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On the fourth sector of the Sabaody Archipelago in some empty space.

A swordfight that is in a different dimension is happening intensely.

In the case of not sending out a flying slash (Tobu zangeki) a sword fight between the Master swordsmen is no different from A sword fight between ordinary swordsmen.

The premise is that they don't use Armament Haki, when using Armament Haki in a sword fight, a gust of wind similar to cutting off the airflow and an Electric spark will appear with the collision of the Armament Haki.

If they don't use Armament Haki in a sword fight and only battle with the swordsmanship, it test who has more skill, experience, sharp eyesight, faster reflexes, etc.

In conclusion, it test whose overall quality is superior to the other and has a greater advantage.

If their overall quality is at the same level, it will be the same as the duel of Logia users who restrains each other, whoever runs out of stamina first will be defeated.

If it was someone else, they couldn't reach the top of the pyramid in all aspects, however, El is different, as he grows older, he gradually begins to show his incomprehension.

Swordfight is a contest of comprehensive qualities, his swordsmanship that even made Rayleigh admired, and Life Return (Seimei Kikan) that is at full level, the comprehensive qualities required for Swordfight, he has all of them.

Apart from the fact that his combat experience is not as good as Rayleigh's, El is not inferior to him in other respects.

Coupled with the ability to read people's inner thoughts, he can see through every thought of his opponent, directly bridging the experience gap between El and Rayleigh.

So much so that in their sword fight, El did not fall behind, completely surprising Rayleigh who went from casual to serious, and then from serious to completely focused.

Something's wrong, this little kid is not right! In their sword fight, he obviously did not release any water(Letting the other party win), but he not only block it but also quickly counterattacked in the next moment, this kind of pre-judgment, could it be.

Rayleigh seems to guess something and his eyes squint slightly, then in the next second his fighting style suddenly changed, from attacking, he turns to defense.

Rayleigh's fighting style is the same as El's blocking every sword slash and then quickly counterattacking.

This change in fighting style, successfully caught El by surprise and made El's counterattack a little slower, but soon, El adapted to Rayleigh's change of fighting style, and the two entered into a sword fight battle again.

Seeing this scene, Rayleigh immediately confirmed his conjecture and after blocking El's sword slash again, he did not bounce off El's attack but entered a stalemate with El.

Looking at this young man who is only thirteen years old but his height is similar to him, Rayleigh sighed from the bottom of his heart: "I didn't expect that at your age, you can already see the future with your observation Haki."

"Ah...you're the same!"

El grinned and said sincerely: "You old guys, everyone is really a super monster with ultimate attainment in both Haki and body."

Unlike Shiki back then, El is not interested in revealing his information to Rayleigh in front of him.

Seeing people's inner thoughts is indeed very similar to seeing the future, that's why it's no wonder that both Shiki and Rayleigh regarded El's ability to read inner thoughts as seeing the future.

The enemy's misjudgment of intelligence is undoubtedly a good thing for El because reading inner thoughts is better than seeing the future.

The confrontation between two strong men who can also see the future is just like the sword fight between two Master swordsmen.

But reading people's inner thoughts is different, although people's inner thoughts will constantly change, their final thoughts will never change.

No matter how many times the enemy's thoughts change, in the end, he will definitely decide how to attack El and where to attack El.

As long as he sees through the opponent's last thoughts, unless El is far inferior to the opponent, but if the opponent's strength surpasses his own by a small realm, El still has the confidence to tie or defeat the opponent.

Just like the Redfield, who was not a devil fruit user before he was imprisoned and escaped from Impel Down, however, he was able to rely on his own strength to be on an equal footing with Roger, the chosen son of that era, as well as the two devil fruit users, Whitebeard and Shiki and be included as one of the four legends from the last era for the same reason.

Roger has the ability to listen to the voice of all things, and Redfield has the ability to read people's inner thoughts, The ability of that two old folks is as special as the devil fruit ability.

"Old guys"

Rayleigh didn't know what El was thinking, but he notice the point of El's last sentence and his brow couldn't help raising as he look at El and say meaningfully "It seems that you have gone through a lot of adventures in the three years since you disappeared."

El nodded and said without concealment: "We found an archaeologist and successfully reach the sky island, and saw the information left by your captain on a piece of Poneglyph."

Hearing this, Rayleigh's pupils shrunk suddenly, and the shock in his heart was captured by El, there is no doubt that El's words had a great impact on Rayleigh's heart.

"You are showing your flaws!"

El did not miss this perfect opportunity and immediately used Life Return (Seimei Kikan) to instantly increase his physical condition to 100%, and use his amazing physical strength that even surprise Shiki to win this swordfight stalemate.

The moment he pushed Rayleigh's sword away, El manage to act in time thanks to his extremely fast speed and slash his sword toward Rayleigh, however, he only left a slender sword mark on Rayleigh's clothes who was unable to retreat in time.

If it wasn't for Rayleigh's timely use of Armament Haki to defend against El's sword slash, it would have left a scar on his body, and even if the wound healed it would be like the straight scar on his right eye.


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