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Sailing is a very boring thing.

For the strong things are much better, but for the weak, while they are fighting boredom, every move of will make them nervous and cranky.

Because under the beautiful appearance of nature, it is actually full of deadly dangers.

Storms, water vortex, hail, tsunamis, and other natural disasters...

They are more terrifying than most of the strong men in the world.

if their navigation skills are not good enough to resolve this kind of crisis they will be buried mercilessly under the sea.

Therefore, every ship must have a ship doctor and a navigator.

Doctors and navigators are second only to the captain on a ship, almost on an equal footing with the deputy captain.

Take the original Straw Hat Pirates for example.

Without Nami and Chopper, it would be impossible for Luffy to become the "Fifth Emperor" in just over two years.

Without Nami, his adventurous style would definitely suffer.

Especially when Nami feels the sea breeze, she can know the weather changes hundreds of miles away, which is even more exaggerated than Enel Haki.

The voyages take a long and bumpy road, he was not afraid of the creatures in the ocean, what El feared the most was the ocean itself.

Being in the vast sea, if nothing else, just the feeling of loneliness will be maximized by the icy seawater.

El's state of mind have not yet reached the level of Hawk Eyes.

Even Hawkeye, sailing alone at sea, will feel very bored, and often chase down some weak people who offend him to relieve his boredom.

After recruiting Carina and Nami, El discovers the benefits of a team for the first time.

When they were bored, the three of them sat by the window on the cabin, watching the wind and playing cards to relieve their boredom.

When he's hungry, he finally doesn't have to use his culinary skills, Nami and Carina will serve him delicious food.

Although their cooking skills are amateur, for El, they are full of flavor.

After coming to this world for eight years, El hadn't had enough food until he was five years old, and during the three years of practice, he only ate cooked meat in its original flavor.

Where has he eaten such delicious food in this life

In addition, when El sleeps, there are two soft pillows.

Yes, the trio slept together.

The small cabin sailboat is a luxury version of a boat, with a layer of cabins that can solve the problem of eating and drinking.

However, the cabin space is not very spacious.

After dividing the kitchen, toilet, and small hall, there is a room for sleeping, which is already very good.

The space of the room is so small that it can't even make a floor.

Fortunately, the bed was relatively large, just enough for the three to sleep.

Whether it was Carina and Nami, who were only eight years old, or El, who had lived together in two lifetimes, actually had no opinion about sharing the same bed with the opposite gender.

Because the two girls didn't fully understand this aspect and even if El understood, his body wouldn't allow it.

Even if his body allows it, he can't do that kind of thing, otherwise, whether it is in this world or in the previous life, it will be punished by God.

With the help of Nami navigation skills and Carina intelligence, El only needs to give them authority to reach the target island smoothly.

In just a few days, the trio arrived at the location of the first target.

The first goal of the trio is one in the top three in the East blue, Ranking for two consecutive years, with a bounty of 14.5 million Belly, with more than 600 subordinates under his command, occupying a small town - "The Saw Blade Pirates".

Just like the Straw Hat Pirates.

Through this name, it is not difficult to see that the saw blade is the symbol of this pirate group.

"The captain of the Saw Blade Pirates, it is said that before he became a pirate, he was an ordinary and unusual lumberjack."

Carina looked down at the magazine of the real-time rankings and said, "he is just a common lumberjack of a certain landowner; what is unusual is that his physical fitness is very good, and the reason for the reward is that he killed that landowner, kill the landowner's family, then stealing their wealth to make a fortune, quickly becoming one of the big pirates in the East Blue that broke tens of millions of belly in two years."

"His weapon is a big, very exaggerated saw blade."

After finishing speaking, Carina added with a heavy face: "Judging from his behavior of destroying the family, it can be seen that this person's character is very cruel, and he is definitely not a kind person."

"Which pirates are good ones" Nami said coldly.

Hearing this, Karina looked at her little friend in surprise.

This expression, it seems...

there is a story!

"If that's the case, let's get rid of harm for the people."

El tied his long silver hair into a single ponytail with a hairband tied around his wrist, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.


Carina and Nami recalled the image of El sending out a flying slash attack, Suddenly, their eyes flashed with golden light, nodding again and again.

Belly, here we come!

"Nii-san, the other party is a big pirate group with up to 600 people, do you want to make a plan"

"Don't be so troublesome..."

El rejected Carina's proposal and said with a confident face: "You just need to follow me and watch the play quietly."

When the sailboat landed, Carina and Nami, who followed El towards the center of the island, soon saw the power of El on the other side.

It's like having a third eye that grows in the sky.

El has never been to this small island ruled by pirates, nor has he inquired about the information about the pirate town on the island, let alone where their troops are deployed.

However, El soon found a single pirate.

Whoosh - bang!

Finding the single pirate, El did not pull out his sword from his waist but showed a powerful physique that was not suitable for his age.

With just a thought, El increased his body's speed from zero to MAX.

Both Carina and Nami only heard a piercing cracking sound in their ears, and then El appeared in front of the single pirate.

With just one punch, the pirate fell to his knees, and El grabbed his neck with one hand.

Taking this opportunity, El secretly used his ability to read his memories and mastering all the information about the pirate in town.

When an enemy is a strong man who has the perspective of God and also has their intelligence.

The fate of the Saw Blade Pirates, from the moment on Eldon Island, was destined to be destroyed.


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