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The moment Shiki's body just starts to fall, El's immediately caught him, then a bolt of lightning flashed out of nowhere

He saw the two girls, Carina and Kuina who entered the Asura form and continuously use the Electric field to appear in front of him.

As the white mist filled Carina's body, she spits out Kuina from her Munch-Munch Space, then she spits out the box that she had been eating and spitting out, back and forth for a week.

Opening the box, there are some fruits in it, then he places Shiki's body beside it and gestures for Carina to eat the box to Munch-Munch Space.

A minute later, Carina spits out the box again, when he opened the box, nothing seemed to have changed.

However, after Shiki's body was lifted, there was a fruit with a special spiral pattern in the fruit pile.

This Devil Fruit is the top Paramecia-type devil fruit and the undisputed number 1 in the manipulation type, the Float-Float Fruit.

"One of the three strategic-level Devil Fruits that is the most suitable for me is finally here!"

Taking out the Float-Float Fruit, the corner of El's mouth can't help but slightly raised, then he looked at the two girls, and said, "From now on, we will be unmatched!"

After speaking, El did not hesitate to bite the Devil Fruit in his hand.

Just as he said, every strategic level devil fruit is the most suitable for a monster like him.

Just like the Paramecia type, Quake-Quake Fruit, if its host is not a mutated human-like Whitebeard, and the second host is not a monster like Blackbeard, then it will not be rated as the strongest Paramecia type devil fruit.

Because if they are not a monster, they cannot maximize the strategic-power level of the Quake-Quake Fruit and it will not be fearsomely reputed to be able to destroy the world

Similarly, if Charlotte Linlin's Devil Fruit is not the Paramecia type Soul-Soul Fruit, but the Paramecia type More-More Fruit, then the status of the Paramecia type More-More Fruit will definitely be squeezed into the top three of the Paramecia type devil fruit nor Charlotte Linlin's strength and threat will be the weakest existence among the current three emperor or the future four emperors.

In El's eyes, Shiki also did not use the Float-Float Fruit to the extreme, if Shiki is a monster like him, he would not have brought a fleet to fight the "Roger Pirates" in the Battle of Edd War but should have brought instead an archipelago to fight Gol D.


But he, El is different, he is a monster like Charlotte Linlin and one level higher than a mutated human-like Whitebeard.

His physical strength is enough to make Shiki feel shocked and he is only 12 years old this year, and will only be 13 years old on February 2 next year, after a few years, his physique will be truly unparalleled.

At that time, the Float-Float Fruit on him will definitely become the strongest Paramecia type devil fruit with the power to destroy the world just like the Quake-Quake Fruit on Whitebeard's body.

As the fruit was was swallow into his throat, El threw away the remaining fruit with a blank expression.

Immediately afterward, El crouched down and touched the ground under the two girls' gaze.

it was almost the moment El's palm just touch the ground.

The entire island shook violently as if someone with superhuman strength were trying to shake the whole island with each strike.

Then a picture of the earth shaking and the white sea surging appeared at an altitude of seven thousand meters.


After a while, the mountain that was slashed into two by the dark red flying slash (Tobu zangeki), as well as the earth around the mountain, all seemed to be liquefied and become attracted by a magnet, they merged together, forming an earth dragon with a height of several hundred meters while looking down below the island, it let out a deafening roar.

Obviously, it's only an earth dragon, but it seems to have spirituality.

The earth dragon that covered the sky while letting out a deafening roar stunned Carina, who was standing in front of El, and also frightened up, the ferocious beast who woke up from the coma.

"The ultimate manipulation power, whether it is the earth, seawater, or even some weather, as long as you have enough stamina, you can control them at will.

This is simply the strongest in sea, land, and air Paramecia type devil fruit."

Looking at the earth dragon, the corner of El's mouth rose again.

"Float-Float Fruit, it is really one of the three strategic-level devil fruits that has the best affinity for me."

After speaking, El raised his palm again, after a roar, it stood on the ground, and the earth dragon, which was frozen, woke up again.

Then the body of the earth dragon with a height of several hundred meters suddenly soared into the sky, transforming into a massive meteorite in the high sky above the white seas.

With a slight swipe of his finger, the huge meteorite flew away at a very fast speed and came to the White Sea area outside the island.


When El stop manipulating the meteorite, the huge meteorite suddenly fell into the pure white sea.

The terrifying weight splashed a huge water column then the huge meteorite sank at an extremely fast speed, quickly passing through the White Sea, and fell towards the sea, which is 7000 meters below.

As the speed increased, a layer of distorted air flowed covered it and gradually by a dazzling fire.

If there are people, ships, towns, or islands under the meteorite.

This incomparably huge meteorite will definitely cause an extremely exaggerated image of destruction just like Uchiha Madara in Naruto.

Even if there is nothing below and there is only the sea, when the meteorite fell into the sea, an incomparably huge water column would definitely rise into the sky and even create a mini tsunami, El is aware of this so as the meteorite continues to fall down he manipulates it to slow down, then El nodded with satisfaction, and smiled at the two girls who were dumbfounded.

"Let's go, it's time for us to go back.


they saw with their own eyes a big mountain and part of the earth merged into an earth dragon that covered the sky and watched this earth dragon soar into the sky, transforming into a meteorite that covered the sky, and finally watched the meteorite smash through the white sea.

Whether it is Carina, or Kuina, who is the Rumble-Rumble Fruit user, they felt that their worldview has been refreshed again.

The power to rewrite the map at his will, is this what a strategic power is



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