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The dispatchment of Aokiji is undoubtedly a disaster for the pirate in the Sabaody Archipelago because Aokiji was not dispatched alone, he brought five warships, with each warship being by lead a Vice-Admiral and one thousand elite navies each under their commands, heading straight to the Sabaody Archipelago.

One Admiral and five Vice-Admiral from the headquarters were dispatched.

If it weren't for the fact that there were still five warships less, this lineup would already be at the level of Buster Call.

On the warship, the faces of each navy were full of excitement and happiness, in order to arrest Nico Robin, and capture the "Young Swordsman" El then killed the "Lightning Sword sorcerer" Kuina, do they need to deploy this level of force

Obviously, they don't need to!

Except for Aokiji, neither the Vice-Admiral nor the officer under their command needs to participate in this operation to assist the CP agent, their mission is to arrest the pirates in Sabaody Archipelago.

What an irony, next door to the Navy Headquarters is the Sabaody Archipelago, which is known as "the center of the world", "the island of failure and restart", and "the most chaotic island in the world".

It is full of pirates and villains who have passed through the seven routes, is it true that the navy headquarters, which maintains the order at the sea and calls itself "justice", don't want to take action against these pirates and clean this evil place

Well, they can only dream and think about it but not dare to do it, because, in addition to the above titles, the Sabaody Archipelago also has a title called "the back garden of the Celestial Dragon".

Just because this place is the back garden where Celestial Dragon often haunts unless the navy has received an order from Mary Geoise or the Celestial Dragon, it cannot take action on the Sabaody Archipelago, what irony is this.

There is no doubt that the existence of the Sabaody Archipelago is the biggest blow to the 'justice' of the Navy headquarters.

Now, that Mary Geoise ordered the Navy Headquarters to assist the CP agents, they finally have a reason to clean up the rubbish on this island, therefore, the Navy Headquarters will naturally not let this chance go.

As five warships passed through the special sea currents exclusive to Navy headquarters, they arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago in only ten minutes.

With the presence of 5,000 navies, two-digit officers, as well as five high-ranking Vice-Admiral and one of the three admirals in the navy, the Sabaody Archipelago became a mess.

Those pirates scattered in various areas of the Sabaody Archipelago were all full of shock and fear, it's a pity that their response was really slow when the raid caught them off guard.

As soon as the 5,000 Navies landed, under the order of the Five vice-admiral, they blocked various ports, guard the ships with pirate flags, and did not give anyone a chance to sail away.

Next, the navies enveloped the Sabaody Archipelago like a big net and began to clean up the pirates with a bounty on the island, while Aokiji went straight in one direction.

"There's a very strong Aura, coming this way."

Almost the moment Aokiji started to move, Kuina's footsteps suddenly pause, as they returned to the fourth area and prepared to go to Pegasus to find El because the den Mushi Mushi couldn't get through.

Looking in one direction Kuina said expressionlessly.

"So fast, the observation Haki of the other party is also at top-level."

"Powerful Aura"

"top-level observation Haki"

The three girls were slightly taken aback, while Carina asked immediately.

"Is it the powerhouse from the CP agents"

"Not a people from the CP agents, the CP agents can't keep up with our speed and they are still looking for us on the other islands, while the other party is wearing a Navy coat written with justice, so it should be Navy."

Kuina shook her head, then walked in one direction.

"Follow me, the opponent's speed is very fast, we can't avoid him, we can only fight him head-on."

"It seems that the navy headquarters has sent a real powerhouse."

Carina followed behind Kuina, without the slightest fear on her face, instead, she said with interest: "You say if Nii-san couldn't answer our call, could he be entangled by a strong person"


Nami pinched her chin and said, "Nii-san has been overseeing the Pegasus coating for the past few days.

With his observation Haki, it's impossible not to detect the call on the den Mushi Mushi."

"He didn't answer our call, then there must be something that prevented him from doing so for the time being."

Looking at four girls, who had no worries about El, Robin, who had just joined, fell into silence, how they were still so calm knowing that El had met a strong enemy.

If it wasn't for the fact that the four girls were full of dependence and trust in El, Robin would have thought that they would not care about El's life or death.

However, since they guessed that El had met a strong enemy without the slightest worry, it could be seen how blind worship they have for El.

The little captain who just celebrated his birthday not long ago and is only 13 years old this year, is he so powerful

Robin, who has seen the tip of El's strength, can't help but think.

When they came to an empty space, the five girls quietly waited for the arrival of the enemy.

However, when the enemy appeared, Robin, who had been filled with a sense of security, once again showed a strong look of fear.


Seeing Aokiji, which seems to have not changed much in the past fifteen years, Robin recognized him at a glance.

"Aokiji Sister Robin, you know this person"

Hearing Robin says the enemy's name at a glance, Nami asked curiously.

Carina frowned slightly and said, "Aokiji is such a familiar name, it seems like I've heard it somewhere before."

While Robin's next words made the four girls' faces suddenly change.

"He...he is one of the highest combat power in the navy headquarters and one of the three admirals in the navy," Robin said in a trembling voice.

"Asura Form!"

Hearing the words 'Admiral', Carina did not hesitate at all, and directly opened her mouth and ate Nami and Kuina beside her into Munch-Munch Space, then Carina finally ate herself in front of the amazed Aokiji.


As a cloud of white mist dissipated, Kuina came out, wearing red and white priestess clothes, she is the main body in their Asura Form.


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