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October 5, 1514, of the Sea Circle Calendar.

It took half a month, for El and the four girls to go to the little garden to catch a pterosaur and returned to the capital of water 7.

After a lapse of three years, the Pegasus has returned to the place where it was born.

First of all, the former mayor of the Water 7 has retired, and the new mayor is Iceburg, who run for mayor, the Galley-La company he established has also become the largest shipbuilding company in water 7.

At present, it has merged three shipbuilding companies of the same level, and gradually became the royal shipbuilding company for Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters.

The identity of the mayor and president of the Galley-La company also made Mary Geoise who is suspicious of the pluton design on him could not take action against him.

The CP9 department under the CP organization is currently planning to send agents to enter the Galley-La company to go undercover next to iceburg.

But none of this has anything to do with El, returning to the Water 7, El and the four girls only stayed for a few days, they only ordered some items that had been used up in the past three years, extremely worn out and could not keep up with the times, or were damaged and could not be used.

By the way, another part of the gold was sold and was cashed out for a large amount of Belly.

The entire body of the Pegasus is made of Jewel Tree Adam, and even cannons cannot damage it, so the safe box made of Jewel Tree Adam is also much safer than a safe box made of steel.

Since the Pegasus is made, El and the four girls have not kept Belly in the bank.

After leaving the Water 7, El opened a map he bought from a sailing tool store and drew a circle on the end of the seven sea routes in the first half of the Grand Line.

Then El found the area of the Florian Triangle and drew a big red circle around it with a red marker pen.

In this red circle, there are not only the routes where El and the four girls are located but also the ends of the grand line on the left and right sides.

El was very sure that Shiki base camp in the sky is one of the three sea routes he circled that is close to the Red Line.

As the first theatrical character mentioned in the main story, when the Shiki met the Straw Hat Pirates, the timeline happened to be when the Straw Hat Pirates cleared the Thriller Bark.

Shiki, who was attracted to Nami's world's number one nautical talent, took control of the Thousand Sunny for the reason of helping the Straw Hat Pirates return to the East Blue, and then arrived at his base camp in a short time, then the Thousand Sunny and the Straw Hats were thrown on an island.

Shiki's plan to conquer East Blue is just over five years away.

During this time, it's almost 100% that Shiki base camp was above one of these three sea routes.

Three days later, Pegasus entered the Florian Triangle again, then El, Carina, and Kuina decided to fly into the sky to search for Shiki base camp and leave Nami and Perona to guard the Pegasus.

This is destined to be a long search, so Perona decided to take Nami home to visit her relatives, with Nami's current strength and Perona's relationship, Gecko Moria won't and also can't have revenge on her.

In any case, El spared his life and didn't publicize his defeat, and asked Mary Geoise to deprive him of his Seven Warlords of the Sea status.

Even if Gecko Moria's personality changed, and he finally took action against Nami, she could only use the shadow box to trap her at that time, he believes that Perona's relationship will break with Gecko Moria and use Negative Hollow to shoot at him and the odds of this worst-case scenario happening are almost zero.

After all, even if Gecko Moria becomes obsolete, he is still the Hero of the West Blue.

After safely letting Nami and Perona go to the Thriller Bark, El and Kuina who were carrying a small bag jumped on the back of Carina, who was transformed into a pterosaur, and quickly fly into the sky.

Her speed is so fast that, it only took ten minutes to reach the altitude of 7000 meters.

Below the White Sea, El took out bubbly coral from Kuina's backpack, when Carina rushed into the clouds, El and Kuina were suddenly enveloped by a huge bubble that also wrapped at Carina and they successfully rushed out of the White Sea.

"Let's start searching from the White Sea"

at the clouds, El waved to Carina: "Carina, eat me and Kuina."


Carina nodded, After exiting the pterosaur form, she opened her mouth and ate El and Kuina into Munch-Munch Space.


Immediately, Carina also ate herself into a meatball formed by chin flesh and made the sound of a balloon bursting, and emitted a cloud of white smoke.

After a while, El came out of the smoke wearing a modified black robe that has six holes for six arms and with Carina's face growing on the back of his right hand and Kuina on the back of his left hand, this is El and Carina, and Kuina's version of the Asura form.

After entering the Asura form, El's body is used as the main body and superimposed by the physique of Carina and Kuina.

At the same time, El also got the control given by Carina and shared the abilities of the Munch-Munch Fruit and the Rumble-Rumble Fruit.

El's astonishing Observation Haki, under the radio wave amplification of the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, it's like a radar, and he can feel the things that he doesn't even know how many kilometers away.

In the next second, El use the electric field that was many times larger than Kuina's, and his figure turned into a bolt of blue-white lightning and disappeared in place.

When he reappears and it is unknown how many kilometers away.

With the constant teleportation, El's 'radar' also moved rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Wherever he passed, whether it was the marine creatures on the White Sea or the creatures on the White-white Sea 3,000 meters above, they were projected on El's 'radar'.

At this speed, it doesn't take long for El to search the sky at the end of the first half of the seven routes.

Unless Shiki base camp is really not at the end of the first half of Grand Line, it will definitely appear on El's radar.


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