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In this world, each Devil Fruit has a unique ability, there are maybe some that have the same properties and attributes, but they will be differentiated between the superiors and inferiors, and there will never be two identical abilities.

If two identical devil fruit abilities appear, it will only be that the other devil fruit can replicate another devil fruit.

In addition, Devil Fruits only need to take one bite to gain power, and the rest of the fruit will turn into a normal fruit with a very bad taste.

So even if you share the other parts of Devil's Fruit with other people, only the first person who takes bite will gain the power of the devil's fruit then after the devil fruit user dies, their devil fruit will randomly appear somewhere in the sea, waiting for the next fated person.

The above are the rules in this world, but Carina used her devil fruit ability to break the rule that after the devil fruit user dies, the devil fruit will be reborn somewhere.

There is no doubt that the image of Carina capturing the Devil Fruit completely shocked Robin and made her completely bound to them.

The means of capturing the Devil Fruit, no matter which faction it is in, will be their biggest secret, and now, Robin has discovered their greatest secret.

if she can't stay in the future, she can't leave the crew and can only die.

However, while feeling shocked and helpless, Robin's heart involuntarily showed a touch of emotion.

Although El's crew exposed their biggest secret in front of her and tied her to the crew completely, however exposing the biggest secret to their new partners who just joined is a kind of recognition and trust.

Asking herself, if she has this ability, she will not be able to reveal her biggest secret to her 'new companion' who she has just met and has not fully integrated into the crew.

"Hhhehehe, Sister Robin, are you shocked"

Looking at the complicated expression Robin has Carina asks while smiling.

Robin's face quickly returned to normal and she subconsciously show a gentle smile like a mask, which is actually due to her personality, and nodded slightly.

"I was really shocked."

"It's amazing, I didn't expect Sister Robin would accept and adapt to it so quickly."

Carina raised her thumbs in both hands, and said in admiration, "Perona never actually saw me capturing the Devil Fruit, but I once told her when we were chatting, and she was so shocked that her chin almost fell to the ground."


when did that happen..."

Seeing Carina despising herself, Perona, who had been quiet and did not speak, immediately open her mouth in dissatisfaction.

"I can testify that you were more embarrassing than Carina said."

Nami mercilessly uncovered Perona's dark history and sneered: "I don't know who it is but someone from three years ago when sister Kuina just wanted to stun her with the hilt of the sword but she is Frightened so much that she fainted because she thought she's going to be slash by a sword."

"Shut up!"

Perona whose blushing out of embarrassment stared fiercely at Nami.

If it hadn't been for being defeated by Nami in their previous fight, where she created Negative Hollow, however, it would be felt by Nami's Observation Haki and she will go near him with Six styles (Rokushiki) and then instantly defeat her, Perona really wanted to use her devil fruit ability and defeat Nami on the spot.


Seeing Perona's murderous appearance, Nami, instead of restraining herself, made a face at Perona.

"Nami, I'm going to kill you,

Perona suddenly lost her mind and jump toward Nami.

It's a pity that nothing is bouncing when the two girls started fighting in the castle, one chasing while the other is escaping

Seeing this scene with her eyes, Robin couldn't help but smile even more.

Maybe, being completely tied to the ship by them, maybe it's a good thing.

"Okay, don't make trouble, let's get their treasure."

Watching the two girls chase each other, El laughed.

Hearing the word treasure, Nami stopped and was successfully caught up by Perona and pinched her little face with both hands.

However, Nami ignored Perona's face-pinching because her beautiful eyes had become the shape of $$, shining with dazzling golden light.

Obviously, Pegasus's two-cabin has been filled with gold, but Nami still can't change the appearance of being a money grabber.

In this regard, Carina, who is also a money grabber, stops the two from fighting, then the crew came to the treasure room that Capone Bege kept under the castle.

As the godfather who ruled half of the gang in the West Blue, Capone Bege accumulated treasure is so large.

The treasure room is full of gold and silver jewels, as well as several large safes.

Unfortunately, Capone Bege is a Castle-Castle Fruit user, the independent spaces that exist inside his body also store a large number of arms and treasures.

However, after he was killed by El, the arms and treasures stored in the independent spaces in his body did not appear in the real world out of thin air because of the death of the user.

Moreover, once the Castle-Castle Fruit is eaten, it will continue to open up a new independent space in the body of the user.

In other words, Capone Bege arms and treasures were swallowed by the independent spaces.

Fortunately, Capone Bege did not store all his treasures in his body.

The gold and silver mountains in front of them, as well as the large number of Belly and gems in the safe, are at least worth several billion Belly, arms are really the most profitable business.

Thinking of this, El decided that he would also get involved in arms business after he came to the New World to gain a firm foothold.

By reading his memory, El already knew about Capone Bege gang, and that he had the technology and manpower to develop new weapons and even an Arms production.

After emptying the treasure house in front of him and throwing them all into Carina's Munch-Munch Space, El took them and headed towards Capone Bege Arms production base.

Using Conqueror Haki to stun everyone, El, who has read Capone Bege memory, has successfully found the weapons developers and scientists and reads their memories one by one, and finally, he gets the machinery in the arms production base and throws them into Munch-Munch Space.

After doing this, El and five girls left the island where Capone Bege base camp was located with the Pegasus.

He successfully recruited Sister Robin and mastered the key to unlocking the troubled times; he also captured the Castle-Castle Fruit and Capone Bege accumulated treasures over the years, as well as the most profitable type of business.

This trip to the West Blue is really full of rewards.=======



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