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"Thank you for joining us, Sister Robin."

when El took robin to the four girls, Nami and Carina immediately exerted their communication skills, showing a warm side that made Robin, who has also developed good communication and acting skills in the past 15 years, feel a little uncomfortable.

"It's nice to meet you guys."

Fortunately, Robin is also very personable, and she reacted quickly, then she showed a gentle smile like a big sister, responding to the enthusiasm of Carina and Nami, and communicated with the two girls.

Then, Carina, who was quick-witted and has high emotional intelligence, suddenly felt a feeling of facing her senior

Just like when facing El, who has read their memory, they once again saw this image in this big sister.

The two girls who tried to excavate information not only did not collect information on Robin but let Robin collect a lot of information instead, but they weren't wary of Robin either.

There was a precedent like Perona, and the two girls knew how powerful Nii-san's ability is so they both believed in their Nii-san vision.

Those who can be recruited by their Nii-san will definitely not be a bad people.

Robin, who responded to the greetings of the two girls, had a preliminary understanding of the two girls' personalities in a few words and was also slightly surprised.

Wrong....very wrong!

Including the glamorous blue-haired priestess, Kuina whether it was Carina and Nami, or Perona, who she knew other's names through Carina's introduction, their eyes were so clear.

This group is different from those pirate groups and gangs that repeatedly betray her for fifteen years, thinking of this, Robin's wariness toward El was slightly reduced by a little bit.

After successfully recruiting Robin, they left the island that day, however, they did not immediately return to the grand line but set off towards an island in the West Blue.

At night, as Pegasus sailed in the vast sea, on the deck, Robin, who had already selected a room, attended the welcome banquet held by El and the four girls for her.

while eating, she looks at El wearing a white apron and was busy with Carina and Nami, while personally cooking the barbecue for her.

Robin was full of curiosity, a person's eyes will not be able to deceive anyone.

Even if the other party's acting skills are superb, he's unable to continuously lie perfectly in front of her at the same time, doesn't mean that the people around him are just like him, they are all at the Oscars award-winning level liars, right

Through the brief contact, Robin saw the girls' reliance and trust in El completely.

This kind of reliance and trust that comes from the heart is definitely not a performance.

Without being a qualified captain, it is impossible to get the 'loyalty' of so many crew members, so El is definitely a qualified captain for his companions, when Robin realized this, she couldn't help but fall into trance.

For fifteen years, she has become accustomed to betrayal, She has no desire for the word companion, has she really met what Jaguar D.

Saul said, brave friends who will protect her

"Sister Robin, what are you thinking" At this moment, a voice suddenly pulled Robin back to reality.

She saw El holding a large skewer of barbecued meat in one hand and his other hand held a wine glass full of juice while grinning at her.

"Have a drink, tonight you are the protagonist."

"thank you.


Robin, who calmed down, showed a gentle smile like a mask, then she raised her wine glass that was filled with juice, and gently toast with El.

"Sister Robin, let's have a drink too."

"me too"

At this time, Carina and Nami also gathered around.

El, who saw all Robin's confusion just now, waved at Kuina and Perona who were eating quietly at the side, "Kuina and Perona, come here too, a banquet will be much better with families!"


Kuina nodded slightly and a touch of a smile appeared on her face.

After the two girls came over, El looked at the five girls in front of him, then he grinned again, while they raised their wine glasses in their hands.



As the six wine glasses collided, each wine glass splashed a juice out and fell into the other's wine glasses.

The distance between the first meeting has also been completely broken.

El believes that after a while, Robin will integrate into the team and regard herself as a member of the team.


An island in the West Blue ruled by Gang, inside the castle.

"you..what the hell are you!"

Looking at the silver-haired boy in front of him that used unknown means to knock out all his subordinates as soon as he came in, Capone Bege who has ruled half of the gangs at West Blue has a look of horror on his face, he has completely lost the appearance and demeanor of the gang leader on West Blue.

"My name is El and I'm a swordsman."

El, who knock out all the trash with his eyes, slowly pulled out the sword around his waist and looked at Capone Bege, one of the future members of Worst Generation, and smiled, "I'm sorry, I like your devil fruit ability, let's hope you can be an ordinary person in your next life."


Looking at El, who was smiling while talking horribly, Capone Bege, who was unwilling to wait for his death, pulled out the gun from his waist then pointed at El and pulled the trigger.

"I see, you want this kind of death"

El, who wanted to cut his throat with a sword and let Capone Bege walk away peacefully, stretched out a forefinger that was wrapped around by Armament Haki to block then he flicked it.


In an instant, the bullet returned to its original path at a faster speed and shot into Capone Bege's forehead.

Before he completely lost his life, El appeared in front of him like teleporting.

Under Robin's suspicious gaze, El put his hand on Capone Bege's head.

"Hhhehehe, Sister Robin are you very curious about what Nii-san is doing"

Seeing Robin's doubts, Carina next to her couldn't help showing a wicked smile and said, "Actually, Nii-san is reading his memory!"

Hearing this, Robin's expression suddenly changed.

But what made her even more frightened was still behind.

"Excuse me, Carina"

She saw that after El read Capone Bege's memory, he crushed his throat and smiled at Carina.

"Leave it to me!"

Carina patted her developing chest which has some shape that also does not let El left at every night, then spit out a box that had already been prepared from the Munch-Munch Space.

Opening the box containing a fruit, She put Capone Bege's body in, and eat the closed box.

Under Robin's gaze, Carina completed the action of capturing the Devil Fruit in less than a minute.

When Carina spits out the box again, Robin, who saw El opening the box and taking out a Devil Fruit from it, fell into silence.

At this moment, she knew that she was completely tied to El's group and could never leave.



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