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El spent a day on the Thriller Bark, and the next day he left the Florian Triangle with four girls.

Pegasus flew out of the Florian Triangle but did not head straight for the Sabaody Archipelago at the end of the first half of the Grand Line, instead it turn around and return to its previous route.

With their respective devil fruits, El, Carina, Nami, and Kuina have all laid their hands on a perfect foundation.

In the same sentence, as long as they do not die prematurely and wait until they reach their golden stage in all aspects, they will be the strongest pirate in history that surpass Roger and Rock pirate.

Next, they only need to become stronger step by step and have no fear of any threat.

Their next destination is where only the strong can stay and the weak will either become vassals or they will flee back to Paradise, the New World.

But before going to the new world, El and the four girls need to make some preparations.

After possessing the Float-Float Fruit, what are the most desired things for El and the four girls

No doubt, it must be to bring the Pegasus to the sky island and transfer the city of gold on the upper yard.

In addition, El is going to West Blue to recruit a new crew.

The new crew member El wanted to recruit three years ago, but unfortunately, the other party hadn't entered the grand line at that time, Nico Robin.

As one of the only two female crew members in the Straw Hat Pirates, the status and importance of Nico Robin is no less than that of Nami, the protector on the sea because Nico Robin is the key and the one who can start the troubled times.

Just like Gol D.

Roger, without Kozuki Oden, he can't reach the final island.

Without Nico Robin, unless Luffy finds another person who can read the Poneglyph, he will not be able to reach the final island, Laugh Tale, even if he collects all four pieces of The four Road Poneglyphs.

As long as Nico Robin is recruited, El is equivalent to mastering the initiative in troubled times.

Unless Luffy is really the destiny person, and he finds a second person who can read the Poneglyph, otherwise whether the troubled times will come or not, El has the final say.

In addition to being the key to unlocking troubled times, Nico Robin herself is also a very good woman.

She holds a lot of knowledge that Mary Geoise destroyed or falsified.

The twenty years of escaping in manga have also allowed her to accumulate rich experience and skills.

Especially in terms of management ability, the Baroque Works in the manga are almost managed by Nico Robin alone.

If you want to grab a piece of cake in the new world, El must have his own subordinates.

But El, who can read people's inner thoughts and see their hearts suffer a very serious cleanliness obsessiveness.

Anyone who emits an aura that makes him feel uncomfortable, El doesn't even want to get close to them, let alone solicit with them.

In El's fleet, it only accepts those who doesn't have an ugly heart.

Therefore, El's fleet is not destined to grow to four or five figures like the Four Emperors of the sea.

El intends to create a family, a family similar to the Don Quixote family.

Family members that don't exclude an aura that makes him feel uncomfortable and he can also completely trust.

Then make the family member as the center and he will expand his power and influence and let his family member manage it and Nico Robin is El's favorite family member

After Pegasus flew out of the Florian Triangle, El controlled it to land back on the sea and sailed towards the water 7.

El didn't keep Pegasus flying in the air just because he got the Float-Float Fruit.

On the contrary, unless it is necessary to use the ability of the Float-Float Fruit, El's life will be as usual, and there will be no change.

After all, with a ship flying in the air, there is no joy of sailing and adventure at all and if he kept the Pegasus in the air, El was killing Nami's world-class sailing talent.

Therefore, El will not let his ship fly in the air as Shiki did when he travels.

Although it was not flying, with the speed of Pegasus it only took ten days to return to water 7 and travel to Jaya island.

After returning to the special sea area where the sky island is located, El controlled Pegasus to soar into the sky.

After they close the cabin doors and windows, Pegasus build from Jewel Tree Adam ignored the water pressure and seawater intrusion of the White Sea and the White-White Sea and Successfully reached the sky island at the altitude of 10,000 meters.

Coming to the upper yard again, El and the four girls not only transfer the city of gold, but El also found the legendary Golden Bell and used the den Mushi Mushi to photograph the Poneglyph that served as the base of the Golden Bell then he seized control of the Golden Bell.

After he has established his power, El must put this priceless treasure in the most conspicuous place as an ornament, and let it continue to guide the fleets in starting a storm in the new world.

After transferring the city of gold, El told Carina about his idea of recruiting ​​Nico Robin.

Then El and the four girls returned along their original route, they pass through the Kingdom of Alabasta, Little garden, Cactus Island, and finally, they reached the Reverse Mountain.

Returning to Reverse Mountain, El still didn't see Laboon and Crocus, so he control Pegasus to soar into the sky and flew directly over the reverse Mountain, passed the channel on the top of the mountain, and flew to the sea of West Blue.

When Pegasus arrived at the island closest to the entrance of the Grand Line in the West Blue, the year had turned from 1514 to 1515.

This year will surely be an epoch-making year.


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