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After the 16th combo of Hakoku sovereignty hit, Shiki feels his body is getting heavier and heavier and his having a hard time breathing while blood continues to flow out from his mouth, nose, eyes, and ears which is the so-called bleeding from seven apparatus.

Shiki's internal organs were bleeding heavily under the heavy pressure that became stronger every second, fortunately, his physique quality is also at a level beyond the ordinary human beings, otherwise, the internal organs in his body would have burst open like a balloon under the Hakoku sovereignty sixteen consecutive combos.

Shiki was still holding on, but the steering wheel above his head couldn't hold any longer, the steering wheel was just an ordinary thing and it has been inserted on his head for about twenty years, it's already been worn out by time so it cannot continue to withstand the Hakoku sovereignty sixteen consecutive combos with him.

As the cracks increase, the steering wheel suddenly became like a glass that fall to the ground, it turned into countless pieces.

The dazzling blood turned into a thick blood arrow and completely forced out the steering wheel that had been trapped in his head for nearly 20 years.

This scene also announced the end of a legend, unless the Op-Op Fruit user appears in front of him immediately, even if Shiki wins the battle, he cannot escape far from death.


Obviously, Shiki can't accept the fact that he will die, at the moment when the steering wheel was forced out of his head, his head that had been tortured for nearly 20 years suddenly became clear under the severe pain.

The conqueror Haki that has disappeared is in fact, blocked to death by the steering wheel also erupted from his body once again after many years.

An Incomparably violent conqueror Haki that surpasses El's Shura-Conqueror Haki with dark red lightning surge out of Shiki's body.

This tyrannical conqueror Haki, as if carrying power on a different dimension, turned into an invisible shield and separate the Hakoku sovereignty sixteen consecutive combos that pinched him in the center.

El's ability to read inner thought as seeing reading something, his face suddenly changed and without the slightest hesitation, he disappear in place and rapidly retreat.

In the next second, Shiki finally broke free from the sixteen consecutive combos of Hakoku sovereignty that submerged him from different angles, then he slash with his left prosthetic sword, Kogarashi toward El.

The famous sword under his feet, entwined with dark red lightning, that carried power on a different dimension, ripped apart the airflow and turned into a dark red flying slash (Tobu zangeki) about two hundred meters high, like a scythe of the god of death, roaring towards El side.

The speed of the dark red flying slash (tobu zangeki) is very fast, even surpassing the Hakoku sovereignty of El.

Fortunately, with El's ability to read people's inner thoughts, he saw Shiki's thoughts in advance and flew out of the dark red flying slash (tobu zangeki) route in time.

The dark red flying slash (tobu zangeki) flew over from El's previous position and landed on the big mountain behind him and in an instant, the mountain was split in two from the middle section and then continue to fly out before hitting another island, creating trench that continued to spread for dozens of miles on the ground of the island before turning into countless wind blades, then Conqueror Haki fluctuations slowly dissipated.

El, who saw this scene in his eyes, and the two girls who had already entered the Asura form and were watching the battle with the observation haki fuse with Radio waves fell into silence, this refreshed their view of flying slash (tobu zangeki).

This dark red flying slash (Tobu zangeki) entwined with the conqueror haki cutting off the mountains, El can also do it whether flying slash (tobu zangeki) or Hakoku sovereignty, it's both a move that can destroy the mountain.

But El, at present, can't do that after sending out a flying slash (tobu zangeki) to cut off the mountains, it continues to fly out and hit another island then leaves a trench on the ground that spreads for several miles.

There is no doubt that this is definitely in a different dimension flying slash (tobu zangeki)

Looking at Shiki whose aura was extremely weak after slashing with his left prosthetic sword, Kogarashi, El did not immediately pursue the victory, because he knew that this was the last Conqueror's coating of Shiki after returning to light.

"Jihahaha, even the observation haki has reached the level of predicting the future What a strange little devil!"

Seeing his own flying slash (tobu zangeki) failed to kill El, Shiki whose seven-hole is bleeding also seemed to accept the reality.

First, he laugh in admiration, then Shiki reached out and patted his head and Look at the blood on his hands, then he fall dazed for a while.

"Did I lose to the person from East Blue again"

When a person is about to die, the memory of their past begins to replay, and familiar faces from the Rocks pirate era and post-Rocks pirate era flashed through Shiki's mind one by one.

"I'm the owner of the observation Haki with the with the ability to read through people's inner thoughts" At this time, El came slowly and took the initiative to reveal his own information.

"a gifted guy like Redfield"

Shiki, whose memories were interrupted, looked at El in front of him, with a strong smile on his face that was full of cheerfulness instead of embarrassment or sadness.

"Not only that, you have such a strong physique at this age, you kid are obviously monsters."

"Amazing, you can perceive so many things with your experience, you are indeed worthy of being a legendary pirate from the previous era.


El, who had already put away his sword, gave a thumbs up to Shiki and said without concealment: "Yes, I was born with a strong Observation Haki that has another ability and physique qualities that are different from ordinary people."

"A combination of Redfield and Linlin It seems it seems that I got no reason for losing." Shiki was not surprised.

Just like what El said, he who regained his Haki, besides being surprised that El's Observation Haki can't predict the future but that he was born with the ability to read people's inner thoughts, he already knew El's physique through this amazing Six styles (Rokushiki).

After sighting, Shiki was like a flickering candle that can be blown out at any time.

Before dying Shiki suddenly said to El.

"Boy, I'll give you my head, but I hope you can spare my subordinates, this is the final thing that I, as a captain can finally do for them"

"I will." El nodded.

After thinking about it for a while, in the end, El still chooses to express his purpose: "Actually, I have mastered the means to capture the Devil Fruit, I am especially here for your devil fruit, senior."


Shiki's looked sluggish while staring blankly, immediately, he used his last strength and let out a roar of laughter that resounded in all directions.

At the end of his laugh, Shiki showed the same evil smile as when he was facing Roger and with a look of anticipation in his eyes, he looked at El and said, "Then take away my ability, and let the sea once again feel the horror of the flying pirates!"

"Boy, I'll be in the world of the dead, waiting for your name to echo through the underworld"

As his last words fell, Shiki whose head had no place that has not been stained with blood, closed his eyes forever with a smile.


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