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The person who appeared in front of El was an old man with long white curly hair, a white beard on his chin, a pair of glasses, and a straight scar on his right eye.

However, this old man dressed in common clothes and holding a wine bottle in his hand, his body excludes aura fluctuations that make El feel frightened.

"Interesting, I didn't expect to meet someone like you in this place..."

El quickly recognized this old man, and at the same time, through reading his inner thoughts and his own future knowledge as a traverser, he instantly understood why he appeared here.

Unexpectedly, there are times when he ignores a key point.

He only remembers Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters, but he forgets Rayleigh, who lives in seclusion in the Sabaody Archipelago, and Shakky, who is good at intelligence gathering.

At the same time, he also forgot that Nami also killed Rayleigh's savior when they were in East Blue, Hatchan, the octopus who established a bond with Rayleigh since childhood.

Although he knew the cause and effect, El's face did not show any panic but showed a smile of interest, he jumped down from the huge bubble and looked at Rayleigh and said: "Okay, let's talk in another place, I'm also curious about a big man like you finding me"

Taking a deep look at El, Rayleigh takes a sip of wine without any expression on his face, he turned and walked towards another place: "Young man, follow me."

Following Rayleigh, the two soon came to an empty space and El ask a question.

"Senior, do you have something to say"

Looking at Rayleigh, who stopped walking and turn to face him, then he put away the wine bottle, while there was still no smile on his face he ask El.

"Young man, in the East Blue, did you meet a group of Fishmen"

"You mean Arlong Pirates"

El raised his brows deliberately, then nodded and said, "If the Fishmen you are talking about is the Arlong Pirates, then I did meet them and killed them all.


After he finished speaking, El looked at Rayleigh whose eyes suddenly became sharp, and he couldn't help but put his hand on the handle of his sword and grin.

"Looks like, I should have killed your acquaintance or friend, Senior."


Rayleigh nodded and said: "In this group of Fishmen, there is an octopus who is not only my friend but also my savior."

"No wonder a big man like you would take the initiative to find a little man like me."

El slowly pulled out the sword with a determined expression on his face and said: "But I won't apologize to you, since they choose to be a pirate and evil, then they must prepare for death."

"If you want revenge on your friends, then come!"

Well said, worthy of your talent a man, who awakened the conqueror Haki at a young age.

Hearing El's words, Rayleigh just showed a smile, and compliment him in his mind, but after appreciating it, Rayleigh also pulled out the sword from his waist, pointed it at El, and said fiercely.

"As you said, since you choose to be a pirate, you must be prepared to die at any time, similarly, you should be also prepared for retribution at any time"

"Young man, you and I are both pirates, for all contradictions and hatred, Let's solve it in the way of pirates!"

"That's exactly what I want!"

Just like facing Shiki, El responded to Rayleigh's words with the sword in his hand.

The armament Haki covered the blade of Shusui and the red zigzag pattern turned all black, then while holding the sword he, slash with all his strength.

When the sword flashes like a shooting star, a cyan hundred-meter-high flying slash (tobu zangeki) appeared out of thin air.


The huge flying slash (tobu zangeki) carried the power to tear the earth and roared towards Rayleigh.

A look of surprise flashed across Rayleigh's eyes as he looked at the flying slash (tobu zangeki) that filled his eyes.

Even though he senses with observation Haki, that the body of the young man in front of him contained life fluctuations that did not match his age, however, he didn't expect his flying slash (tobu zangeki) to grow to this level after just three years.

"It seems that he has mastered the three-type of Haki and still has this level of swordsmanship, he is indeed a genius swordsman that is rare to see in a hundred years."

Rayleigh sighed softly and the sword in his hand was also covered with a layer of Armament Haki, however, he did not send out a flying slash (Tobu zangeki) to confront El, but with a casual swing of his sword, he blocked El's flying slash (Tobu zangeki).

Then the incomparably huge flying slash (Tobu zangeki) that could easily cut off a large three-masted ship in front of it was deflected and flew into the air, turning into a cyan firework that bloomed and spread.

In an instant, the violent airflow of the wind blade, and Armament Haki contained in the flying slash (Tobu zangeki) destroy the bubbles within a few miles radius.

When the fireworks disappeared, there were no more bubbles above El and Rayleigh's heads.

Seeing Rayleigh blocking his own flying slash (Tobu zangeki) so easily, there's no fluctuation in El's heart, because he can do it too.

After fighting Shiki who used to be the world's No.

1 swordsman and seeing his final blow, El already knew that ordinary flying slash (Tobu zangeki) as well as the flying slash (Tobu zangeki) containing Armament Haki, there is no threat to a master swordsman.

Only when the high-level armament Haki and conqueror coating sublimates the flying slash (Tobu zangeki) to the different levels of power can it be able to pose a threat to the Master swordsmen of the same level.

Otherwise, if the master swordsman wants to decide the winner, they can only have a sword fight that tests their comprehensive strength, such as physical skills, Haki, and experience.

Then after the fireworks dissipated, El charged toward Rayleigh with the sword in his hand, his speed is so fast, even with a dynamic vision as strong as Rayleigh, he can only see a touch of afterimage.

But this speed, for the weak, is a dimensional reduction blow, even if it is Shiki and Gecko Moria who have lost their Haki power, they will still be extremely oppressed.

But for a strong man like Rayleigh, it was nothing at all.

Under the perception of his observation Haki, El's movement trajectory, as well as the next attack, are all under Rayleigh's prediction.


With the collision of the two swords, both wrapped with armament Haki, a gust of Haki fluctuations burst out from El and Rayleigh's body, sweeping in all directions.

Under this gust of wind, the bubbles that just formed from the ground made a series of bursting sounds again.


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