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El is very aware of the power of the Float-Float Fruit and how incomprehensible and disgusting it is.

As the number one manipulator Paramecia type devil fruit, If there is nothing around Shiki, then his threat will be greatly reduced.

But if all around him are inanimate objects, and they are inanimate objects that he has touched, then his threat will become infinite.

Fighting against him in his own base camp, he must not allow him to use his devil fruit ability.

Otherwise, the island under his feet and the surrounding island will be all his weapons.

So taking advantage of Shiki not taking this fight seriously and being caught off guard with their first sword exchange, El would naturally not give Shiki a chance to react.

In the face of El's advanced technique of Armament Haki, even if Shiki wants to use his Float-Float Fruit ability to manipulate the surrounding inanimate objects to turn into a shield, he doesn't have enough time.

In response, he could only try to slash with his two prosthetic swords to create Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) to block El's sword slash.


However, the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) that was formed, before it could grow stronger, it was instantly defeated and devoured by the attack stronger than it.

The Black Sword, Shusui that was covered to pitch black and entwined with a dark purple aura create a flying slash (tobu zangeki) that was different from other master swordsmen Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki), it's a flying slash (tobu zangeki) that blended the Shura-Conqueror Hak and the advance usage of armament Haki.

Shiki who lost his two feet and had no weapons in his hand didn't even have the time to slash with his second prosthetic sword, because this dark purple flying slash (tobu zangeki) was almost in the front of his face and he couldn't even fly out the attack range with his Float-Float Fruit ability.

Shiki who was hit head-on by a dark purple flying slash (Tobu zangeki) inevitably spit out a mouthful of blood.

The Armament Haki contained in the flying slash (Tobu zangeki), infiltrated into Shiki's internal organ and try to destroy it, while he was being dragged to the ground by flying slash (Tobu zangeki), causing another injury.

Before the flying slash (Tobu zangeki) turned into countless wind blades, Shiki forcibly endured the damage caused by armament Haki and the raging airflow and try to manipulate the dark purple flying slash (Tobu zangeki), then threw it into the air.

"Spear Of Elbaf, Hakoku sovereignty!"

At this moment, a name of a move that seemed familiar and he had not heard for many years suddenly resounded in Shiki's ear.

when Shiki saw El again, he doesn't know when El suddenly appears on the travel path of the flying slash (Tobu zangeki) with Razor (Kamisori) while holding the scabbard and hilt of Shusui and posing an unsheathing pose.

In the next instant, El unsheaths at an extremely fast speed, and a white beam of light formed by Hakoku sovereignty flew toward Shiki.

The speed of the white beam of light is very fast, not giving Shiki any chance to break free from the dark purple flying slash (Tobu zangeki) and hit him from behind.

Shiki, who had been unable to use his three types of Haki, once again ate El's third combo head-on.

There was a dark purple flying slash (Tobu zangeki) that contained Shura-Conqueror Haki and the advanced technique of Armament Haki in front and Spear Of Elbaf, Hakoku sovereignty from behind, Shiki who was caught in the middle spit out a mouthful of blood again.

Also after ignoring the Armament Haki that causes some damage to his internal organ, it becomes a serious injury.

Before whether it was a dark purple flying slash (tobu zangeki) or Spear Of Elbaf, Hakoku sovereignty, they were just greetings from the strong person and were not taken seriously by Shiki at all.

Every user of three types of Haki is the pinnacle of existence.

Just like Kaido, he can use the advanced technique of the armament Haki and his observation Haki can also predict the future, he can also enwrap himself with Conqueror Haki.

As Kaido's predecessors, the four legends from the previous era, their three types of Haki are basically at this level.

As long as Shiki can still use his Haki, he can easily resolve this little trick from El, it is a pity that the Shiki is now like Gecko Moria, he clearly knows how to use his Haki, but he is unable to pull out and utilized that invisible feeling out of his body.

Not only that, but once Shiki tries to use his Haki, his head will ache with pain, with the steering wheel that got lodged into his head after his battle with Roger it's already a miracle that he did not die and worthy of being one of the four legends from the previous era.

However, once the tiger fell, it will be bullied by dogs, Shiki who once shook the world is now 'old'.

His era has come to an end and the person who pulls him out of his throne is the Representative of this new era, El.

With El, ability to read people's inner thoughts, he will see what Shiki wants to do next.

So he can catch Shiki by surprise and seize that little advantage at the same time magnify it as the key to victory.

"Spear Of Elbaf, Hakoku sovereignty!"

After the third combo hit Shiki, El once again turned into an afterimage and rose into the sky, going behind the dark purple flying slash (tobu zangeki), then when the transparent white beam of light that drowned Shiki was about to defeat the dark purple flying slash (tobu zangeki), El's slash and send out a white beam of light again.

"Spear Of Elbaf, Hakoku sovereignty!"

El, whose fourth combo hit took advantage of the transparent white beam of light drowning and blocking Shiki's mobility, he goes in another direction and sends out a white beam of light once again.

"Spear Of Elbaf, Hakoku sovereignty!"

Just like in naruto, when Maito Gai opens The 8Th Gate, he uses the one-eyed Uchiha Madara to perform a twilight combo.

the white beam of light formed by Hakoku sovereignty is different from the flying slash (Tobu zangeki).

It clearly has powerful damage, but it is not as substantial as the flying slash (Tobu zangeki).

Such an attack, even the Float-Float Fruit ability by Shiki which can even manipulate the blizzard, cannot seize the control of the Hakoku sovereignty.

Otherwise, the Float-Float Fruit cannot only the blizzard but also the snowflakes and the wind which is too outrageous.

At this time, Shiki is just like Madara in naruto, he was submerged by the Hakoku sovereignty combo and his body cannot move while being continuously destroyed in the middle.

Even the steering wheel that got lodged into his head has some crack that appeared due to the pressure of several Hakoku sovereignty and began to ooze blood gradually from the steering wheel, which was almost fused with his skull.

El is more like Maito Gai in the naruto, he even became more frenzy as the fight drags on.

After three years, the consumption of Hakoku sovereignty after his physique skyrocketed many times, is no longer a burden.

therefore to prevent Shiki from reacting and using dimensions reduction blow to smash the island at him, El continue to use Hakoku sovereignty until Shiki lost consciousness or he was unable to send out Hakoku sovereignty.

No one could have imagined that this master swordsman duel was actually just a battle of flying slashes, and it turned into Shiki who is losing.

It can be seen from this that El's strong physique, swordsmanship, and Observation Haki's ability to read inner thoughts along with the achievements of his three-year retreat, a powerful strength has gradually appeared.

Just enough to make a carelessness severely weakened legend fall into a desperate situation.


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