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In front of El's Conqueror Haki like Shura field, the ferocious beasts on the entire island rolled their eyes and fell to the ground with sluggish expressions.

"What a Conqueror Haki"

Experiencing El's variant Conqueror Haki, Shiki takes a deep breath slightly, immediately his face shows a sinister grin again.

"A new generation of Shura Conqueror Haki successor Boy, you remind me of a certain kid on Roger's ship.


"you mean the Demon Heir, Douglas Bullet I've heard his name too."

Seeing that Shiki did not release his Conqueror Haki and have a collision with him, El put away his Conqueror Haki and smiled.

Shiki stared at El's young face and said in a slightly surprised tone."I didn't expect you to know so many things from the previous era at such a young age."

"Your father, or teacher, wouldn't be an acquaintance of me"

"They are just ordinary people from the East Blue" El said honestly.

"East Blue!"

Hearing these two words, Shiki expression suddenly changed slightly, on his face, El first saw the expression of nostalgia, and then was replaced by impatience then he shook his head and took the initiative to end the conversation between them and said with a grin: "Jihahaha, little devil from the weakest sea, since you want to cut off my head then let me see your abilities!"

"That's exactly what I meant!"

El held his sword and slash it toward Shiki who was 100 meters away.

In an instant, the airflow was ripped apart, forming a Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) that was hundreds of meters long, that was heading towards Shiki.

Looking at this Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) that won't lose from the previous blow, Shiki could not help but raise his brows.

He thought that the previous Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) was El's serious blow after seeing his young age, unexpectedly, this turned out to be an ordinary blow.

The weakest sea, have another genius swordsman like Roger and Rayleigh coming out

Shiki who was secretly thinking in his heart also raised his right foot and slash forward.

"Lion: Thousand Slice Valley!"


As the sound sounded, a Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) with a length of hundreds of meters collided with the moving Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki).

Before being nerfed, Shiki only need to cover his hand with Armament Haki to either crush or manipulate this Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki), but now he can only use his swordsmanship to destroy this attack.

Two Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) one horizontal and the other vertical collided and form an X in the sky.

After a stalemate for a while, the two flying slashes that neither could advance exploded in unison and turned into countless wind blades, drowning El and Shiki like a hurricane.

In the face of the sweeping storm, whether it was Shiki floating in the air, or the El who always stepped on his feet and stepped out of the white clouds, they were all blown away for a certain distance.

With just one blow, El knew that in terms of flying slash, he could not get the slightest advantage in front of Shiki.

Even if he can't use Armament Haki, Shiki is still a Master swordsman who can wield a flying slash that can cut through the ocean.

The steering wheel on his head and the loss of his feet only make his Haki disappear and weaken his swordsmanship not making it also totally disappear.

El, who flew upside down, stabilized his body in the air, with the use of Razor and rushed to Shiki.

Since swordsmanship and Haki are already Shiki's disadvantages then El only needs to focus on these two weaknesses and there's greater chance for victory.

Shiki didn't know what El was thinking and he said his thoughts.

"With such mastery of Six styles (Rokushiki), if I had felt your conqueror Haki, I would have thought you're a member of that CP rubbish."

Seeing that El used Moonwalk (Geppo) that blended with Shave (Soru) while flying toward him at a very fast speed, Shiki was still in the mood to express his admiration.

But soon, his face suddenly changed, he saw the sword that El's held in his hand change color to become pitch black and at the same time, it exuded a dark purple aura when slashing toward him.

However, this Armament Haki that excluded Conqueror Haki like Shura field was not the reason why Shiki was shocked, the reason is that when he raised his right foot to face El's sword slash, his right prosthetic sword Oto, which has an amazing density was actually bent slightly when it collided with the Black Sword, Shusui.

Then an incredible force travels through his right prosthetic sword, Oto, surging all over his body and knocks him out, making his whole body flow out.

"What a surprise, such an incredible strength"

Shiki who rotated a few times in the air looked at El, who was chasing after the victory with a wary expression on his face.

If El used the advanced technique of Armament Haki through their collision of swords and let the power flow out and knock him into the air, he would not be so shocked, however, El just protected his sword with Armament Haki, and with just strength of his body, he knocks him into the air.

Although there's also the reason of Shiki losing his two feet, however, the strength that El use is simply the strength that a human being cannot possess especially for his age.

This is one of the achievements of El's three-year retreat.

Just as Douglas Bullet trains hard to make his strength, speed, technique, and physical strength flawless.

As a monster, in the past three years, El has not only developed his physical skill and swordsmanship but also improve his physique qualities which cannot be described in data.

If he gets underestimated because of his appearance, then the enemy will definitely suffer a big loss.

Shiki is one of them, with their first sword exchange he was caught off guard.

So El took advantage of Shiki's late reaction and he swing his sword toward Shiki which was covered with armament Haki that flowed with a dark purple aura.

In this sword slash, El directly used the Advanced Techniques of armament Haki, and the color that flows from it is the result of its usage.



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