding direction, and most of the Haki rises into the sky, making the clear sky above the Sabaody Archipelago turn to a stormy sky after a while.

This change from clear to a stormy sky has attracted the attention of the navy, which is fighting the pirates in the Sabaody Archipelago, and some navies who were relatively close to the battlefields of El and Rayleigh, and mastered the Observation Haki, sensed two very powerful Aura before they can approach out of curiosity, the change suddenly appeared in the sky, making them completely unable to take a step.


Returning to the battlefield, Rayleigh who used Conqueror's coating successfully block the Divine Departure, and El held the Black Sword, Shusui flowing with dark red lightning, and slashed towards Rayleigh again, this time, El did not send out a dark red slash flying.

"Learning after receiving one blow, you monster." Rayleigh scolded in low voice and not to be outdone, he held his sword and continue attacking.

Unlike the clash with Conqueror Haki entwined with high-level armament Haki, the sword fight between El and Rayleigh was not the same as the previous scene of the sword resisting the dark red flying slash just now.

Instead, the sword, which was not covered with armament Haki, kept its original appearance and every sword clash was separated in the air at a distance of ten centimeters.

It was as if an indestructible barrier suddenly appeared in front of them, separating the two swords.

A Conqueror Haki once again burst out from El's and rayleigh's bodies which are above the previous fluctuations just now.

The terrifying Conqueror Haki fluctuations, like a Knock Up Stream, fly toward the sky covered with dark clouds.

After a while, a change that shook the Sabaody Archipelago and even the navy headquarters next door suddenly appeared in the sky.

They saw the sky covered with dark clouds as if torn apart by a pair of an invisible hands with astonishing length, width, and even depth, spanning across the Sabaody Archipelago.

At this moment, countless pirates and navy, whether it is chasing an enemy, or in a fierce battle, they all seem to have an agreement, and stop their movements.

Looking up at the cut in the sky, the pupils of these people are shaking violently.

"This...what the hell is this"


"The sky is torn apart!"

"Is it man-made"

The weak people are exclaiming with their worldview being refreshed while the knowledgeable powerhouses, such as those vice admirals who have experienced hundreds of battles, their faces become extremely solemn.

"On this island, two strong people are fighting."

"There can be no mistake, this is what Teacher Zephyr once mentioned, only two strong powerhouses who master the Conqueror's coating will this change appear when they fight against each other."

"Is Admiral Aokiji fighting against someone"

"No, Admiral Aokiji does not have the Conqueror Haki."

"Could it be that our actions coincided with the time when the two legends were fighting!"

The change in the sky that appeared in the Sabaody Archipelago and Navy Headquarters caused a quiet stir that even the Mary Geoise was paying attention here.

Even Aokiji, who was in a stalemate with Carina in Asura Form, looked at the sky with a solemn expression and thought to himself.

"Is it a coincidence Why is it that on this day, two strong people appeared in the Sabaody Archipelago."

"Accidents keep appearing, I hope that the operation can go smoother and there are no large-scale accidents."


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