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"Is this what it feels to fly"

At an altitude of six thousand meters, El and Carina, who transformed into a pterosaur with kuina on her back, flew towards the sea below.

El did not tie his hair into a single ponytail with a hairband so his long silver hair fluttered in the wind as he enjoyed the feeling of the strong wind blowing into his face, and his red eyes narrowed slightly.

"it felt like I can do anything with my current strength."

After becoming a Float-Float Fruit user, his Supreme Plan 1.0 was officially completed.

Next, he only needs to improve his physique quality, swordsmanship, physical skills, Haki, and devil fruit ability to the extreme and he will be the strongest in the world in this era.

"Nii-san your move is too exaggerated, you won't be invincible, will you"

Hearing El's words, Carina recalled the scene just now.

With just a lift of his palm and a swipe of his fingers, El manipulates the mountain and surrounding grounds and transforms it into an earth dragon and meteorite that covered the sky.

Without exaggeration with the size of the meteorite, if it falls from the sky, even the prosperous Loguetown in East Blue will be destroyed in an instant.

Although in the three years of retreat, Carina has seen more than one-hundred meters high flying slash (tobu zangeki) and Hakoku sovereignty, as well as Kuina and Nami's increasingly exaggerated natural disaster power.

But it was the first time Carina saw a move that can destroy a town or even a small kingdom with only one move.

The meteorite just now was undoubtedly the most exaggerated move Carina had ever seen.

Thinking of the Float-Float Fruit ability, not only can he lift a mountain but also can lift an island, Carina is very curious about who can beat her Nii-san.

"I'm basically invincible in team battles, but I still have a long way to go before I'm invincible in individual battles."

El shook his head, then grinned and said: "But with the Float-Float Fruit, coupled with Kuina's Rumble-Rumble Fruit, we are no longer afraid of  threat from any forces"

"From now on, we don't need to keep a low profile, we can go to the new world to make a lot of trouble and let the whole world be shocked by us!"

Just like what Kureha thought, El is not the one who can stand loneliness.

On the contrary, he was 12 years old in this life and was full of passion.

After all, if he wasn't passionate, El wouldn't go out to the sea with the aim of becoming the strongest swordsman in history.

But becoming the world's strongest swordsman, However, is only El's goal, not his life.

In order to achieve his goals, El can formulate an all-around plan for himself and pull his potential to the ceiling of this world.

As long as he doesn't die prematurely, or doesn't degenerate like Charlotte Linlin, he will definitely fulfill all his talents.

Once he fully realizes his talent, El's existence is the strongest ceiling in world history.

On the way to achieving his goals, El will not forget to cultivate feelings, nor will he treat himself badly.

Just like the Celestial Dragon, after controlling the world, they began to become depraved and hedonic.

El, who has completed his Supreme Plan and has the confidence to not be threatened by any forces, must also start treating himself well.

If you want to be honored as the strongest swordsman in the world and history and live a good life, you cannot do without 'fame' and 'Belly'.

The New World, cakes, El wants one too!

When they descended and were more than 1,000 meters away from the sea, they saw a surprisingly large area of ​​dense fog.

That foggy area is the Florian Triangle, when they just flew into the thick fog, whether it is El or Kuina's observation haki, they have already found the position of the Thriller Bark.

As they descended from the sky to the Thriller Bark and flew in from outside to inside the balcony, they saw Gecko Moria again, as he look at El who was free from gravity and floated freely in the air, as if he had thought of something, his face suddenly changed.

Pointing at El, he is obviously one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, but he stammered and was unable to utter a complete sentence.

This shows how horrified his heart is right now.

El, who saw all his inner thoughts, couldn't help grinning at Gecko Moria.

"Senior, are you surprised that I am also a devil fruit user"

Gecko Moria swallowed a mouthful of saliva forcefully, and said in a trembling voice, "did you just fly with Float-Float Fruit ability"

"Senior, you guess it right."

El nodded and said, "My devil fruit is the Float-Float Fruit from Shiki, the golden lion from the previous era."

"I did not expect that another legend has quietly fallen"

after getting an affirmative reply from El, Gecko Moria's expression looks complicated.

In response, Perona, who was sitting on the other sofa, could not help but pout.

If it wasn't for the fact that Carina's means of capturing the Devil Fruit was the biggest secret of their fleet and even her most respected Moria-sama, she couldn't reveal the slightest bit of information.

Perona really wanted to say, when did that Shiki fallen silently, the other party was clearly hunted by El.

Seeing that return as a devil's fruit user, needless to say, Perona and Nami already knew that El and his plan to Capture the Float-Float Fruit had been a great success.

Seeing El who beat him to half-dead last time, Gecko Moria didn't have any resentment but hosted a banquet to entertain their group, the world of pirates is sometimes as simple as that.

Either the blood feud is that he must kill the other party or after a fight, a banquet is held to resolve all the conflict no matter how it is.

If El didn't take Perona away, even if he spared Gecko Moria's life, then Gecko Moria would hate and clenched his teeth, or an expression of disapproval, however, after seeing Perona again after three years and learning that she had a very good life in El's fleet, Gecko Moria put down his dissatisfaction that damaged his self-esteem.

Seeing that El is the Float-Float Fruit user, Gecko Moria has been able to see that once El enters the strongest sea in the new world, he will soon shock the whole world.


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